Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1020725 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS MacArthur, S. S. MacArthur,Stacey S UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Opioid Prevention for Rural Utah Youth through PROSPER
1020726 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Perkins, J. Perkins,Jamie LINCOLN MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY TN Delivering a Comprehensive Food Safety Database to Support Early Career Veterinarians in Rural, Large Animal Practice as an Amazon Alexa Skill
1020727 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fitzsimmons, J. A. Fitzsimmons,Jill A UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Improving Access and Motivation for Small and Medium Processors in the Northeast to Be In Compliance with FSMA’s Preventive Controls Rule
1020739 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ullmann, K. Ullmann,Katharina UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Modernizing agricultural education through community based, culturally responsive experiential learning
1020747 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chaves Elizondo, B. Chaves Elizondo,Byron UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Improving the Development of Food Safety Plans through the Advanced Preventive Controls School Initiative
1020751 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bock, J. Bock,John California State University, Fullerton CA Southern California Urban Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems Research & Education Conference
1020753 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Oakes, R. N. Oakes,Renata Nave UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Restoring grasslands with the addition of alfalfa in an effort to sustainably increase alfalfa production in the Southeast
1020760 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lynam, J. Lynam,Joan LOUISIANA TECH UNIVERSITY LA Project-based Research Classes for High School Students: Agricultural and Forestry Wastes to Products
1020761 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Soto Martinez, E. Soto Martinez,Esteban UNIV OF CALIFORNIA (VET-MED) CA Antigenic profiling of distinct Flavobacterium columnare genetic groups affecting cultured fish species for vaccine development
1020765 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS del Río Mendoza, L. del Río Mendoza,Luis NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIV ND Enhancing Productivity & Profitability Of Canola In North Central U.S.
1020770 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Karriker, L. A. Karriker,Locke Anderson IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Telehealth For Swine Medicine: Tools To Support Shortage Situations, Expand Surge Capacity, And Teach Students With Less Biosecurity Risk
1020801 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brooks, R. N. Brooks,Rosalind TOGETHER WE CAN NV Double Up Food Bucks Las Vegas Expansion
1020806 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Culpepper, C. M. Culpepper,Charlie Marcus FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AND CONSUMER SERVICES FL Development of a Biodegradable Cover Net for Hard Clam Aquaculture
1020807 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Becher, E. Becher,Emily UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Building Capacity in Rural South Dakota and Minnesota Tribal Communities: A Collaborative, Interdisciplinary, and Interstate Effort to Address the Opioid Crisis
1020814 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brown, J. Schroeder,Kurtis UNIV OF IDAHO ID Improving canola production and production systems with genetic and agronomic advances to increase canola acreage in the Pacific Northwest
1020816 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Yamamoto, J. YAMAMOTO,JANEL UNIV OF HAWAII HI GoFarm Hawaii (GFH): Growing Successful Farmers in Hawaii
1020817 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wieczorek, A. Wieczorek,Ania UNIV OF HAWAII HI Hi!ag: Fostering vibrant local agriculture at the University of Hawaii
1020820 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kinchla, A. J. Kinchla,Amanda J UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Food Science is our Jam: Using Food Science programming to expose girls and under-represented minorities to STEM careers
1020821 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bush, J. E. Harold,Asia FORSYTH FARMERS MARKET GA Chatham County, GA Produce Prescription Program
1020822 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Washburn, L. T. Berry,Ann A. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN Preventing Rural Opioid Misuse through Partnerships and Training (TN PROMPT)
1020823 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Luke, C. Luke,Charles SOLOMON VALLEY VETERINARY HOSPITAL, P.A. KS KS196 Rural Practice Enhancement – Solomon Valley Veterinary Hospital
1020827 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tohme, A. Tohme,Allison CENTRAL LOUISIANA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ALLIANCE LA Systematic Capacity Building For Rural Farmers Markets: Incentivizing Customers, Vendors, And Leaders
1020828 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fitzmorris, K. Fitzmorris,Kailey FLYIN' 3 VETERINARY SERVICE, INC. KS This grant is to purchase veterinary equipment tot allow for new and more complete services to be added to our under served community.
1020839 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cazzolla, A. Hoeffler,Sam REINVESTMENT PARTNERS NC RP Rx Produce Prescription Program: Better Food for Better Health
1020843 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chard, P. Chard,Paul CATTLEMAN'S RESOURCE, INC CO Expanding Veterinary Care for Food and Fiber Animals in Designated Rural Veterinary Shortage Region CO197
1020845 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tussler, S. Tussler,Sherrie HUNGER TASK FORCE, INC. WI Hunger Task Force Fresh & Local Markets
1020850 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Albrecht, K. Albrecht,Kristin Frost FOOD BASKET INC., THE HI DA BUX STATE SNAP Incentive Project
1020854 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Clark, S. Lee,Tobin MACON, COUNTY OF NC MountainWise: "A People Worth Preserving" The Double Up Food Bucks Program
1020859 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Smith, E. W. Smith,Erin W. JACKSON MEDICAL MALL FOUNDATION MS Innovating To Take Snap Incentives To The Next Level In Mississippi