Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1024170 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Groskopf, J. Groskopf,Jessica UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program
1024179 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Huttenga, B. Huttenga,Becky OTTAWA, COUNTY OF MI Transferring Land and Downloading Knowledge: Catalyzing New Farmer Development in West Michigan.
1024203 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Marshall, M. Marshall,Maria PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Purdue University's Proposal To Host NCRCRD
1024209 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Butts, T. Butts,Thomas ARKANSAS AGRIC EXTENSION SERVICE AR Effect of Cultural Strategies and Application Technologies on Weed Control in Flooded and Furrow-Irrigated Rice
1024213 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Roberge, S. Roberge,Steven UNH Cooperative Extension NH Landowner Engagement Improves Eastern White Pine (EWP) Resilience and Value in a Changing Environment
1024221 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Spoth, R. L. Spoth,Richard Lee IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA WeCanPROSPER: A Online Training Approach to Rural Behavioral Health Resilience and Resource Enhancement in a COVID-19 Context
1024228 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hoover, K. Hoover,Kelli PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Innovation in Radio Frequency Technology for Quarantine and Preshipment (QPS) Treatment of Wood Packaging Materials
1024231 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Davis, J. A. Davis,Jeffrey Alan LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Keep It SIMPLE: A Sweetpotato Weevil Integrated Management Plan for Environmental and Economic Sustainability
1024244 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gornish, E. S. Gornish,Elise S UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ An Online Toolkit for Managing Shrub Encroachment
1024255 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Menalled, F. Menalled,Fabian MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Interacting agricultural pests. Joint management of Bromus tectorum and Fusarium crown rot in small grain systems
1024261 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Taheri, A. Taheri,Ali TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Acquisition of a Zeiss confocal microscope for advancements in research and training purposes at Tennessee State University
1024290 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Robinson, J. P. Robinson,Joseph Paul PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN A Pathogen-safe Sorter for the Center for Food Safety Engineering at Purdue University
1024292 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bisbee, Y. J. Bisbee,Yolanda J. UNIV OF IDAHO ID UI-New Beginning for Tribal Students Program
1024298 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Liu, Z. Liu,Zhongzhe CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, BAKERSFIELD CA Acquisition of a GC-TCD for Analyzing Agriculture-Derived Gases and Integrating Engineering with Natural Science in Research/Training/Extension
1024330 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Caton, J. S. Caton,Joel S NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIV ND Strengthening research infrastructure in cellular and tissue metabolism through improving analytical capability and capacity in agricultural sciences
1024339 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ludescher, R. D. Ludescher,Richard D RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ A Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscope for Single Molecule Measurements in Food & Nutrition, Agricultural, and Environmental Research
1024343 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hoeffler, S. Hoeffler,Sam REINVESTMENT PARTNERS NC Produce Prescription Program to encourage fruit and vegetable consumption by veterans served by the Durham VA Health System.
1024346 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ramer-Tait, A. Ramer-Tait,Amanda UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Techniplast ISOcage P gnotobiotic mouse housing to accelerate microbiome discoveries at the nexus of agricultural and biomedical research
1024363 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dutta, A. Dutta,Aditya UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE Acquisition of a Seahorse XFe96 Analyzer to Catalyze Research and Education
1024371 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Padilla-Gamino, J. Padilla-Gamino,Jacqueline UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Instrument Acquisition For Characterization Of Microplastics In Seafood And Assessment Of Plastic Degradation Of Aquaculture Gear
1024373 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hockett, K. L. Hockett,Kevin Loren PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Prospecting Microbial Diversity and Functions Associated with Agricultural, Environmental, and Food Systems via the Prospector Instrument
1024379 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Young-Robertson, J. Young-Robertson,Jessica UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Equipment to enhance capability of low cost stable isotope measurements for boreal forest research in Interior Alaska
1024385 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Titgemeyer, E. C. Titgemeyer,Evan C KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Acquisition of UPLC equipment for amino acid analysis to strengthen agricultural research
1024388 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Spreen, C. Spreen,Constance EXPERIMENTAL STATION: 6100 BLACKSTONE, THE IL Link Up Illinois Statewide Nutrition Incentive Program
1024392 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Summers, K. Chunga-Celis,Andrea ADELANTE MUJERES OR Nourish the Community: Connecting Communities of Color to Healthy Eating
1024426 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Morgan Bernal, L. Foronda,Roella HAWAII PUBLIC HEALTH INSTITUTE HI Growing a Sustainable Farm to School System in Hawai‘i
1024434 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Elliott, M. Elliott,Max AUSTIN YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FARM INC TX Austin Youth and Community Farm (dba Urban Roots) Farm 2 Family/Family 2 Farm (Urban Roots Youth F2F)
1024440 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McKim, A. McKim,Aaron MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Locally-Integrated Food Teams in the Upper Peninsula (LIFT-UP): Using Land-Based Learning to Establish Farm-to-School Markets in Rural Michigan
1024453 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dombalis, H. Delgado,Tomas TIDES CENTER, THE CA Seed Change in Native Communities
1024456 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Magney, T. Magney,Troy UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA The Phenotyping Mobile Optical Platform (PhenoMOP)