Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1000979 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Leite-Browning, M. Leite-Browning,Maria Lenira ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Promoting Meat Goat Production Among Minority Farmers
1000940 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Karki, U. Karki,Uma TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Enhancing sustainable livestock production through pasture improvement and grazing/browsing management
1000862 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Moss, E. M. Moss,Elica Monique ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Biological and Environmental Science (BES) Scholars @ AAMU: Demonstrating Excellence and Strengthening Training in Agricultural Sciences
1000861 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS BOATENG, J. A. Boateng,JUDITH A ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Training of Minority Students in Nutrigenomics
1000860 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Warren, T. C. Warren,Tamara C ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Technology Enhancing Exercise and Nutrition (TEEN) Program
1000760 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wang, Y. Wang,Yong ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Building Global Competence and Collaborations through Student Experimental Learning and Faculty Exchange in China
0231430 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brown, P. W. Brown,Paul W. AUBURN UNIV., ALABAMA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SYSTEM AL Healthy Homes Initiative Interagency Agreement
0230755 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kassama, L. S. Kassama,Lamin s ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Nanotechnology Application in the Food Engineering Curriculum
0230754 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Stone, W. Stone,William ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Strengthening the Education Pipeline for Minority Wildlife Students using Experiential Learning, Mentoring, and Assessment of Student Learni
0230669 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Crenshaw, K. Crenshaw,Kevin ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Successful Aging Initiative: Community Based Education to Promote Health and Asset Management for Alabama`s Older Adults
0230668 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS SENWO, Z. SENWO,Zachary ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Building Global Engagements to Enhance Faculty & Student's Professional Development & Career Opportunities in Agriculture`s Challenge Areas
0230629 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Thomas, S. B. Thomas,Sonja Brannon AUBURN UNIV., ALABAMA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SYSTEM AL Auburn University Pesticide Safety Education Program
0230535 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mortley, D. G. Mortley,Desmond George TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Building Capacity of Tuskegee University to Provide Science-Based Gardening Education in Alabama Black Belt Counties
0230505 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Abdela, W. Abdela,Woubit TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Development of PCR-microplate array for Salmonella serovars and specific identification of foodborne pathogens using Nanoparticles-Based Bio
0230467 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Srivastava, P. Srivastava,Puneet AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Transforming Biology-Based Engineering Education Using a Hybrid Pedagogical Approach
0230460 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS HERBERT, B. S. Herbert,Berneece ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Capacity Building for Sustainable Local Food Systems Planning in North Alabama through Science, Technology, Innovation and Synergistic Partn
0230438 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Prakash, C. Prakash,Channapatna TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Linking DNA Markers to Key Bioenergy Traits in Miscanthus
0230419 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tackie, N. O. Tackie,Nii O. TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Value-Added Leadership for Strengthening Extension Personnel and Citizens
0230056 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Henton, J. M. Henton,June M. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Bolstering the Universities Fighting World Hunger (UFWH) Network
0229205 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chembezi, D. M. CHEMBEZI,DUNCAN M ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Farm Incubator Educational Training Program and Web-based Resource Center for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers
0227698 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Yehualaeshet, T. Yehualaeshet,Teshome TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Foodborne Pathogens Detection and Education to Support Sustainable Agriculture for Small Scale Producers
0227115 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bovell-Benjamin, A. Bovell-Benjamin,Adelia TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Third International Food and Nutrition Conference (IFNC 2011)
0226848 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cebert, E. Cebert,Ernst ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Strategies to Expand Canola Acreage in the Southern United States
0226782 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Graham, L. C. Graham,Lawrence C. AUBURN UNIV., ALABAMA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SYSTEM AL Alabama Pesticide Safety Education Program - 2011
0226744 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Morgan, M. V. Morgan,M. Virginia AUBURN UNIV., ALABAMA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SYSTEM AL Restoring Quality of Life - Canopy By Design
0226527 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Abdelrahim, G. Abdelrahim,Gamaleden ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Enhancing recruitment and retention in Animal Science to build capacity in Pre-Veterinary Medicine at AAMU
0226516 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Richardson, R. Richardson,Roger ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Comprehensive Entrepreneurship Extension Team Project
0226515 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Correa, J. E. Correa,Julio Enrique ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Strengthening the Small Ruminant Extension Program at Alabama A&M University
0226514 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gabre, T. Gabre,Teshome ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Urbanization and Loss of Prime Agricultural Land in North Alabama region: A Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System-Based Study