Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1020840 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Copenheaver, C. A. Copenheaver,Carolyn A VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Recognizing and Sharing Excellence in Teaching: An Inclusive Approach
1020843 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chard, P. Chard,Paul CATTLEMAN'S RESOURCE, INC CO Expanding Veterinary Care for Food and Fiber Animals in Designated Rural Veterinary Shortage Region CO197
1020850 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Albrecht, K. Albrecht,Kristin Frost FOOD BASKET INC., THE HI DA BUX STATE SNAP Incentive Project
1020858 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rost, C. Rost,Caroline KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Summer Program For Aspiring Rural Kansas (Spark) Veterinarians
1020867 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Talhami, A. Talhami,Andrea DC GREENS DC Food As Medicine: Produce Prescription Program in Washington, DC
1020874 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hageman, K. J. Hageman,Kimberly Jill UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT The Alfalfa Insecticide Management (AIM) Toolkit: Linking insecticide fate modelling with alfalfa pest and beneficial insect toxicity endpoints
1020881 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lehmann, Y. Koprak,Julia THE FOOD TRUST PA Expanding Food Bucks Rx with multiple healthcare partners across Pennsylvania and New Jersey
1020888 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brummer, E. C. Brummer,Edward Charles UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Developing regionally-adapted, resilient alfalfa germplasm pools
1020889 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Larmer, M. Larmer,Megan Glynwood Center, Inc. NY CSA is a SNAP
1020890 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Panangadan, A. Panangadan,Anand California State University, Fullerton CA Learning to Analyze Emerging Datasets for Agriculture: Understanding Food Waste Behavior from Social Media
1020892 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Snyder, A. B. Snyder,Abigail CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Food safety management and document development for PCHF Rule qualified exemption-eligible food facilities
1020900 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Norberg, S. Norberg,Steven WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Determining Genetic Factors that Influence Protein Quality and Yield in Alfalfa
1020920 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gomez-Chiarri, M. Gomez-Chiarri,Marta UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI Modifying microbiomes to mitigate infectious diseases in aquaculture facilities
1020923 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Myers, A. E. Myers,Allison E OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR From Coast to Forest: Building on Community Strengths to Promote Mental Health and Reduce Opioid Abuse in Rural Oregon
1020928 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Huff, E. Kobe,Richard MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI A Regional Blended Learning Model to Understand Forest Carbon Management
1020941 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS He, L. He,Long PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA An Intelligent Spraying System for Tree Fruit Crops Pest Management: Technology Enhancement, Evaluation, and Outreach
1020978 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dabrowski, K. Dabrowski,Konrad OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Induction of Tetraploidy and Gynogenesis to Produce Sterile All-Female Largemouth Bass
1020984 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tarpy, D. R. Tarpy,David R. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Reducing Honey Bee Pathogens And Improving Colony Health By Mitigating Vertical And Horizontal Transmission Using Ipm Approaches
1020995 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Barroso, J. Barroso,Judit OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Integrated And Cooperative Russian Thistle (Salsola Tragus) Management In The Semi-Arid Pacific Northwest
1020997 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mueller, D. S. Mueller,Daren Shane IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Identifying Soybean Fields at High Risk for Sudden Death Syndrome through Aerial Photography and DNA-based Tools
1021000 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tucker, J. J. Tucker,Jennifer UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Alfalfa Forage System Management Strategies Social Concepts for Expanding the Integation of Alfalfa into Southern Forage Livestock Operations
1021009 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brown, A. Chanin,Robin Beth GLOBAL GROWERS NETWORK INC GA Market Ready Farms Collaboration
1021023 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Marutani, M. Marutani,Mari UNIVERSITY OF GUAM UOG STATION GU Enhancement of Research and Internship Experience in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Science at University of Guam
1021046 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Strickland, B. K. Strickland,Bronson K. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Podcasting to Expand Engagement to Private Landowners and Natural Resource Professionals with Natural Resources University
1021056 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brown, D. N. Brown,David N IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Farm and Ranch Wellness: The Next Steps
1021064 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhang, S. Zhang,Shuping UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Maintaining and Further Improving NAHLN Level 1 Member Lab Capacity and Capabilities
1021066 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lemos, M. Lemos,Martin NATIONAL YOUNG FARMERS COALITION, INC NY Building an Inclusive and Comprehensive Network for Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance in the Northeast 
1021068 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hay, F. S. Hay,Frank S. N Y AGRICULTURAL EXPT STATION NY Underpinning the Development of an Integrated Disease Management Strategy for Stemphylium Leaf Blight of Onion in New York
1021070 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Roy, N. Roy,Natalie AGRISAFE NETWORK, INC. IA Southern Region Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network