Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0223825 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gibson, S. M. Bower, D. W. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Training, Evaluation and Technical Support for the Army Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) Program
1016809 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pereira, E. Pereira,Engil UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-PAN AMERICAN TX Training, Research, and Education in Soil Science (TRESS)
1012074 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jiang, G. Jiang,Guo-Liang VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Trait Characterization and Germplasm Development of Edamame and Dual-Purpose Specialty Soybean
1004277 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Manoharan, M. Manoharan,Muthusamy UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Transcriptome Analysis and Genome Wide Association Studies in Sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas L. Lam)
0232414 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schalinske, K. Schalinske,Kevin IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Transdisciplinary Graduate Training Program in Childhood Obesity using a Socio-economic Model
1000244 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fiese, B. H. Fiese,Barbara UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Transdisciplinary Obesity Prevention Program - Undergraduate (TOPP-U)
0227322 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dille, J. A. Dille,Johanna (Anita) Adriana KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Transfer Student BRIDGE - Bridging Relationships to Internships and Diverse Group Experiences
1024179 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Huttenga, B. Huttenga,Becky OTTAWA, COUNTY OF MI Transferring Land and Downloading Knowledge: Catalyzing New Farmer Development in West Michigan.
0223608 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zimmerman, J. Zimmerman,Julie YALE UNIVERSITY CT Transformation of lignin into building blocks for protective coatings
0230493 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Guy, T. N. Guy,Thurman Norris NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Transformational Learning:Promoting Students` Success thru the Professional Development Engagement Plan(PDEP) & Active Learning Experiences
1003561 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kahn-Thornbrugh, C. C. Montes-Helu,Mario Cesar Tohono O`odham Community Action (TOCA) AZ Transforming Agriculture and Natural Resources for a Sustainable Tomorrow II
1013874 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Odani, J. Odani,Jenee UNIV OF HAWAII HI Transforming all Veterinarians into Food-Animal Vets through Focused Continuing Education
0230467 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Srivastava, P. Srivastava,Puneet AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Transforming Biology-Based Engineering Education Using a Hybrid Pedagogical Approach
0225915 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wirth, F. F. Wirth,Ferdinand F. SAINT JOSEPH'S UNIVERSITY PA Transforming food marketing education: Modules to integrate social justice education and research training across undergraduate curricula
1023522 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Collier, S. Collier,Sarah UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Transforming the Capacity of Higher Education to Train Future Food Systems Leaders: A Novel UW/WSU Approach
1015019 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhou, S. Zhou,Suping TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Transgenerational adaptation of plants to acidic pH and toxic metals in soil
1015188 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Osena, A. L. Hankoua,Bertrand DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Transgenic Accumulation and In Situ Activation of Ligninolytic Peroxidases for Sustainable Production of Biofuels
1026980 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Maga, E. A. Maga,Elizabeth A. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Transgenic Animal Conference XIII
1013345 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Murray, J. D. Murray,James D UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Transgenic Animal Research Conference
1019910 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Maga, E. A. Maga,Elizabeth A. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Transgenic Animal Research Conference XII
0193853 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ostlie, K. R. Ostlie, K. R. UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Transgenic Corn and Corn Rootworms: Assessing the Risk of Host-Plant Switching in a Changing Weed Management Environment
0193288 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ezekwe, M. O. Ezekwe, M. O. ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Transgenic Improvement of Peanut for Lipid Content and Nutritional Quality
1014787 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mou, Z. Mou,Zhonglin UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Transgenic success-guided reproduction of Huanglongbing disease resistance/tolerance in citrus by gene editing
0204924 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pilson, D. Pilson, D. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Transgenic Virus Resistant Squash: Ecological Effect Ten Years After Commercial Release
1004034 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lowell, C. Lowell,Cadance A Central State University OH Transition and Demonstration Capacity: Non-Chemical Technology Weed Disruption in Agriculture
0204802 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Louws, F. J. Welker, R. M. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Transition from Methyl Bromide in CUE Crops: On Farm Research, Training, and Extension in the Southeast
0207346 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cardina, J. Cardina, J. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Transition Strategies that Control Perennial Weeds and Build Soil
1017064 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kravchenko, A. Kravchenko,Alexandra MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Transition to organic in row-crop systems: enhancing sustainability in topographically diverse Midwest landscapes
1013446 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cui, S. Cui,Song MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Transitioning to Organic Forage Cropping Systems, an Integrated Research, Education and Extension Project in Middle Tennessee