Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1020431 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Davis, S. C. Davis,Sarah OHIO UNIVERSITY OH Planning Proposal: Exploiting brewery waste for soil management in organic agriculture
1020434 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Watson, D. W. Watson,David Wes NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Improving Welfare And Disease Management On Organic Dairy Herds Through Fly Control
1020438 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ehlers, S. Ehlers,Shawn PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Indiana PREPared (Purdue Rural Emergency Preparedness), Development of targeted rural-disaster specific resources and associated training with special emphasis on agricultural production sites.
1020444 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bottoms, S. I. Well,Jay Anthony OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Food Science and Technology Collaborative: Increasing Oregon AITC`s Capacity and Promoting Career Awareness for Rural Students
1020448 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hatton-Bowers, H. Hatton-Bowers,Holly UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Resource Toolkit To Support The Wellness Of Extension Employees Following A Natural Disaster
1020468 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bell, T. H. Kaye,Jason Philip PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Is There a Role for Microbial Management in Organic Agriculture?
1020470 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nelson, A. Rortvedt,Helen NORTHEAST ORGANIC FARMING ASSOCIATION OF VERMONT VT Embedding & Sustaining Farm to School Successes in Rural, Low-Income School Districts
1020474 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mustafa, F. Mustafa,Fathiyyah SCF-ORGANIC FARMS, LTD. SC Heritage Organic Dry Farming Safety Training Program
1020477 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Desaeger, J. Desaeger,Johan UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL In the home stretch: implementation and grower adoption of non-fumigant nematicides in plasticulture
1020479 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brownell, K. Brownell,Kelly DUKE UNIVERSITY NC Project Title: Black North Carolina Youth Pipeline To Food & Agriculture-Driven Health Improvement
1020486 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Min, D. Min,Doohong KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Establishing the Value of Alfalfa with Highly Digestible Fiber
1020488 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Christie, M. Christie,Margaret Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture MA Food Safety Solutions for Farm Owners and Employees
1020493 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dannenberg, D. R. Hutchings,D'Arcy UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA - ANCHORAGE AK ANNH: The Alaska Open Education Initiative
1020500 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Scherr, R. E. Fetter,Deborah UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Empowering Adolescents to Pursue Science Majors Through Informal Food Literacy Education and College Mentoring
1020505 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Durairaj, P. Durairaj,Prem COMMUNITY HEALTH IMPROVEMENT PARTNERS CA San Diego County Farm to School Community Engagement Program
1020507 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Owensby, K. Owensby,Kelly TRANSPLANTING TRADITIONS COMMUNITY FARM, INC. NC Improving Food Safety Practices for Under-served Asian Refugee Farmers
1020516 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Baynes, R. Baynes,Ronald NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Food animal residue avoidance databank (FARAD)
1020519 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Reidman, Z. Reidman,Zack International Rescue Committee (IRC) CA Students for a Fresh Community
1020521 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kemanian, A. R. Kemanian,Armen R PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Smart Tillage to Reduce N2O Emission from Organic Agriculture
1020523 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nwadike, L. Nwadike,Londa KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Strengthening FSMA Agricultural water outreach and education for produce growers in Kansas and Missouri
1020526 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blesh, J. Blesh,Jennifer UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MI Linking plant traits with soil health to determine optimal cover crop mixtures on organic farms
1020531 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Barbercheck, M. E. Barbercheck,Mary Ellen PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Conservation of a Multifunctional Fungus for Plant Protection in Organic Cropping Systems
1020536 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bennett, S. Bennett,Sheryl UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Career AGsperience:"Come AGsperience Your Future"
1020539 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Berti, M. Berti,Marisol T NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIV ND Alfalfa Management Practices and their Effect on Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Populations - Towards Improving Health, Productivity and Sustainability of Alfalfa Production
1020547 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tell, L. A. Tell,Lisa Ann UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA FARAD, aka Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank
1020549 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dwyer, J. F. Dwyer,Jerry Francis TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Traveling Laboratories: Inspiring Female and Minority Rural Students to Excel in STEM
1020554 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS White, G. A. White,Gloria A ST. EDWARDS UNIVERSITY TX A Conference Proposal for "Building STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture and Mathematics) at Texas Hispanic-Serving Institutions"
1020555 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sorrells, M. Sorrells,Mark CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Value-Added Grains for Local and Regional Food Systems II
1020558 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Turner, D. R. Turner,Devon R GROW DAT YOUTH FARM, THE LA Grow Dat Youth Farm Land Expansion and Leadership Programs
1020562 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gibson, K. Gibson,Kristen UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Development and Implementation of Innovative Food Safety Training Tools for the Production and Distribution of Microgreens