Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1010285 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Walsh, D. Walsh,Doug WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Integrated Pest and Pollinator Management on Alfalfa Produced as a Seed Crop
1010487 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fransen, S. Fransen,Steve WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Strategies to prevent and mitigate AP of GMO’s in organic and export alfalfa hay
1010517 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Frazier, M. Frazier,Michael GROW FOOD WA Expansion and Integration of FSMA Education and Outreach for Beginning and Socially Disadvantaged Sustainable Organic Producers
1010552 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Young, G. Young,Graham UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Western Regional Aquaculture Center - 29th Annual Work Plan (FY16) RENEWAL
1010611 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Murphy, K. Murphy,Kevin P. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Breeding and agronomy of quinoa for organic farming systems
1010777 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Baszler, T. Baszler,Timothy WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA NAHLN:WA-Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory Participation as a Level 1 Laboratory in the National Animal Health Laboratory Network
1011104 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Crowder, D. Crowder,David WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Improving integrated pest management of wireworms in cereal crops
1011786 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Walsh, D. Walsh,Douglas WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Developing and Delivering IPM Strategies to the Rapidly Expanding U.S. Hop Industry
1012000 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chi, T. Chi,Ting WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Preparing a Competitive 21st Century Workforce: Collaborative Curriculum Development and Assessment
1012631 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Frazier, M. D. Frazier,Michael GROW FOOD WA Farms to Families CSA: Providing SNAP Clients Affordable Access to Local Produce and Food Education Through Community Partnerships Project
1013327 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mays, B. L. Astorino,Joseph Anthony COMMUNITY ACTION CENTER WA Palouse Tables Planning Project
1013573 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Owen, J. Owen,Jeb WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA An ecological approach to disease risk management on organic poultry farms.
1013597 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Quesada, A. J. Rombold,John S. NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Nutritional value of finfish and shellfish essential to Lummi diets
1013738 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Norberg, S. Norberg,Steven WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Determining Genetic Factors that Influence Forage Quality in Alfalfa
1014221 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Walsh, D. Walsh,Doug WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Washington State IPM Extension Implementation Program 2017-2020
1014492 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS DuPont, S. DuPont,S. Tianna WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA IPM Methods to Control Replant Disease of Tree Fruit
1014967 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lasker, G. Lasker,Grace UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Developing Community-Engaged Service Learning and Research Opportunities for Students in FANH Sciences
1016293 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Smith, A. Smith,Andra SEQUIM FOOD BANK WA Adding Value to Farm to Food Bank
1016383 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hawk, C. Hawk,Carol FOUNDATION OF DISTRICT 304 WA Growing Farm to School
1016537 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Portervint, B. Petroske,Destiny E NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Building Capacity in Wellness at Northwest Indian College
1016728 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Peacock, M. D. Peacock,Melissa Dawn NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Rapid, early warning approaches to track shellfish toxins at Se`lhaem Buoy
1016754 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Peacock, M. D. Peacock,Melissa Dawn NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Student Research: Nested Mentoring Model To Support Nwic Students.
1016886 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Neibergs, J. S. Neibergs,Joseph Shannon WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Western Extension Risk Management Education Center
1017058 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hillaire, P. Boome,Lora NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Return of the Salmon People: Indigenous Identity and Food Sovereignty
1017059 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kinley, S. Oreiro,Dave NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Revitalizing and Strengthening Indigenous Education through Community Engagement
1017114 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhang, Z. Zhang,Zhiwu WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Genomics Enabled Purging Selection to Develop 200 Alfalfa Inbred Lines Toward High Yield Hybrid Production
1017128 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gunn, A. Rucks,Lucas GRAYS HARBOR COLLEGE WA Grays Harbor College Fish Lab Capacity Building
1017198 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Smith, S. Smith,Stephanie WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA A Primer To The Produce Safety Rule For Small And Very Small Farms In Washington State
1019817 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Guillory, S. Guillory,Sunny NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Financial Literacy, Career Awareness & Exploration, and College Financial Preparedness Among Native Peoples in Local Schools, Colleges and Communities
1020269 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Colley, M. Colley,Micaela ORGANIC SEED ALLIANCE WA Expanding Impacts in Organic Seed Production Trainings and Networks