Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1004659 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zehnder, G. Zehnder,Geoffrey CLEMSON UNIVERSITY COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SC Crop Protection and Pest Management Extension Implementation Program for South Carolina to Advance Stakeholder Adoption in Key Commodities
1007389 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zehnder, G. Zehnder,Geoffrey W CLEMSON UNIVERSITY COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SC Optimizing No-Till Cover Crop Management for Weed Control in Vegetable Production:Applied Res. & Ext. Training to Facilitate Grower Adoption
1007719 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Guynn, S. Guynn,Susan CLEMSON UNIVERSITY COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SC Wood Utilization: Pathway to Healthy Forests and Sustainable Communities
0186533 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Khalilian, A. Khalilian, A. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Site specific detection and control of crop nematodes
0186571 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Latour, R. A. Latour, R. A. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Adhesin-Specific Nanoparticles for Removal of Campylobacter jejuni from Poultry
0189384 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Keinath, A. P. Keinath, A. P. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Integrated Management of Foliar Diseases of Melons in the Eastern U.S.
0189819 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gahan, L. J. Gahan, L. J. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC DNA markers for Bt-resistance in field populations of Heliothis virescens
0190366 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Abbott, A. G. Abbott, A. G. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Development of a Functional Genomics Database for Peach:A Model Genome Species
0192567 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zehnder, G. W. zehnder, G. W. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Assessment and Integration of Multiple Tactics for Management of Aphid-transmitted Virus Diseases
0193422 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hoyle, E. H. Hoyle, E. H. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC A Tri-State Project to Identify Problem Food Safety Behaviors and Customize Educational Delivery Methods for Improving Them
0200055 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Barefoot, S. F. Barefoot, S. F. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Food Safety from the Surface Up: A Conference
0203731 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dawson, P. L. Dawson, P. L. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Undergraduate Research Teams Integrated into a Food Science and Human Nutrition Curriculum in a Six Semester Sequence
0204100 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Norsworthy, J. K. Norsworthy, J. K. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Use of Natural and Synthetic Isothiocyanates as Alternatives to Methyl Bromide for Pest Suppression in Vegetables
0205166 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Luo, H. Hong Luo CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Development of Controlled Total Vegetative Growth for Prevention of Transgene Escape from Genetically Modified Turfgrass
0211578 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Luo, H. Hong Luo CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC An integrated dual site-specific recombination system for use in developing environmentally safe and clean transgenic turfgrass
0213332 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hood, W. M. Hood, W. M. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Assessment of Current Miticide Use on Honey Bee Longetivity and Colony Health
0214264 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fraser, A. M. Fraser, A. M. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Improving Food Handling, Hygiene, and Sanitation in the Child Care Environment in North Carolina and South Carolina
0218397 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS liang, H. LIANG, H. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC An international collaboration to understand molecular mechanisms of vegetative/reproductive transition in gymnosperms
0219234 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Layton, P. A. Layton, P. A. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Preparing Forestry and Natural Resources Leaders in an Era of Change
0219806 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Boys, K. Boys, K. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Bridging Specialty Crop Producers & Institutional Food Purchasers: Distilling a Research & Extension Agenda in Support of Local Food Systems
0221574 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Duckett, S. K. Duckett, S. K. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Clemson University Veterinary Institute, SC
0222465 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Khalilian, A. Khalilian,Ahmad CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Innovative Nematode Management Strategies to Reduce Pesticide Usage While Enhancing Farm Profit and Environmental Quality
0223286 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Luo, H. Luo,Hong CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Environmental risk assessment of perennial grasses genetically engineered for abiotic stress tolerance
0223639 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kole, C. Kole, C. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Developing Canola Varieties with Durable and Robust Blackleg Resistance by Pyramiding Race-specific Resistant Genes
0225797 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS White, S. White,Sarah CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Containment, Remediation, and Recyclig of Irrigation Water for Sustainable Ornamental Crop Production
0226977 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fraser, A. Fraser,Angela CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Hand Hygiene Promotion: An Essential Strategy for Preventing Foodborne Illness in Elementary Schools
0228335 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Coffee, A. Coffee,Aubrey CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Technical College Scholars for Food Science Careers
0230882 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dye, C. J. Dye,Cheryl Jo CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Expanded Health Coaches for Hypertension Control
1004103 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Griffin, S. Griffin,Sarah CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC A Social Ecological Approach to Encourage and Assist Residents to Eat Smart and Move More in Rural Colleton County
1004559 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS White, S. White,Sarah CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Clean WateR3 - Reduce, Remediate, Recycle: Informed Decision Making to Facilitate Use of Alternative Water Resources and Promote Sustainable Specialty