Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0230584 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bode, L. E. Bode,Loren E UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS EXTENSION IL Pesticide Safety Education Program in Illinois
1020751 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bock, J. Bock,John California State University, Fullerton CA Southern California Urban Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems Research & Education Conference
0222191 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS APUYA, N. R. Bobzin, S. C. Ceres, Inc. CA Functional Characterization of Switchgrass Genes Involved in Cell Wall Synthesis
1013737 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hubbard, W. G. Boby-Sabatinelli,Leslie A. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Increasing Southeastern Public Wildfire Preparedness through the Master Gardener Volunteer Education Program
1011093 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hubbard, W. G. Boby,Leslie A. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Sustaining Excellence in Forest Resources Extension
1026454 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bobowski, K. Bobowski,Kathleen UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA - ANCHORAGE AK Rural Alaska Natural Resources Career Pathway
1006301 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bobe, G. Bobe,Gerd OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Multicultural Young Scholars Training in Animal and Rangeland Sciences (MYSTARS)
1000861 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS BOATENG, J. A. Boateng,JUDITH A ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Training of Minority Students in Nutrigenomics
1015259 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS BOATENG, J. A. Boateng,Judith ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Developing A Sustainable Research Program In FoodOmics at Alabama A&M University
0231089 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Boateng, A. A. Boateng,Akwasi A Agricultural Research Service PA Distributed On-Farm Bioenergy, Biofuels and Biochemicals (FarmBio3) Development and Production via Integrated Catalytic Thermolysis
1023892 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blumhagen, S. Blumhagen,Stephanie FOUNDATION FOR AGRICULTURAL AND RURAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY ND Planting Seeds for Food Sovereignty: Developing Culturally Appropriate Farmer Education with the Spirit Lake Nation
1010648 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blumberg, R. Blumberg,Renata MONTCLAIR STATE COLL NJ Bridging the Gap Between New Jersey Farmers and Consumers Through Research, Education and Outreach
0229539 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blum-Evitts, S. Blum-Evitts,Shemariah Lutheran Social Services MA New Lands Farm Marketing Initiative: Connecting new American farmers and low-income consumers to local, fresh, culturally appropriate foods
0230989 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blue-Terry, M. Blue-Terry,Misty NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Early Work Readiness Skill Development Program
0210358 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bloomquist, P. Bloomquist, P. NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY NM Chef-Scientists: A Collaborative Cross-Disciplinary Program
0222813 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blomstrom, E. Blomstrom, E. Community Action Duluth MN Duluth Urban Acres
0225896 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Block, D. R. Block,Daniel Ralston Chicago State University IL Chicago South Side Urban Agriculture Initiative
0214934 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Boland, M. Bloand, M. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS The Young Professional Teaching Academy
0223458 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blinde, B. J. Blinde, B. J. Colorado Foundation for Agriculture CO 2012 National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference
0221315 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blewett, T. Blewett,Thomas J UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - EXTENSION WI Pilot Technology Transfer,WI
0215561 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blewett, T. Blewett,Thomas UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - EXTENSION WI Continuing Support for the Great Lakes Regional Water Program A Regional Water Resource Project for North Central States in USEPA Region 5
0219203 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blewett, T. Blewett,Thomas UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - EXTENSION WI Red Cliff Tribal Hatchery-WI
0219204 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blewett, T. Blewett,Thomas UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - EXTENSION WI Conservation Technology Transfer, WI
0219732 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blewett, T. Blewett,Thomas UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - EXTENSION WI Pilot Technology Transfer,WI
1020526 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blesh, J. Blesh,Jennifer UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MI Linking plant traits with soil health to determine optimal cover crop mixtures on organic farms
1023505 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blas, A. L. Blas,Andrea L UNIVERSITY OF GUAM UOG STATION GU Capacity improvement for agricultural biotechnology and molecular diagnostics research and education at the University of Guam
1013870 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blakey, D. W. Blakey,Dustin Warren UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Identifying Food Safety Risks on Indigenous Food Sovereignty Gardens
1014998 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blair, M. W. Blair,Matthew W. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Professional Development in Transcriptomics and Proteomics to Enhance Teaching in Biotechnology
1023742 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blackwell, S. M. Blackwell,Sarah Morgan ARK VETERINARY SERVICES LLC SC Veterinary Services Grant Program - Rural Practice Enhancement application(SC163)
0188334 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blackwell, T. Blackwell, T. U.S. SPACE & ROCKET CENTER AL Development of Geospatial Training for Precision Ag Practitioners