Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0193423 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Aziz, A. N. Sauve, R. J. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Genetic Linkage Analysis of Hypericum and Echinaceae by Pollen DNA Fingerprinting
0193422 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hoyle, E. H. Hoyle, E. H. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC A Tri-State Project to Identify Problem Food Safety Behaviors and Customize Educational Delivery Methods for Improving Them
0193378 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Harrison, M. A. Harison, M. A. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Produce Safety & Biosecurity-A Multi-State Research, Education & Extension
0193364 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fletcher, S. M. Fletcher, S. M. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA National Center for Peanut Competitiveness
0193357 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhao, Y. Zhao, Y. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Improving Microbial Safety of Northwest Fresh and Processed Berries
0193353 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Walter, M. T. Decker, D. J. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Hydrologically Sensitive Areas: Developing Education and Extension Resources
0193349 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mixon, M. Mixon, M. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Bilingual Food Safety Certification Program for Childcare Facilities Using Traditional and Technologically Advanced Delivery Methods
0193345 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jackai, L. E. Jackai, L. E. TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Studies on the Spread and Possible Existence of Intra-Specific Variation of the Sweet Potato Weevil in Southern United States
0193336 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Walker, M. Walker, M. J. UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA NV Arsenic in Churchill County, Nevada Domestic Water Supplies
0193332 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chembezi, D. M. Chembezi, D. M. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Food Safety Education for the Hard-to-Reach and Underserved Communities
0193328 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Norman, J. M. Norman, J. M. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Quantifying Phosphorus Losses From Agricultural Fields
0193327 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Shepard, R. L. Shepard, R. L. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Professional Development for Conservation Professionals in Wisconsin
0193326 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Moreira, R. G. Moreira, R. G. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Improving Safety of Complex Food Items Using Electron Beam Technology
0193325 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Auvermann, B. W. Auvermann, B. W. TEXAS A&M UNIV TX Composting as a Carcass Disposal Alternative to Burial for Large Livestock Carcasses
0193316 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Slade, P. J. Slade, P. J. ILLINOIS INST OF TECH IL Control of Listeria Monocytogenes in Processed Meats: Combinations of Physical, Chemical and Biological Interventions
0193314 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fraser, A. M. Fraser, A. M. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Development of a Dynamic Food Safety Education and Evaluation Strategy for the Retail Food Industry
0193310 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Reames, E. S. Reames, E. S. LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Preventing FoodBorne Illness in a Vulnerable Population in the Lower Mississippi Delta
0193309 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Yadav, A. K. Yadav, A. K. FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Harnessing Agri-Biotechnology to Establish Scutellaria as a Medicinal Crop
0193293 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Taylor, V. Giesecke, C. C. LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Food Safety Initiative for Missouri's Limited Resource Families
0193291 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS AHMEDNA, M. AHMEDNA, M. NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Development of Low-Cost Water Filtration Systems Using Nutshell-based Activated Carbons
0193289 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Spooner, J. Spooner, J. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Demonstrating Stream Restoration: Natural Channel Design, Stormwater Management and Exotic Species Control in a Rapidly Developing Watershed
0193288 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ezekwe, M. O. Ezekwe, M. O. ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Transgenic Improvement of Peanut for Lipid Content and Nutritional Quality
0193281 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kpomblekou-A,K Kpomblekou-A,Kokoasse TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Biochemical Processes in Soils Treated With Trace-Element-Enriched Broiler Litter
0193280 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Senwo, Z. Senwo, Z. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Poultry Litter Effects on Soil Microbial Community Structure and Enzyme Activities of the Phosphorus Cycle
0193277 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhou, S. Sauve, R. J. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Identification of the Antifreeze Mechanism and Genes in Plants With Tolerance to Freezing Temperatures During the Growing Season
0193266 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sheikh, M. B. Sheikh/Jain FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Identification of DNA Sequences From Grape for Pierce's Disease Tolerance
0193262 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Reddy, C. Reddy, C. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Evaluating and Modeling Soil carbon dynamics in conservation tillage cotton production systems
0193258 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS SAYRE, B. L. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Regulation of Embryonic Blastocoele Formation and Development in Small Ruminants
0193244 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hancock, J. F. Hancock, J. F. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Cultural and Biological Alternatives to Methyl Bromide Fumigation of Strawberries