Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1007961 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Odemuyiwa, S. O. REDDY,GOPAL TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL A project-based approach to teaching virology and immunology in the Tuskegee University DVM curriculum
1007956 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Burgess-Neloms, K. Burgess-Neloms,Kimberly ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Strengthening Extension and Outreach through the Volunteer in Urban Programs (VIP) Leadership Centers
1007804 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS VAUGHAN, B. Vaughan,Barrett TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Food Safety - Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Outreach Program for Small Farmers with Commercial Markets
1007732 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wirtu, G. Wirtu,Gemechu TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Enhancing Teaching Capacity in Animal Reproduction at Tuskegee University
1007644 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Min, B. Min,Byungjin TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Development of Sustainable Food Packaging Systems Derived from Renewable Biomass
1007640 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Majumdar, A. Majumdar,Ayanava AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL A Collective Approach to Providing Resources, Technology and Assistance to Beginning Farmers
1007592 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kebede, E. Kebede,Ellene TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Undergraduate Experimental Learning in Agribusiness
1007549 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Peatman, E. J. Peatman,Eric J. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Effect of dietary phytic acid reduction on catfish susceptibility to virulent Aeromonas hydrophila
1007533 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kpomblekou-A, K. Kpomblekou-A,Kokoasse TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Development of a Centralized Research and Teaching Support System in Biogas Production
1007503 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fakas, S. Fakas,Stylianos ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Building capacity in Food Biotechnology at Alabama A&M University by establishing a new research program in microbial lipid biotechnology
1007502 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mentreddy, S. Mentreddy,Srinivasa Rao ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Interspecific variations in Growth and development, mode of action of antihyperglycemic activity and bioactive components of genus Ocimum
1007500 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS BUKENYA, J. O. BUKENYA,JAMES O ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Analysis of Community Food Insecurity in North Alabama
1007462 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zabawa, R. Zabawa,Robert TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Tuskegee University Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program
1007434 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Morgan-White, V. Morgan-White,Virginia AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Preparing the Rural Poor for Disaster
1007062 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Storey, A. Storey,Amanda JONES VALLEY URBAN FARM AL Expanding Good School Food Program and Developing Urban Farm/Social Business in Birmingham City Schools
1006075 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mortley, D. G. Mortley,Desmond TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Building Capacity in Post-Harvest and Food Processing Technology for Limited Resource Farmers
1005734 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Herring, J. Herring,Joshua L. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Enhancing Underrepresented Food Science Postsecondary Students
1004756 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fadamiro, H. Y. Fadamiro,Henry Y. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Statewide Extension IPM Coordination Program for Auburn University and Alabama Cooperative Extension System for 2014-2017
1004668 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hagan, A. Hagan,Austin K AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Development and Management of Target Spot in Cotton and other Crops in the Southeast
1004664 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ward, R. N. Cebert,Ernst ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Expansion of Canola Production in the Southeast
1004627 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Crenshaw, K. Caples,Virginia ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Successful Aging Initiative: Community-Based Education to Promote Health and Asset Management for Alabama`s Older Adults
1004622 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS He, G. He,Guohao TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Identification of DNA markers linked to disease resistance genes in peanut for molecular breeding.
1004585 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Todd, J. Todd,Jim AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Support for 2014 National Association of County Agricultural Agents Professional Improvement Conference, Mobile, AL (July 20-24, 2014)
1004553 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Egnin, M. EGNIN,MARCELINE TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Training The Next Generation Y of Agricultural Professionals and Farmers Through Molecular Genetics And Breeding Curricula
1004407 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Curtis, P. Curtis,Patricia AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Virtual Chicken: The Digestive Track
1004260 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Liu, J. Liu,John AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Enhancing low-oxygen tolerance of catfish using genomics and genetics
1003876 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dunham, R. Dunham,Rex AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Targeted Gene Knockout of Reproductive Genes of Catfish with Hormone Therapy to Restore Fertility
1003737 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Stewart, J. R. Stewart,Julian Ross ALMA BRYANT HIGH SCHOOL AL "Half-Shell High School": Using Oyster Aquaculture to Develop Curriculum, Improve Delivery Systems and Expand Student Career Opportunities
1001412 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tajeu, K. A. Tajeu,Kathleen A AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Staying Healthy in Alabama: Promoting Health Literacy Among Rural English-Language Learners