Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1023142 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Camhi, A. L. Camhi,Ashley L ARIZONA SUSTAINABILITY ALLIANCE AZ K-12 Vertical Farm to Market Program
1023192 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Payne, P. B. Payne,Pamela UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA NV Expanding Access to Youth Horticulture Education: A Life-Skills Approach
1023258 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kraus, G. Kraus,Gail MILWAUKEE PUBLIC SCHOOLS WI Food Science: Laboratories in Action
1023386 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sudbeck, K. Sudbeck,Kristine NEBRASKA INDIAN COMMUNITY COLLEGE NE Nebraska Indian Community College Student Led Research Grant 2019 application - Tribal College Student Climate Change Research
1023412 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS ZIMMERMAN, T. W. ZIMMERMAN,THOMAS W UNIV OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS VI Supporting Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Agriculture
1023426 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pryor, B. Pryor,Barry UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Building A Western Commercial Mushroom Research Network (Wmrn)
1023427 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Marutani, M. Marutani,Mari UNIVERSITY OF GUAM UOG STATION GU Linking Insular Institutions for Higher Education Success
1023438 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zystro, J. Zystro,Jared ORGANIC SEED ALLIANCE WA Planning for Organic Seed Production Research
1023441 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wen, H. Wen,Han UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS TX Redesigning and Customizing Food Safety Education for Hospitality Management Students in the U.S
1023442 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Loriz, C. Loriz,Cara ORGANIC SEED ALLIANCE WA Connecting community to strengthen organic seed breeding and research
1023468 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fields, J. S. Fields,Jeb Stuart LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Ensuring the Future Success of North American Specialty Crops through Soilless Substrate Science
1023482 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fulcher, A. F. Fulcher,Amy Fagerlin UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN L.E.A.P. Labor, Efficiency, Automation and Production for Sustainability in the Nursery Crops Industry
1023485 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Liu, P. Liu,Pei UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Development and implementation of a customized and culturally-sensitive FSMA supplemental training program for Hmong farmers: A community outreach project
1023488 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Feiereisel, K. Feiereisel,Kali COMMUNITY ALLIANCE WITH FAMILY FARMERS FOUNDATION CA Expanding Food Safety Resources for Local Food Producers in California
1023502 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Buckland, K. Buckland,Kristine OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Developing the Organic Medicinal Herb Industry
1023505 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blas, A. L. Blas,Andrea L UNIVERSITY OF GUAM UOG STATION GU Capacity improvement for agricultural biotechnology and molecular diagnostics research and education at the University of Guam
1023522 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Collier, S. Collier,Sarah UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Transforming the Capacity of Higher Education to Train Future Food Systems Leaders: A Novel UW/WSU Approach
1023527 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wickings, K. G. Wickings,Kyle N Y AGRICULTURAL EXPT STATION NY Assessing Best Management Practices, Design Options and Public Perceptions Towards a New Ionic American Lawn
1023538 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Koromyslova, E. Koromyslova,Ekaterina SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Multi-disciplinary curricula integration to prepare college graduates for current workforce needs in the FANH sciences
1023563 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Shankle, M. W. Shankle,Mark W. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS CleanSEED: A planning project to ensure the sustainability of U.S. sweetpotato seed programs.
1023587 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tobin, D. Tobin,Daniel UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Northeast Organic Seed Conference: Strengthening the Regional Organic Seed Sector
1023589 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chen, Y. Chen,Yan LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Establishing Partnership And Building Infrastructure For Production, Harvesting, Processing, And Marketing Of U.S.-Grown Tea
1023623 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pylman, L. Pylman,Laura MID-MICHIGAN EQUINE SERVICES, PLLC MI Expansion of Food Animal Veterinary Services in Shiawassee County (MI201)
1023640 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS White, C. J. White,Chana Janine NATIVE BRAND HONEY, LLC NC Enhancing Farming Opportunities For Native Americans and Veteran Beginning Farmers in North Carolina
1023644 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McClure, C. McClure,Chet GREENWOOD, GARY D IN Rural Clinic Expansion for IN205 Shortage Area Through an Additional Veterinarian and Equipped Mobile Livestock Unit
1023676 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rein, K. Rein,Katie CRAZY MOUNTAIN VETERINARY SERVICE, PLLC MT Interactive Mobile Beef Cattle Veterinary Medicine Learning Laboratory (MT205)
1023703 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Goldberger, J. Goldberger,Jessica WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Assessment of inadvertent chemical contamination of organic crops
1023708 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS CARTER, M. J. CARTER,MICHAEL JOHN CARTER FARMS LLC VA Building a Sustainable Production and Marketing System for Covid-19 Affected Socially Disadvantaged and Veteran Beginning Farmers in Virginia
1023714 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Shingler, R. Shingler,Ronny GEORGIA ORGANIC PEANUT ASSOCIATION INC GA Developing a Farmer-Led Training Program for Beginning Organic Peanut Producers in Georgia
1023731 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Halpin, C. Halpin,Christina THOUSAND HILLS MOBILE VETERINARY SERVICES LLC GA Rural Practice Enhancement Grant for Veterinary Services in Northeast Georgia (GA173)