Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0207321 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jones, S. S. Jones, S. S. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Developing Wheat Varieties for Organic Agricultural Systems
0207795 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pappu, H. R. Pappu, H. R. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Epidemiology & Management of Thrips-Borne Iris Yellow Spot Virus in Onion Seed & Bulb Crops: A Rapidly Emerging & Economically Important Virus
0208758 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Stark, J. D. Stark, J. D. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA The Grand Fir Twig Borer, Argyresthia sp., a New Pest of Christmas Trees in the Pacific Northwest
0210151 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS MacConnell, C. B. MacConnell,Craig WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION WA Flea Beetle Control Treatment Demonstration in Western Washington State
0211504 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Weller, D. M. Weller,David M. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE WA Ecology and fitness of transgenic Pseudomonas fluorescens
0211522 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Neibergs, J. S. J. Shannon Neibergs WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION WA Western Center for Risk Management Education
0211665 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fransen, S. C. Fransen,Steven WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Water Requirements and Economics for Growing Perennial Warm-Season Grasses for Ethanol under Irrigation in the Arid-West
0211777 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pierce, F. J. Pierce, F. J. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA National Vegetable Crop Initiative Workshop
0211807 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Young, G. Merlino, S. E. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Western Regional Aquaculture Center - 21st Annual Work Plan (FY07)
0212165 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sischo, W. M. Sischo, W. M. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Reducing the Use of Antibiotics and the Incidence of Antibiotic Resistance on Calf Ranches
0213651 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mazzola, M. Mazzola, M. USDA, ARS, Tree Fruit Research Laboratory WA Predictive management of soil microbial communities using defined amendments to enhance production in organic cropping systems
0213730 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cogger, C. G. Cogger, C. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Designing production strategies for stewardship and profits on fresh market organic farms
0213969 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schillinger, W. F. Schillinger, W. F. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA PM10 Particulate Emission Prediction and Control from Agricultural Lands in the Pacific Northwest
0214239 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Young, G. Young,Graham UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Western Regional Aquaculture Center - 22nd Annual Work Plan (FY08)
0214241 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Guillory, S. Guillory,Sunny NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Expansion of Financial Literacy Training Activities
0214420 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ybarra, T. Ybarra, T. YAKIMA VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE WA Enhancing Opportunities for Workforce Training and Education in Food and Agricultural Sciences
0214569 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS chen, S. Shulin Chen WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Enhancing Bioenergy Education and Business Development Capabilities via Access to International Resources and Technologies
0214640 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sischo, W. M. Sischo, W. M. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Reducing the environmental load of food and waterborne pathogens on CAFOs
0215094 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McElwain, T. F. McElwain, T. F. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN):WA
0215160 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wright, K. Wright,Kevin WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION WA Operation: Military Kids - Ready, Set, Go! Project
0215536 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Flury, M. Markus Flury WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Integrated Education and Research for Sustainable Development: Linking Engineering Science and Economics
0215689 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bendich, J. A. A J Bendich UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Improved Transformation of Chloroplasts
0216076 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hardesty, L. Hardesty,Linda WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Evaluating the Impacts of Conservation Practices on Watershed Health in a Salmon-Bearing Rangeland Watershed: Asotin Creek, Washington
0216154 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Inglis, D. A. Inglis, D. A. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Project Planning for Specialty Crop Covers that Use Degradable Materials
0216169 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Davenport, J. R. Davenport, J. R. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Developing a Team to Address Optimizing the White Wine Quality Through Plant Nutrient Management
0218011 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McKee, R. A. McKee,Racie OMAK SCHOOL DISTRICT WA Veterinary Education Assistant Pathway
0218117 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Given-Seymour, S. Cooper, V. NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Research on the Lummi Traditional Foods Project
0218166 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Green,J.A. Green,Joel A. NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Bellingham Bay Hypoxia and Fecal Coliform Bacteria Research Project
0218374 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Eastin, I. L. Eastin, I. L. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Improving the International Competitiveness of Certified Forest Products
0218588 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Krohn, E. Krohn, E. NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Native Foods Nutrition Project: Promoting Wellness among Native Americans through Culturally-based Healthy Food Behaviors