Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0201039 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hughes, S. G. Hughes, S. G. CHEYNEY UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PA Further Development of the Aquaculture Research and Education Center of Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
0204819 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hughes, S. G. Hughes, S. G. CHEYNEY UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PA Research to Improve the Culture and Availability of Fishes with Economic Importance to Pennsylvania
0215259 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hughes, S. G. Hughes, S. G. CHEYNEY UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PA Improvement of Fish Husbandry and Aquaponics Methodologies for Pennsylvania Aquafarmers
1027560 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Garreau, J. Garreau,Julie CHEYENNE RIVER YOUTH PROJECT, INC. SD Planning for Food Sovereignty and Security on the Cheyenne River Lakota Sioux Reservation
1006235 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kessler, M. P. Gaynor,Wendy CHESTER COUNTY FOOD BANK PA Chester County Food Bank Fresh2You!Mobile Food Market
0213784 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Anderson, D. C. Anderson, D. C. CHEMEKETA COMMUNITY COLLEGE OR Chemeketa Community College Horticulture Career Pathways Project
0229040 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Conlon, T. Mack,Johnny CHEMEKETA COMMUNITY COLLEGE OR Making the CASE for Agriculture Education in the MWEC Region
1026377 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cheyne, L. Ray,Timothy CHEMEKETA COMMUNITY COLLEGE OR Growing Career Pathways for Students in Agricultural Sciences and Technology: A Community College and Career Technology Secondary Education Center Partnership
0222191 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS APUYA, N. R. Bobzin, S. C. Ceres, Inc. CA Functional Characterization of Switchgrass Genes Involved in Cell Wall Synthesis
0231088 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Elangovan, E. Elangovan,Elango Ceramatec Inc UT Lignocellulosic Biomass Conversion to Infrastructure Compatible Fuel, Products and Power
1004034 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lowell, C. Lowell,Cadance A Central State University OH Transition and Demonstration Capacity: Non-Chemical Technology Weed Disruption in Agriculture
1004582 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sritharan, S. Corley,Michelle M. Central State University OH Central State University Facilities Grant
1007327 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Katampe, I. Katampe,Ibrahim Central State University OH A Potential for Building and Strenghening Capacity and Advancing the Quality of Teaching and Extension at Central State University
1012088 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nedunuri, K. Nedunuri,Krishnakumar Central State University OH Role of Water Quality in Sustainable Food Production on Urban Landscapes
1012103 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wei, X. Wei,Xiaofang Central State University OH Strengthening Agricultural Geospatial Education and Research at Central State University
1015166 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Johnson, A. L. Kuti,Morakinyo Central State University OH Increasing student enrollment in the college of science and engineering
1018092 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cao, D. Cao,Deng Central State University OH All-in-One Organic Weed and Crop Disease Management Using Directed Energy and Convolutional Neural Networks
1021858 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nagle, M. Nagle,Marcus Central State University OH Sweet potato production in northern climates: germplasm testing, phenotyping and management techniques
0218751 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Diller, D. Diller,Donna CENTRAL NEW MEXICO COMMUNITY COLLEGE NM Integrating Nutrition, Food Science and the Culinary Arts: Healthy Meals, Fit for Life
1020827 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tohme, A. Tohme,Allison CENTRAL LOUISIANA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ALLIANCE LA Systematic Capacity Building For Rural Farmers Markets: Incentivizing Customers, Vendors, And Leaders
0222252 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Downer, J. V. Downer,Judith A. CENTRAL FLORIDA COMMUNITY COLLEGE FL Increase agricultural education completion rates through student management and expanded career opportunities for SPECA programs
0219010 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wineman,C Wineman,Claire CENTRAL COAST RESOURCE CONSERVATION AND DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL CA A Comprehensive Risk Management Training Program for Spanish-Speaking Farmers in Santa Maria Valley
1007372 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sandoval, A. Sandoval,Arturo CENTER OF SOUTHWEST CULTURE, INC. NM Cooperative Development Center of Northern New Mexico
0223459 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Green, J. Joanna Green Center for Transformative Action NY Groundswell New Farmer Training Program
1005383 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Green, J. J. Gabriel,Elizabeth Center for Transformative Action NY Groundswell New Farmer Training Programs
0207236 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Leval, K. Kim Leval CENTER FOR RURAL AFFAIRS OR Sustainable and Organic Roundtable
0219811 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Starkweather, K. Starkweather,Kathie CENTER FOR RURAL AFFAIRS NE Cherry County Nebraska Food System Assessment and Planning
0223463 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fraas, W. Fraas,Wyatt CENTER FOR RURAL AFFAIRS NE Nebraska Network for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers
1007097 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Starkweather, K. Starkweather,Kathie CENTER FOR RURAL AFFAIRS NE Santee Sioux and UmoNhoN Tribal Food Sovereignty Plans