Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1013815 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Earnest, S. Earnest,Scott LODI VETERINARY HOSPITAL, S.C. WI Rural Veterinary Services for Shortage Area WI165
1013910 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Yoder, C. Korthauer,Richard MONDOVI VETERINARY SERVICE LLP WI WI175: Expansion of Mobile Veterinary Services In Buffalo County, Wisconsin to Beef and Dairy Producers
1013968 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Caldwell, C. M. Kutka,Frank COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI Menominee Agricultural Practices, Historical Perceptions and Late Prehistoric Reality
1014034 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS SILVA, E. M. SILVA,ERIN M UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Food Safety Bites: A Weekly Food Safety Podcast
1014978 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS VENTURA, S. J. VENTURA,STEPHEN J UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Farming the City: Building a Competent and Diverse Workforce for Urban Agriculture
1015300 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Digman, M. Howry,Sierra UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - RIVER FALLS WI Building Undergraduate Research and Outreach Capacity in Urban and Small-Scale Agricultural Production at University of Wisconsin-River Falls
1015336 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rausch, B. Rausch,Beth UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - RIVER FALLS WI Creating Career Pathways through Innovative Agricultural Science Curriculum and Outreach
1016235 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tomandl, J. Tomandl,Joseph DAIRY GRAZING APPRENTICESHIP, INC. WI Creating a Dairy Farming Career Track for Military Veterans
1016743 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Menzel, S. Marlow,Amber LAC COURTE OREILLES OJIBWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE WI Building Soil Health Necessary for Increased Food Production
1016953 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Picasso Risso, V. D. Picasso Risso,Valentin Daniel UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Resilience of Alfalfa cultivars to variable environments
1016960 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kowalkowski, B. Kowalkowski,Brian COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI CMN Extension Capacity Program 2018
1016974 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Marlow, A. Marlow,Amber LAC COURTE OREILLES OJIBWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE WI Youth Development: Honoring Our Past and Strengthening Our Future
1016983 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kowalkowski, B. Kowalkowski,Brian COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI Summer Agriculture Career Institute
1016992 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Luck, B. Luck,Brian D UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Quantifying, predicting, and modeling the effects of machinery traffic on alfalfa yield and forage quality
1017076 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cartmill, A. Cartmill,Andrew UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - PLATTEVILLE WI UW-Platteville: Sustainable Intensification of Agro-ecosystems
1017102 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schauer, J. SCHAUER,JAMES J UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI National Atmospheric Deposition Program
1017115 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bass, C. Bass,Casie UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - RIVER FALLS WI Maternal Recognition of Pregnancy (MRP) in Mares: Is the Uterine Epithelial Sodium Channel (ENaC) Receptor Involved?
1017183 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Frechette, B. Frechette,Brandon Leigh COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI Youth Heritage Program
1020706 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mrdutt, K. Schott,Lynae Ellen FOOD ARMOR FOUNDATION INC WI Food ArmorĀ® Veterinary Student Educational and Outreach Program: Building on-farm Antimicrobial Stewardship plans
1021520 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Caldwell, C. Edler,Rebecca COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI Indicators of Menominee forest responses to climate change
1023258 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kraus, G. Kraus,Gail MILWAUKEE PUBLIC SCHOOLS WI Food Science: Laboratories in Action
1026715 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tracy, W. F. Tracy,William F UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Creation of regional and local maize food systems (products integrating breeders, growers, supply chains and end users)
1026838 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bolling, B. W. Bolling,Bradley Warren UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Acquisition of UHPLC-MS/MS for Advancing Research on Food and Health.
1027191 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Poulsen, K. P. Poulsen,Keith P UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI NAHLN: Maintain and Improve Disease Outbreak Response Capacity at Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
1029169 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Guedot, C. Guedot,Christelle UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Killing them softly: defining the future of insect mating disruption in specialty crops
0187913 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rawson, J. W. Rawson, J. W. CANAAN VALLEY INSTITUTE WV Native Flora of West Virginia Wetlands
0188571 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chatfield, J. M. Wilkerson, F. J. WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Organic Waste Treatment Utilizing Thermophilic Anaerobic Digestion (BIOPLEX Phase 4)
0190246 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McGill, D. W. Goldman, T. L. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Forestry Heritage Trail
0191946 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Warren, J. E. Warren, J. E. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Measurement of Individual Feed Efficiency in Beef Bulls in the West Virginia Bull Test Evaluation Program