Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0215764 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McFarland, M. L. Boellstorff, D. E. TEXAS COOPERATIVE EXTENSION TX The Southern Region Water Resource Project
1007158 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dawson, J. C. Dawson,Julie C UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI The Student Organic Seed Symposium: Supporting and educating future leaders in organic seed and plant breeding
0230524 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jean-Philippe, S. Jean-Philippe,Sharon UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN The Students Training In Agriculture And Related Sciences (Stars) Initiative: A Culturally Competent Approach For Understanding Food Securit
0214276 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Benson, A. K. Benson, A. K. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE The Third Governors Conference on Ensuring Meat Safety: E.coli 0157:H7 Progress and Challenges
0222545 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sanders, L. L. Sanders,Laura L. Northeastern Illinois University IL The TIERRA Project: Targeted Investigation of Earth Resources Related to Agriculture
0201463 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Garrison-Tikofskey, L. L. Tikofsky, L. L. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY The Transitioning Dairy: Identifying and Addressing Challenges and Opportunites in Milk Quality and Safety
1023439 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Johnson, S. Johnson,Sara California State University, Fullerton CA The U-ACRE Project: Broadening Opportunities for High Impact Service-Learning Experiences in Agroecological Research
0214288 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS kreston, E. Kreston, E. University of the Incarnate Word TX The UIW Research Scholars Program
0229538 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Raders, G. A. Raders,Gavin Alle Planting Justice CA The Urban Resilience Farm
0206928 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Varga, W. A. Anderson, D. T. UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT The Utah Botanical Center - Fostering Resources Stewardship and Regional Sense of Place Through Research and Demonstration
0203487 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Varga, W. A. Anderson, D. T. UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT The Utah Botanical Center--A Regional Resource Visually Demonstrating Sense of Place and Stewardship in Contructed Landscapes
1004543 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Keiser, D. A. Keiser,David Andrew IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA The Value of Water Quantity versus Quality: Assessing the Tradeoffs between Agricultural Yields and Downstream Uses of Water Resources
0225829 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Peabody, M. L. Peabody,Mary L. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT EXTENSION VT The Vermont New Farmer Network: Strategies for success
1013447 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sharma, N. Sharma,Neelam Community Services Unlimited Inc. CA The Village Market Place Local Food Hub Development Project
1005276 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Niewolny, K. L. Niewolny,Kimberly L VIRGINIA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION, VA POLYTECH INST. VA The Virginia Beginning Farmer and Rancher Coalition Program: A Participatory Beginning Farmer and Rancher Education and Training Initiative
1024008 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Briscoe, G. S. Briscoe,George S ARISE VETERAN FOUNDATION MO The We Are All Related (WAAR) project aligns various federal agency, non-profits, and educational institutions to create opportunites for American Indian Veterans
1020647 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pena-Purcell, N. Faries,Mark D TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX The Well Church and Community Conference: Opioid, COVID-19 and Chronic Disease
1016354 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bissell, B. H. Welch,Carolyn WESTMINSTER ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE INC NY The West Side Bazaar Foodservice Business Incubator Expansion Initiative
1004641 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Baker, S. Baker,Susan COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO The Western Region Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Center of Excellence at Colorado State University
1004093 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Milius, S. H. Milius,Sarah WINDHAM REGIONAL COMMUNITY COUNCIL INC CT The Windham Community Food Network
0221446 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Thomas, C. Thomas,Christine UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN WI The Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology Initiative for sustainability research, education, laboratory services
0219027 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Thomas, C. Vagts, R. UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN WI The Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology will help advance Wisconsin in the 21st Century economy.
0214934 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Boland, M. Bloand, M. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS The Young Professional Teaching Academy
0221452 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Stewart, M. Stewart,Marshall NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC The Youth Extension Service (YES)
0217963 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Weeks, W. G. Weeks, W. G. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Theory to Practice: Developing Junior College Agriculture Faculty to Teach Agricultural Leadership
0190146 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Griffis, C. L. Murphy, R. Y. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Thermal Process Validation
0218286 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wu, Q. Wu, Q. LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Thermoplastics Composites Reinforced with Natural Fibers and Inorganic Nano-Particles
1017446 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Peres, N. A. Peres,Natalia A R UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Thermotherapy For Non-Chemical Management Of Cryptic Infections Of Strawberry Transplants And Emerging Fungicide Resistant Populations
0227115 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bovell-Benjamin, A. Bovell-Benjamin,Adelia TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Third International Food and Nutrition Conference (IFNC 2011)
1007342 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kilonzo-Nthenge, A. Kilonzo-Nthenge,Agnes TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Third Party Audits and Certification to Empower Small and Medium-sized Produce Growers in Tennessee and Maryland