Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1007429 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rutto, L. K. Rutto,Laban K. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Joint project to build capacity and develop infrastructure for hops (humulus lupulus) research in the mid-Atlantic
1007463 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rafie, C. Rafie,Carlin VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Balanced Living with Diabetes: Impacting Rural Community Health through Evidence-based Program Implementation by Cooperative Extension
1007705 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nipp, T. Nipp,Terry AGRICULTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS VA Research and Extension Priorities for Tropical and Subtropical Crops in the U.S. Insular Areas: Building New Partnerships
1007991 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Munsell, J. F. Munsell,John F VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Appalachian Beginning Forest Farmer Program: Growing Opportunities Beneath the Canopy
1010498 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Vargo, A. Suokko,Kristen LOCAL FOOD HUB, INC. VA Providing Small Farms an Integrated Approach to Meet FSMA, GAPs, and NOP requirements through Education, Outreach, and Technical Support
1010503 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Crutchfield, W. A. Crutchfield,William A. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA 7th. National Small Farm Conference
1010526 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Scherer, H. H. Scherer,Hannah H VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Building a Model Experiential-based Agricultural Food Safety Program for the 21st Century
1010562 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lee, J. W. Lee,James OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY RESEARCH FOUNDATION VA Designer Algae Biotechnology Risk Assessment
1010671 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Boyer, R. R. Boyer,Renee R VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA A multistate effort to integrate and expand farmers market food safety materials across the southern region to increase food safety culture
1010733 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Engle, C. R. Engle,Carole VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Why has U.S. Aquaculture Struggled Economically? Identifying Key Current and Future Determinants of Economic Sustainability
1011250 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Patrizio, K. M. Kaufman,Eric K VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Professional Development Delivery Model for DoDEA Leadership DoD Schools - Phase III
1011906 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ervin, E. H. Scherer,Hannah H VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Sustainability Scholars Program: Increasing underrepresented student success through experiential learning
1012073 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Xu, Y. Xu,Yixiang VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Reducing Salt in Processed Meats Using High Pressure Processing and Grape Pomace: Building Capacity in Non-thermal Technologies at VSU
1012074 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jiang, G. Jiang,Guo-Liang VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Trait Characterization and Germplasm Development of Edamame and Dual-Purpose Specialty Soybean
1012298 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sriharan, S. Sriharan,Shobha VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Collaborative Efforts to Enhance Climate Change Curricula for Underrepresented College and High School Students
1012686 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Theriault, E. Theriault,Elizabeth COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA-STATE BOARD OF HEALTH VA Richmond City Mobile Market: Improving Food Equity and Incentivizing Nutritional Health among SNAP Participants
1013088 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mulder, M. Mulder,Matthew ARCADIA FOOD VA Arcadia`s Veteran Farmer Program
1013100 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Terry, K. Terry,Kathlyn APPALACHIAN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT VA Building a Regional Coalition in the Heart of Appalachia to Enhance Beginning Farmer Education with Experience in the Field
1013170 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Crutchfield, W. A. Crutchfield,William A. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Outreach, Training, and Technical Assistance Project for Socially Disadvantaged and Veteran Beginning Farmers and Ranchers in Virginia
1013245 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Theriault, E. Theriault,Elizabeth COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA-STATE BOARD OF HEALTH VA Richmond Healthy Corner Store Initiative Expansion Project
1013294 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fairhurst, M. Fairhurst,Melinda PEOPLE INCORPORATED OF VIRGINIA VA Community Gardens and Education Program
1013298 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Eljaiek, I. Eljaiek,Isabel TRICYCLE GARDENS VA Corner Farm: A Collaborative Healthy Corner Store Initiative serving Richmond City
1013303 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Clarke, J. Brenneman,Thomas PROJECT GROWS, INC. VA Growing a Healthy Food System in the Central Shenandoah Valley
1013456 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kegley, A. Kegley,Andy HELPING OVERCOME POVERTY'S EXISTENCE, INC. VA HOPE Collaborative Community Food Kitchen --Farmers Market Pay What You Can Restaurant
1013749 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Montgomery-Rodgers, L. Montgomery-Rodgers,Lincoln AGRARIAN VETERINARY SERVICES, LLC VA Practice Enhancement to Improve Livestock Health, Farm Profitability, and Food Safety in VA-124
1013926 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fisk, J. Fisk,John WINROCK INTERNATIONAL INST. FOR AGRIC. DEVELOPMENT VA Food Safety Development, Education, and Local Technical Assistance Program (FSDELTA)
1013986 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zink-Sharp, A. Zink-Sharp,Audrey VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Increasing Awareness and Opportunities for Women and Minority Students in Sustainable Biomaterials Education
1014111 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Vines, K. A. Vines,Karen A. VIRGINIA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION, VA POLYTECH INST. VA Preventing Opioid Abuse in Rural Virginia
1014170 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Langston, D. B. Langston,David B VIRGINIA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION, VA POLYTECH INST. VA Virginia IPM Program: Ensuring Food Security, Public Health, and Pollinator Protection
1014194 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chen, Z. Chen,Zhangjing VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Evaluation of vacuum and steam heat as a methyl bromide alternative for phytosanitary treatment of hardwood and softwood logs