Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1024459 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Clevenger, C. Ramsey,Lisa TRUMBULL NEIGHBORHOOD PARTNERSHIP OH Trumbull County Grower Training and Development Program
1024482 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hamilton, D. Hardy,Koy FRESH APPROACH CA VeggieRx Program: Prescribing Produce to Improve Community Health through a Trauma-Informed Nutrition Education Approach
1024512 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Delp, J. Delp,Jeff FCS URBAN MINISTRIES INC GA Carver Market expansion to better meet the food needs of low-income residents of Historic South Atlanta
1024547 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Turk, J. Ellis,Justin MINNESOTA CAMPUS COMPACT MN Urban liberal arts colleges in community food ecosystems: Nourishing underserved students, families, and neighbors
1024571 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Perret-Gentil, A. Perret-Gentil,Abigail GRACE GROWS INC FL Linking the Agricultural and Cultural Roots of Southeast Gainesville to Increase Food Access and Sovereignty
1024617 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Van Eenennaam, A. L. Van Eenennaam,Alison UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA High throughput multiparametric phenotyping of domestic livestock cells, organoids and embryos
1025073 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hicks, A. Hicks,Austin CAPITAL AREA FOOD BANK DC Curbside Groceries: The Grocery Store That Comes to You
1026030 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lochmann, S. E. Lochmann,Steve E UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Improving Science Communication at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff through Faculty Development
1026618 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McCluskey, C. McCluskey,Cathleen ORGANIC SEED ALLIANCE WA Building a Lasting Seed Development Network Through an Online Organic Seed Growers Conference
1026662 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Baur, P. Baur,Patrick UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI Addressing Incongruities between Food Safety Management and National Organic Program Standards
1026715 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tracy, W. F. Tracy,William F UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Creation of regional and local maize food systems (products integrating breeders, growers, supply chains and end users)
1026726 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pliakoni, E. D. Pliakoni,Eleni D. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS A multi-state approach for assessing the needs of postharvest practices in order to improve quality and safety of organic produce
1026753 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Davis, T. S. Davis,Timothy Scott UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Preparing Extension Employees for Emergenices & Natural Disasters
1026795 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McConnell, J. McConnell,James UNIVERSITY OF GUAM UOG STATION GU Distance Education Grants Program for Higher Education in the Insular Areas (DEG)
1026866 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Aller, D. Aller,Deborah CORNELL COOPERATIVE EXTENSION ASSOCIATION OF SUFFOLK COUNTY NY Edge of Field Permeable Reactive Barriers to Improve Long Island Water Quality
1026936 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Averill, J. Bolin,Steven R. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Michigan State University, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN) Level 1
1026937 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Elvinger, F. Elvinger,Francois CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY NAHLN 2021 National Animal Health Laboratory Network, Level 1
1026946 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Baszler, T. Baszler,Timothy WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA NAHLN:WA Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory Participant as a Level 1 Laboratory in the National Animal Disease Laboratory Network
1026980 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Maga, E. A. Maga,Elizabeth A. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Transgenic Animal Conference XIII
1026991 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhang, Y. Prarat,Melanie DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE OHIO OH NAHLN Infrastructure Support for Level 1 Lab
1026992 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Swinford, A. Swinford,Amy TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX NAHLN Infrastructure Support
1027006 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Comeau, R. Comeau,Richard TULSA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OK COVID Relief 2020-70030-33156: Double Up Oklahoma COVID-19 Rapid Relief | Expanding Access to Fruits and Vegetables for Low-income Oklahomans
1027044 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hunsucker, K. Hunsucker,Katie MILLER VETERINARY CLINIC, P.C. SD Veterinary Rural Practice Enhancement with Equipment update for Shortage Area SD-191
1027086 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cox, R. Cox,Ryan UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Development and Early Implementation of the Minnesota Meat Processors Badge Program
1027104 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rovira, A. Rovira,Albert UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN NAHLN MN FY21 Level 1 Member Lab Agreement
1027106 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bahm, K. Bahm,Karla AGRICULTURE, NEBRASKA DEPARTMENT OF NE FRSAN-SDA Nebraska Behavioral Health Voucher Project
1027183 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Reed, D. Reed,Debbie MURRAY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Nahln: Purchase Of Equipment For Breathitt Veterinary Center
1027191 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Poulsen, K. P. Poulsen,Keith P UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI NAHLN: Maintain and Improve Disease Outbreak Response Capacity at Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
1027243 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Spring Buffalo, G. Spring Buffalo,George POCASSET POKANOKET LAND TRUST, INC. RI Curriculum and Tool Development for Beginning BIPOC Farmers in Massachusetts