Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0222465 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Khalilian, A. Khalilian,Ahmad CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Innovative Nematode Management Strategies to Reduce Pesticide Usage While Enhancing Farm Profit and Environmental Quality
0223286 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Luo, H. Luo,Hong CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Environmental risk assessment of perennial grasses genetically engineered for abiotic stress tolerance
0223639 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kole, C. Kole, C. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Developing Canola Varieties with Durable and Robust Blackleg Resistance by Pyramiding Race-specific Resistant Genes
0225797 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS White, S. White,Sarah CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Containment, Remediation, and Recyclig of Irrigation Water for Sustainable Ornamental Crop Production
0226977 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fraser, A. Fraser,Angela CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Hand Hygiene Promotion: An Essential Strategy for Preventing Foodborne Illness in Elementary Schools
0228335 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Coffee, A. Coffee,Aubrey CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Technical College Scholars for Food Science Careers
0230882 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dye, C. J. Dye,Cheryl Jo CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Expanded Health Coaches for Hypertension Control
1004103 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Griffin, S. Griffin,Sarah CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC A Social Ecological Approach to Encourage and Assist Residents to Eat Smart and Move More in Rural Colleton County
1004559 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS White, S. White,Sarah CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Clean WateR3 - Reduce, Remediate, Recycle: Informed Decision Making to Facilitate Use of Alternative Water Resources and Promote Sustainable Specialty
1009690 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kresovich, S. Lawton Rauh,Amy Louise CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC National Needs Training in Computationally Intensive Genomic Analysis and Application
1009912 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lamie, R. D. Lamie,Ronald David CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Building Entrepreneurial, Farm Management and Land Stewardship Capacity for South Carolina New and Beginning Farmers
1010597 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Melgar, J. Melgar Jimenez,Juan Carlos CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Evaluation of Paper Bags for Pest and Disease Management in Organic Peach Production
1011695 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Luo, F. Luo,Feng CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Selection, Molecular and Genetic Analysis of HLB Tolerant/Resistant Variant Citrus Plants
1011940 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Post, C. Post,Christopher CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Enhancing FANH Education Through Sensor-Linked Mobile Applications to Improve Technical Literacy
1013807 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zehnder, G. Reay-Jones,Francis Peter Fortnum CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Crop Protection and Pest Management Extension Implementation Program for South Carolina
1014110 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wang, H. Wang,Hehe CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Development and Comparison of Pathogen Viability Tests for Seed Certification and Improved Management of Bacterial Spot of Tomato
1014143 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Reay-Jones, F. Reay-Jones,Francis CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Developing Host Plant Resistance for Thrips in Cotton to Address Emerging Insecticide Resistance
1016406 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gasic, K. Gasic,Ksenija CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Solutions to the Armillaria Root Rot Threat Affecting the U.S. Stone Fruit Industry
1016559 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schmidt-Jeffris, R. Bilbo,Thomas CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Development and Implementation of Biological Control Tactics for Key Vegetable Insect Pests in the Southeastern US
1016885 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kantrovich, A. Kantrovich,Adam CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC South Carolina Farm Financial Benchmarking Project
1024384 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Narayanan, S. Narayanan,Sruthi CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Purchase of a Shared-Use Conviron BDW160 Plant Growth Chamber for Plant Science Research across Multiple Disciplines and Institutions
1026695 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cutulle, M. Cutulle,Matthew CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Optimization of Cover Crop Selection and Carbon Waste Stream Recycling to Facilitate Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation in Southeastern Diversified Organic Vegetable Farms: A Planning Grant
1027429 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cutulle, M. Cutulle,Matthew CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Developing a national team to optimize non-herbicide weed management techniques in cole and leafy green crops
1031350 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Eichelberger, J. Eichelberger,Jason CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC FACT-CIN: Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program - Web Based Nutrition Education and Evaluation Reporting System (WebNEERS)
1006958 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Abi-Nader, J. Abi-Nader,Jeanette CITY SCHOOLYARD GARDEN, INC. VA Plant, Grow, Harvest–Charlottesville: A collaborative community approach to building equity and food security for youth and their families
1020719 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Abi-Nader, J. Abi-Nader,Jeanette CITY SCHOOLYARD GARDEN, INC. VA Just Food For US-United Society: A collaborative, community approach of the Charlottesville Food Justice Network partners to cultivate an equitable and just food system while healing our city.
0221506 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Reyes, B. Reyes,Basil City Harvest, Inc. NY City Harvest`s Nutrition Education in the South Bronx
1028804 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nguyen, A. Nguyen,Annie CITY FRUIT WA City Fruit’s Further the Fruit program investigates ways to take locally harvested fruit that may not be market- ready or ready-to-eat and find ways to divert this fruit from waste or compost.
0230893 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Turpen, T. H. Turpen,Thomas Henry Citrus Research & Development Foundation (CRDF) FL Rear and Release Psyllids as Biological Control Agents - An Economical and Feasible Mid-Term Solution for Huanglongbing (HLB) Disease
1010107 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jackson, R. D. Thompson,Ian CHOCTAW NATION OF OKLAHOMA OK Preserving Choctaw Culture by Growing Hope