Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1016694 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Welton, W. Welton,William HASKELL INDIAN NATIONS UNIVERSITY KS Creating Resiliency in Campus Sustainability Efforts
1016795 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Welton, W. Welton,William HASKELL INDIAN NATIONS UNIVERSITY KS Food and Water Systems Resiliency on the Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas Reservation
1017247 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Welze, L. Welze,Lisa INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE, INC. CA Immigrant Food Safety Project - Pilot Project
1023441 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wen, H. Wen,Han UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS TX Redesigning and Customizing Food Safety Education for Hospitality Management Students in the U.S
0225854 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Weng, Y. Weng,Yiqun USDA, ARS VEGETABLE CROPS UNIT WI Translational Genomics in Cucumber: Tool Development and Application for Recessive Disease Resistances
0222366 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wenninger, E. J. Wenninger,Erik J UNIV OF IDAHO ID Host plant choice of Colorado potato beetle and variation in defoliation and yield losses among organically grown commercial potato varietie
0225738 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Went, R. T. Went,Richard T The Rhode Island Association of Conservation Districts RI Tools of the Trade:Meeting the Needs of Today`s New Peri-urban Farmers in Rhode Island and Southern New England
0222383 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wenzel, R. Wenzel,Rod Hugh Project Food, Land & People FL Development of Animal Agriculture K-12 Lesson Plans
1001136 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wessler, S. Wessler,Susan UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA Dynamic Genome/USDA Summer Scholars
1007186 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wessler, S. Wessler,Susan UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA Ag-Biotech Immersion For Community College Transfer Students To UC Riverside
1000085 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS West, E. L. West,Elliot Lewis BITTERSWEET INC OH Expansion of the Horticulture Program
0219643 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Westgate, M. E. Westgate,Mark Edward IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA A model to predict gene flow in open-pollinated crops
0219726 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Westgren, R. E. Westgren, R. E. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Agricultural Entrepreneurs Development Program
0219944 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Westhusin, M. E. Westhusin, M. E. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Risk Assessment of Transgenic Livestock Produced Using a Recombinant Lentivirus
1016502 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Westphal, A. Westphal,Andreas UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA Putting phenotypic and genotypic tools to work for improving walnut rootstocks
1000848 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wetherill, A. Wetherill,Andy DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Expanding Agribusiness Opportunities to Under served Urban Communities using Cooperative Extension Programs; Program will increase outreach
0222497 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS schumacher, C. S. Wetsit,Lawrence FORT PECK COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Teaching Competencies in Agriculture Sciences on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation
0225918 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schumacher, C. Wetsit,Lawrence FORT PECK COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Financial, Credit, and Marketing Training for Socially-Disadvantaged, Limited-Resource, and Beginning Farmers and Ranchers in Montana.
1004082 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Omara-Alwala, T. R. Wetzel,James Edwin LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Determination of Dietary Indispensible Amino Acid Requirements for Juvenile Bluegill
1004537 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Whalen, J. M. Whalen,Joanne M UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE Delaware EIP - Extension Implementation - 2014- 2017
1000129 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Whaley, J. Whaley,Jay SOUTH ROUTT RE-3 SCHOOL DISTRICT CO Northwest Colorado Collaboration in Learning Agricultural Sciences (Project (CO-CLAS)
0198138 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Whalon, M. E. Whalon, M. E. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Reduced Risk Pest Management Systems for US Tart Cherry Production
0210968 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Whalon,M,E Whalon,Mark E. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Critical development and delivery of reduced risk and OP alternative pest management to US tart cherry producers
0214724 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Harrell,R Wheaton,Fred UNIV OF MARYLAND MD NRAC 2008 Prime Grant
0205055 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wheeler, M. B. Wheeler, M. B. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Risk Assessment of a-Lactalbumin Transgenic Pigs
1011025 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wheeler, T. Wheeler,Terry TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Bacterial blight of cotton: has it reemerged as a problem because of changes in the bacterial population?
1009422 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Scott, M. Whitacre,Jane MICHIGAN PHYSICAL FITNESS, HEALTH AND SPORTS FOUNDATION, INC. MI Michigan Farm to Family Pilot Project: Connecting SNAP participants accessing emergency food to local fresh produce through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
1016581 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Whitaker, C. L. Whitaker,Charles L WHITAKER SMALL FARM GROUP INC NC Experiential Training to advance the Economic and Social Viability of New Beginning, Farmers in USDA Strike Force Counties of Eastern North Carolina
1005125 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Whitaker, C. L. Whitaker,Charles L. WHITAKER SMALL FARM GROUP INC NC Specialized Hands-on Training for Beginning, Socially Disadvantaged, Limited Resource, Women and Veteran Farmers in Central and Eastern NC