Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0190561 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wiener, R. J. Wiener, R. J. CALIFORNIA COALITION FOR RURAL HOUSING CA Rural California Internship Program for Diversity in Housing and Community Development
1014013 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Calfo, C. Calfo,Cathy CALIFORNIA CERTIFIED ORGANIC FARMERS INC. CA Fulfilling FSMA Requirements: PSA Training Courses & Technical Assistance for Small and Organic Growers
1020582 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sierra, L. M. Sierra,Luis Miguel CALIFORNIA CENTER FOR COOPERATION DEVELOPMENT CA Food Safety Education Program for Korean Speaking Farmers
0208498 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bezerra, J. A. Joe A. Bezerra CALIFORNIA AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE CA California State University Agricultural Research Initiative Federal Funding Initiative (FFI)
0219596 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bezerra, J. A. Bezerra, J. A. CALIFORNIA AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE CA Multi-Campus Applied Agriculture and Environment Research Projects Administered by California State University, Fresno
0227310 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bronson, T. Bronson,Tracy Calhoun Conservation District MI People`s Community Gardens of Southwest Michigan
0213892 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Danaher, A. Dr. Anita Danaher CALALLEN INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT TX Calallen High School Plant Systems Academy
0209113 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pedersen, M. E. Pedersen,Mary E CAL POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIV CA Multicultural Agriculture Scholars Program
0219457 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Vorst, K. Mullen, M. CAL POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIV CA Predictive Growth Models for Escherichia coli O157:H7 on Fresh-Cut Produce During Transport and Cold Chain Distribution
0221313 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Golden, B. Mullen, M. R. CAL POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIV CA Best Practices in Agriculture Waste Management
0227418 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Styles, S. Styles,Stuart CAL POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIV CA Integrating remote sensing of evapotranspiration with surface and groundwater information to target potential water conservation projects
1012025 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chiu, Y. Chiu,Yi-Wen CAL POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIV CA Writing the Science of Sustainable Agriculture – A Transdisciplinary Teaching Model
0226413 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Heimler, R. Heimler,Ronald CAL POLY POMONA FOUNDATION, INC. CA Focus On the Future: Cultivating a Multicultural 21st Century Workforce in the U.S. Agricultural Sector
0226638 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Still, D. Still,David CAL POLY POMONA FOUNDATION, INC. CA Sowing the Seeds for the Next Generation of Plant Breeders
1020606 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rudi Polloshka, J. Lathrop,Amanda CAL POLY CORPORATION CA Supporting underserved California leafy-green producers` FSMA compliance, through interdisciplinary food safety, communication and marketing training
0226643 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rousseau, M. Rousseau,Mary Broward College FL Establishment of the Global Trade and Logistics Bachelor of Applied Science Program with an emphasis on Food and Agriculture products.
0220372 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Roundy, B. A. Roundy, B. A. BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY UT Innovative Use of Seed Coating Technologies for the Restoration of Soil Hydrology and Functional Plant Communities in Burned Semi-Arid Range
0223896 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS St. Clair,S,B St. Clair,Samuel B BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY UT Climate driven invasive grass-fire cycles:understanding ecosystem responses for effective pre & post fire management of rangelands
0230435 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Stewart, J. Stewart,J. Ryan BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY UT Impact and social acceptance of selected sustainable practices in ornamental crop production systems
1013454 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jander, G. Jander,Georg BOYCE THOMPSON INSTITUTE NY Evaluating off-target effect of RNAi Transgenes that limit the growth of phloem-feeding insects
1007526 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Barnett, G. M. Barnett,George Michael BOSTON COLLEGE MA Seeding the Future: Integrating Financial Literacy, Environmental Education and Scientific Research through Hydroponic Food Production
1013642 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mintell, R. Mintell,Rachel BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF COMMUNITY-TECHNICAL COLLEGE CT Aquaculture Environmental Learning Center Planning Activity Grant at Manchester Community College
1006139 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS James, A. M. Wright,Ashton Potter BLUE GRASS COMMUNITY FOUNDATION KY The Bluegrass Double Dollars Pilot Program
0207723 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tatsey, T. J. Tatsey,Keith BLACKFEET COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Spirit of the Land on Triple Divide
0218316 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tatsey, L. Tatsey,Latrice BLACKFEET COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Mode of Action of Antidiabetic Activity, Identification of Bioactive Compound and Micropropagation of Serviceberry (Amelanchier alnifolia)
0222750 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tatsey, L. Tatsey,Latrice Dawn BLACKFEET COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Blackfeet Community College Extension Program
0222751 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tatsey, T. Tatsey, T. BLACKFEET COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Tribal College Land Grant Leadership Development Initiative
0222754 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tatsey, K. Tatsey,Keith BLACKFEET COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Spirit of the Land on Triple Divide
0230536 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McKay, M. McKay,Mike BLACKFEET COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) Fingerprint of the Blackfeet Reservation