Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0225514 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Humel, E. Humel,Eric North Oxnard United Methodist Church CA Oxnard Community Food Security Planning Project
0223912 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Laca, E. Laca,Emilio A UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Spatial Methods for Low-Cost Restoration of Rangeland Ecosystem Services
0223599 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Watts, J. Watts, J. Northern California Regional Land Trust CA Expanding Local Markets for Rural Farmers and Food Businesses Buy Fresh Buy Local, North Valley Program
0223504 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Qualset, C. Qualset, C. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Participatory Plant Breeding to Help Meet Today`s Challenges
0223412 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McHughen, A. McHughen,Alan UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA SCRA conference on US regulatory processes for release of genetically engineered plants and crops
0223343 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS MURRAY, J. D. Murray, J. D. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA UC Davis Transgenic Animal Research Conference VIII
0223308 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS MAGA, E. A. Maga,Elizabeth A UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Whole animal assessment of unintended effects of foreign gene products on host and non-target organisms
0223298 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS AYARS, J. Ayars,James E. USDA, ARS, Pacific West Area CA Developing sustainable vineyard water management strategies for limited and impaired water supplies
0223237 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS thomson, J. G. Thomson,James USDA, ARS, Pacific West Area CA Improved recombinase technology for targeted marker free integration and founder line production for risk assessment
0222879 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tomich, T. P. Tomich,Thomas P UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA A partnership model for recruiting nontraditional and underrepresented high school students into sustainability degree programs
0222791 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Michelmore, R. W. Michelmore,Richard UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Next-Generation Lettuce Breeding: Genes to Growers
0222743 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pollack, S. S. Dr. Seth S. Pollack CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, MONTEREY BAY CA Salinas-Marina Community Food Project
0222737 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fennimore, S. A. Fennimore,Steven Alan UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Energy efficient steam soil disinfestation systems for flower and strawberry
0222709 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cowden, J. F. Cowden, J. F. WEST HILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE CA Water Science and Natural Resource Management for California`s Central Valley
0222644 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Vourlitis, G. Vourlitis,George California State University - San Marcos CA Development of a new generation of environmental scientists through an undergraduate program of inquiry-based instruction, independent ...
0222588 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rocca, S. Rocca,Steven California State University, Fresno CA Opening Doors in Agricultural Education: Recruitment, Preparation, and Careers
0222586 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS GILBERT, J. A. Joyce Gilbert California State University, Northridge CA Advancing Students' Competencies in the Health Sciences through a Breastfeeding Education Program
0222566 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hauselt, P. Hauselt, P. California State University, Stanislaus CA Expanding Opportunities for Underrepresented Students for Agriculture Careers through Recruitment, Experiential Learning, and Ag. Literacy
0222565 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Benes, S. E. Benes,Sharon E. California State University, Fresno CA Intellectual Capacity Development in Food and Agricultural Sciences through Modernization of Research Capacity
0222546 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Calderon, L. Calderon, Laura California State University, Los Angeles CA Strengthening and Expanding a Public Health/Community Nutrition Focus in the CSULA Nutritional Science Curriculum
0222544 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Vargas, M. C. Vargas,Martha C. Santa Ana College CA Santa Ana College`s Partnerships for Transfer Success in USDA-related Majors
0222356 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Upadhyaya, S. K. Upadhyaya,Shrinivasa K. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Precision Canopy and Water Management of Specialty Crops through Sensor-Based Decision Making
0222325 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Van Alfen,N,K Van Alfen,Neal K. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA CA Center for Produce Safety Research Symposium
0222309 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Shelton, M. D. Shelton,Mark D. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIV. FRESNO FOUNDATION CA Multi-campus Applied Agriculture and Environmental Research Projects Administered by California State University, Fresno
0222272 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Walker, S. L. Walker,Sharon Louise UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA Water Sustainability in Desert Agriculture
0222216 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Culbertson, J. Culbertson, J. California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom CA STEM Curriculum
0222191 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS APUYA, N. R. Bobzin, S. C. Ceres, Inc. CA Functional Characterization of Switchgrass Genes Involved in Cell Wall Synthesis
0222171 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Subbarao, K. V. Subbarao,Krishna V UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Recurrent Migrations of Verticillium dahliae: A Stealthy and Pervasive threat to California and US Specialty Crops
0221662 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fraser, G. E. Fraser, G. E. LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY CA Nutrition, Diet, and Lifestyle Research for Longevity and Healthy Aging