Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1020601 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Greenewalt, S. Greenewalt,Stasia LOCAL FOOD HUB, INC. VA Rules to Reality: Practical Application of Produce Food S for Small to Midsize Virginia Farms
1020604 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kowalski, S. Stevens,Carrie UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Strengthening Alaska Native Stewardship
1020606 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rudi Polloshka, J. Lathrop,Amanda CAL POLY CORPORATION CA Supporting underserved California leafy-green producers` FSMA compliance, through interdisciplinary food safety, communication and marketing training
1020607 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Newbold, E. J. Newbold,Elizabeth Jane UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Developing a Handbook of Produce Safety Standards for Buyers
1020614 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fuertes, D. Fuertes,David KAHUA PA'A MUA, INC HI Ohana Agricultural Resilience (OAR)
1020618 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fraver, C. Un,Katherine NATIONAL YOUNG FARMERS COALITION, INC NY Produce Safety Spring Training: Engaging Beginning Farmers With Timely and Practical Guidance to Build a Community of Food Safety Practitioners
1020621 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Spring, E. Hudak,Tristan INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE, INC. CA Expanded Refugee And Immigrant Food Safety Outreach Project in Sacramento
1020641 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schott, A. Ortiz,Virginia GOFARM CO Building a Healthy Neighborhood Local Food Environment in SE Arvada, CO
1020643 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tautges, N. E. Scow,Kate M UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Intensive annual vs. perennial forage cropping strategies to build soil health and nitrogen efficiency in transitioning tomato systems
1020644 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bales, D. Bales,Diane UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Rural Health and Safety Education Grant (opioid prevention in rural communities)
1020646 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mahadevan, L. Mahadevan,Lakshmi TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Reducing Opioid Use And Misuse: Mental Health First Aid In Rural Texas Counties (MHFA_RTX)
1020647 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pena-Purcell, N. Faries,Mark D TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX The Well Church and Community Conference: Opioid, COVID-19 and Chronic Disease
1020649 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kim, J. McGuire,Michelle UNIV OF IDAHO ID Customized Food Safety Education Strategy for Hard-to-Reach Audiences in the Western Pacific Islands
1020650 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Koning, Y. Holbrook,Matt GLOBAL GROWERS NETWORK INC GA Cultivating Food, Health, and Community with the Clarkston Food Initiative
1020655 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Qureshi, J. A. Qureshi,Jawwad A UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Assessment To Quantify Current Practices And Research Priorities For Organic Citrus Growers Combating Huanglongbing
1020660 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Welker, T. L. Welker,Thomas L AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE CA Waste Management And Water Quality Improvement On Commercial Trout Farms Through Nutritional Strategies
1020663 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Vickroy, T. W. Maunsell,Fiona P UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL 2019 Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank (FARAD) Program: University of Florida Component
1020666 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Loch, T. Loch,Thomas MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Understanding Flavobacterium psychrophilum intraspecific diversity as it pertains to disease management and prevention in aquaculture
1020670 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Colebrook, B. Zoodsma,Anna REFUGEE & IMMIGRANT SELF-EMPOWERMENT, INC. NY Syracuse Community Food Project
1020678 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hase, C. C. Hase,Claudia C OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Novel treatment of vibriosis in shellfish hatchery production
1020697 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bottega, R. Bottega,Richard PHILABUNDANCE PA Reducing Food Waste and Providing Opportunities for Low-Income Adults Through the Philabundance Community Kitchen
1020699 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Keshavarz Afshar, R. Brummer,Joe E. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Increasing Yield, Quality, and Economy of Alfalfa Hay through Grass Species Selection and Planting Configuration
1020703 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bankert, S. Bankert,Sarah COLLABORATIVE FOR EDUCATIONAL SERVICES MA Regionalizing Food Security in Hampshire County
1020704 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Aguilar, K. Yanez,Marlene La Semilla Food Center NM Cocina Intercambios: Community resiliency through micro-enterprise and food access connections in the Paso del Norte border region
1020705 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS JOHNSON, D. JOHNSON,DIANNE CLOVER ACRES LIVESTOCK VETERINARY SERVICES, LLC VT Improving access to imaging diagnostics for farm animal veterinary patients in rural southern Vermont
1020706 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mrdutt, K. Schott,Lynae Ellen FOOD ARMOR FOUNDATION INC WI Food ArmorĀ® Veterinary Student Educational and Outreach Program: Building on-farm Antimicrobial Stewardship plans
1020707 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lenarz-Coy, S. Lenarz-Coy,Sophia FOOD GROUP MINNESOTA INC..THE MN Food Shelves as Change Agents: Bringing local, sustainable produce and food justice values to the charitable food system in Minnesota
1020709 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Grimm, J. Grimm,Jason IOWA VALLEY RC&D. IA Expanding Food Safety Outreach to Iowa Beginning Farmers through the Clean Start Program & Professional Development of Value Chain Coordinators
1020710 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kundert, J. Kundert,Jake IOWA VALLEY RC&D. IA Equity-Based Food Systems Assessment in the Corridor: Linn and Johnson Counties, IA
1020711 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Keeler, E. Burns,Rashae GROWING GARDENS OR Home Gardens Project