Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1017778 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Thorne, M. Thorne,Mark S UNIV OF HAWAII HI Strengthening RREA Programing Through Enhanced Connections: A Web-based Conference Series
1017832 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Majumdar, A. Majumdar,Ayanava AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Expansion of the Alabama Beginning Farmer Program Using a Farm Community Cluster Model Integrated with New Educational Tools and Partnerships
1017865 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bernard, M. Key,Cornelius Federation of Southern Cooperatives GA Development of Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi,and South Carolina
1017956 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Skidmore, M. Skidmore,Mark MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Farm Stress Employee Training and Technical Assistance
1017979 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Osborne, B. Osborne,Ben UINTA VETERINARY HOSPITAL WY Uinta Veterinary Hospital Type II Shortage Area Grant Proposal, ID Code: WY 184
1017980 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nelson, L. Nelson,Lori FORT BERTHOLD COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND Community Engagement Strategies for Tribally Grounded Agriculture at NHSC
1018018 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Harwell, A. M. Harwell,Andrea Marie HARWELL, ANDREA M NM The goal is to provide veterinary care to under-served, low income community, with a large percentage of food animals that are not receiving veterinary care
1018055 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Baysal-Gurel, F. Baysal-Gurel,Fulya TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Improving production and profitability of nursery production using unmanned aircraft system
1018061 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zeng, S. S. Wang,Zaisen LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK Establishing a large animal teaching center to enhance teaching capacity and student experiential learning at Langston University
1018068 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wu, Y. Wu,Ying TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Microencapsulation for target delivery of antibiotic alternatives to enhance poultry performance
1018071 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Economos, C. Economos,Christina D TUFTS UNIVERSITY MA Tufts-USDA Doctoral Fellowships in Childhood Obesity Prevention
1018078 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Puchala, R. Puchala,Ryszard LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK LINC 2.0 - Enhanced Goat Management and Education Tool
1018082 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nimmakayala, P. Nimmakayala,Padma WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Speed breeding for introgression and fine mapping of diverse alleles of pepper fruit size, shape, flavor and color
1018084 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ray, R. L. Ray,Ram PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX An Integrated Approach to Study and Disseminate the Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture and Water Quality
1018094 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Karki, U. Karki,Uma TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Integrated Approach for Managing Diseases and Parasites in Small Ruminants in the Southeast
1018096 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lee, J. Lee,Jung-lim DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Establish a PHAGE and new omics capacity for the mitigation of AMR bacteria.
1018102 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dixon, D. L. Dixon,Devona Linette NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Building Capacity for Student Career Preparedness: Modernizing the FMD Curriculum and Student Learning Experiences with Industry Level Technology
1018104 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Huber, D. H. Huber,David H. WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Healthy Rivers: Environmental Stressors and Resilience in Riverine Microbial Ecosystems
1018109 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Amarasekare, K. Amarasekare,Kaushalya TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Building capacity in Extension, outreach and technical assistance to promote integrated pest management (IPM) of arthropods in Tennessee
1018112 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Punnuri, S. M. Punnuri,Somashekhar FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Developing high-throughput phenotyping capacity at Fort Valley State University for the genetic enhancement of sugarcane aphid resistance in sorghum
1018113 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhang, C. Zhang,Chunquan ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Establishing A Genome Editing Consortium at 1890 Universities
1018119 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Acevedo, N. C. Coleman,Shannon Monique IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Cyclone Scholars: Undergraduate Training Program for Underrepresented Scholars in Food Science with Emphasis in Food Safety
1018121 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chen, F. Chen,Fur-Chi TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Magnetic Nanoparticle Enhanced Biosensor for Detection of Campylobacter
1018142 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Romano, N. Romano,Nicholas UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Integrating biofloc technology with aquaponics to improve sustainable aquaculture production
1018143 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Seo, J. Seo,Jung-Im SOUTHERN UNIV LA Enhancement of the Apparel Merchandising and Textiles Program through 21st Century Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Training
1018144 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rutherford, M. Rutherford,Mark UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Increasing Multiculturalism in Veterinary Medicine: Peer Mentoring and Portfolio Building
1018151 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Marshall, R. Marshall,Renita SOUTHERN UNIV LA JAGS in AG: Recruitment, Exploration, and Retention
1018152 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Merkel, R. Merkel,Roger LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK Certification in a MoodleBox
1018156 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mehlhorn, J. Mehlhorn,Joey UNIV OF TENNESSEE TN To develop a seamless transition from an associate degree to a university will help increase the quality of the states’ workforce and improve economic development especially in rural areas.