Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1017718 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Elvinger, F. Elvinger,Francois CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY National Animal Health Laboratory Network, Level 1
1017746 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Miller, J. G. Miller,Jacob Grant BEAR LAKE ANIMAL HOSPITAL LLC ID Rural practice expansion and growth of veterinary services to the under-served agricultural entities of Idaho in the Bear Lake and Caribou Counties.
1017749 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dutton, E. R. Dutton,Emily Ruth DUTTON VETERINARY SERVICES PLLC NY Dutton Veterinary Services NY-182
1017778 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Thorne, M. Thorne,Mark S UNIV OF HAWAII HI Strengthening RREA Programing Through Enhanced Connections: A Web-based Conference Series
1017832 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Majumdar, A. Majumdar,Ayanava AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Expansion of the Alabama Beginning Farmer Program Using a Farm Community Cluster Model Integrated with New Educational Tools and Partnerships
1017865 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bernard, M. Key,Cornelius Federation of Southern Cooperatives GA Development of Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi,and South Carolina
1017956 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Skidmore, M. Skidmore,Mark MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Farm Stress Employee Training and Technical Assistance
1017979 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Osborne, B. Osborne,Ben UINTA VETERINARY HOSPITAL WY Uinta Veterinary Hospital Type II Shortage Area Grant Proposal, ID Code: WY 184
1018018 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Harwell, A. M. Harwell,Andrea Marie HARWELL, ANDREA M NM The goal is to provide veterinary care to under-served, low income community, with a large percentage of food animals that are not receiving veterinary care
1018068 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wu, Y. Wu,Ying TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Microencapsulation for target delivery of antibiotic alternatives to enhance poultry performance
1018082 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nimmakayala, P. Nimmakayala,Padma WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Speed breeding for introgression and fine mapping of diverse alleles of pepper fruit size, shape, flavor and color
1018093 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Alston, A. J. Alston,Antoine Jerrod NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Recruiting, Retaining, and Preparing Technically Proficient and Professionally Astute Future Agricultural Leaders
1018102 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dixon, D. L. Dixon,Devona Linette NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Building Capacity for Student Career Preparedness: Modernizing the FMD Curriculum and Student Learning Experiences with Industry Level Technology
1018142 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Romano, N. Romano,Nicholas UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Integrating biofloc technology with aquaponics to improve sustainable aquaculture production
1018143 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Seo, J. Seo,Jung-Im SOUTHERN UNIV LA Enhancement of the Apparel Merchandising and Textiles Program through 21st Century Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Training
1018156 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mehlhorn, J. Mehlhorn,Joey UNIV OF TENNESSEE TN To develop a seamless transition from an associate degree to a university will help increase the quality of the states’ workforce and improve economic development especially in rural areas.
1018160 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kanga, L. H. Kanga,Lambert H.B. FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Enhancing the Development of Future Leaders in Entomology among Minority Groups
1018170 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ricketts, J. C. Ricketts,John C TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Cultivating a Comprehensive Pipeline Model for Minority-serving FANH Sciences Degrees through Faculty Development, Instructional Technology, Institutional Articulation, and Dual Credit
1018171 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Young, D. Young,De`Etra TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Broadening Minority Participation for the Agriculture Workforce: Measuring, Fostering,and Transforming Undergraduate Research Experiences
1018173 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mersha, Z. Mersha,Zelalem VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Building Capacity for Managing Disease and Abiotic Stress Challenges to Chickpea Production in Virginia and Surrounding Regions
1018178 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Crockett, J. Crockett,John SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY CA Instruction and Certification in Ag-tech Resources for Unmanned Systems (ICARUS)
1018184 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Roberts II, T. G. Roberts II,Thomas G UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Preparing Organizational Leaders in Agriculture through Innovative Leadership Case Studies Contextualized in Agricultural Disasters
1018204 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Whittier, T. Webb,Burton UNIVERSITY OF PIKEVILLE KY Planning an Industry-Led High-Tech Greenhouse Credentialing Program for Non-Traditional & Disadvantaged Students
1018209 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Karcher, E. Karcher,Elizabeth PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Development of an interculturally competent and global-ready poultry workforce
1018215 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rothstein, D. Rothstein,David MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Training a new generation of forestry professionals: a 3+2 partnership between Medgar Evers College and Michigan State University
1018216 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Almond, G. Almond,Glen NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Enhancing the Education of Students for Careers in Food-Animal Veterinary Medicine
1018223 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lemke, D. Lemke,Dawn ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Immersive Hands-on Student Training and Research Capacity Building in Forest Science: The Paint Rock Forest Dynamics Project in North Alabama
1018225 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Warren, T. C. Warren,Tamara C ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Urban Extension Youth STEAM Academy
1018226 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS SENWO, Z. SENWO,Zachary ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Professional Development: Project-Based Research on Waste and Biomass Valorization Technologies
1018237 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ndegwa, E. N. Ndegwa,Eunice N. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Probiotic Improved Gut Health Performance of Meat Goats