Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0230629 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Thomas, S. B. Thomas,Sonja Brannon AUBURN UNIV., ALABAMA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SYSTEM AL Auburn University Pesticide Safety Education Program
0230624 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Huang, B. Huang,Bihu UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Attributable Factors to Rice Straighthead and Development of Natural Evaluation Site
0222783 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Stangle, N. W. Stangle, N. W. Athens Land Trust GA Athens, GA Community Garden Network
1013089 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Simmons, S. Simmons,Stephanie Athens Land Trust GA Athens Land Trust Beginning Farmer Development Program
1015455 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jones, Y. K. Jones,Yolanda Kay ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS ASU Center for Sustainability
0198333 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Spraker, T. R. Spraker, T. R. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Association of Micronutrients and Genetics with the Prevalence of CWD in Captive and Free-ranging Rocky Mountain Elk
0226414 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Eya, J. C. Eya,Jonathan C WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Assoc. of gene expression profiles of oxidative phosphorylation and nutrient eff., growth and dev. in different life stages of rainbow trout
0208104 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Culpepper, A. S. Culpepper, A. S. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Assisting Vegetable Growers in the Adoption of Methyl Bromide Alternatives for Weeds, Diseases, and Nematodes
0219101 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Simon, M. Marion Simon KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Assisting Soc. Disadv. Farmers Who Grow Vegetables to Improve their Prod., business and Marketing Practices to Insure a Safer Food Supply
1023491 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mitchell, W. McCarthy,Billy NATIONAL FARMERS UNION FOUNDATION DC Assisting Small- and Medium-Sized Farmers through Cross-State Collaboration
1014993 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fouladkhah, A. Fouladkhah,Aliyar Cyrus TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Assisting Producers and Processors Meeting the Water and Food Safety Requirements in the Current Regulatory Climate
1000738 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Emerson, J. S. Emerson,Janice S. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Assisting Parents to Purchase (APP) for Children`s Health
0226410 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brito, A. F. Brito,Andre UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH Assisting Organic Dairy Producers to Meet the Demands of New and Emerging Milk Markets
1017593 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bryant, H. Bryant,Heather UNH Cooperative Extension NH Assisting Maple Syrup Producers to Comply with the Preventive Controls for Human Food Rule of FSMA
0214520 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS KING, SR., C. R. King, S. R. ARKANSAS LAND & FARM DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION AR Assistance to Disadvantaged Arkansas Farmers: Year 2
1011219 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Darby, H. M. Darby,Heather Marie UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Assessment, Detection and Innovative Treatment Methods for Seed Borne Diseases in Organic Wheat and Barley Seed Production
1020655 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Qureshi, J. A. Qureshi,Jawwad A UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Assessment To Quantify Current Practices And Research Priorities For Organic Citrus Growers Combating Huanglongbing
0197098 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Staton, P. J. STATON, P. S. MARSHALL UNIVERSITY RESEARCH CORP. WV Assessment of West Virginia Water Quality: Bacterial Source Tracking Database Development and Method Validation
0190036 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Belanger, F. C. Belanger, F. C. RUTGERS UNIVERSITY NJ Assessment of weediness and fertility of hybrids between creeping bentgrass and related species
0193048 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Joens, L. A. Joens, L. A. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Assessment of the Pathogenicity of Campylobacter jejuni in Broilers
1023818 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Davis, C. Davis,Christopher V MAINE AQUACULTURE INNOVATION CENTER ME Assessment of regional U.S. consumer attitudes and preferences about domestic farm-raised seaweed
0199952 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sanchez, C. A. Sanchez, C. A. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Assessment of Perchlorate Content and Risks of Food Crops Irrigated with Colorado River Water
1023703 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Goldberger, J. Goldberger,Jessica WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Assessment of inadvertent chemical contamination of organic crops
0213332 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hood, W. M. Hood, W. M. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Assessment of Current Miticide Use on Honey Bee Longetivity and Colony Health
0222280 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kwon, J. Kwon,Junehee KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Assessment and Reduction of Produce Food Safety Risks in the School Foodservice System
1007219 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Handler, A. M. Handler,Alfred M. Agricultural Research Service GA Assessment and mitigation of genetic breakdown of transgenic conditional lethality systems in insect pest species
0192567 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zehnder, G. W. zehnder, G. W. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Assessment and Integration of Multiple Tactics for Management of Aphid-transmitted Virus Diseases
0197632 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS AVERILL, A. Averill, A. L. UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Assessment and Integration of Cultural and Reduced-Risk Chemical Approaches for Key Lepidopteran Pests in Northeast Cranberry