Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0229726 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Guinn, M. J. Guinn,Mandy Jo UNITED TRIBES TECHNICAL COLLEGE ND BATS-Broadening Achievements Together in STEM
0214130 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Street, J. E. Street, J. E. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Basic Weather Service for Research & Extension, Stoneville, MS
0221719 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Martin, S. W. Martin,Steven W. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Basic Weather Service for Research & Extension, Stoneville, MS
0223630 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ratcliffe, S. T. Ratcliffe, S. T. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS EXTENSION IL Basic Pest Detection Training for Underserved Audiences
0204772 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mccann, L. M. McCann, L. M. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Barriers to Adoption of Nutrient Management Strategies by Animal Feeding Operations (AFO'S)
1016294 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Michel, F. C. Michel,Frederick C. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH BARRAL-Bioenergy, Advanced Biofuel, and Rubber Research Agricultural Linkages
1000201 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Snyder, W. E. Snyder,William WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA BAN PestS: Biodiversity and Natural Pest Suppression
0208781 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS James, H. S. Harvey James UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Balancing Agricultural Economics for A Sustainable Agriculture National Needs Fellowship
1007463 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rafie, C. Rafie,Carlin VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Balanced Living with Diabetes: Impacting Rural Community Health through Evidence-based Program Implementation by Cooperative Extension
1011025 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wheeler, T. Wheeler,Terry TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Bacterial blight of cotton: has it reemerged as a problem because of changes in the bacterial population?
1017020 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dunlap, K. Dunlap,Kriya UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Back to the River: The Science behind Alaska`s Traditional Subsistence Lifestyle
0211503 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nimmakayala, P. Nimmakayala, P. WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV BAC to Genes": Upgrading the Genome Core Facility with Robotics for Use in Integrating Genomic Research and Education."
0207647 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tablante, N. L. Tablante, N. L. UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Avian Influenza Response Training for the Poultry Industry and Affiliated Agencies: Depopulation and Carcass Disposal Methods
1007264 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Snyder, W. Owen,Jeb WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Avian Biodiversity: Impacts, Risks and Descriptive Survey (A-BIRDS)
0215136 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Estelle, M. Pastell, S. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA-SAN DIEGO CA Auxin 2008: Conference on auxin biology
1024434 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Elliott, M. Elliott,Max AUSTIN YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FARM INC TX Austin Youth and Community Farm (dba Urban Roots) Farm 2 Family/Family 2 Farm (Urban Roots Youth F2F)
0230629 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Thomas, S. B. Thomas,Sonja Brannon AUBURN UNIV., ALABAMA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SYSTEM AL Auburn University Pesticide Safety Education Program
0230624 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Huang, B. Huang,Bihu UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Attributable Factors to Rice Straighthead and Development of Natural Evaluation Site
0222783 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Stangle, N. W. Stangle, N. W. Athens Land Trust GA Athens, GA Community Garden Network
1013089 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Simmons, S. Simmons,Stephanie Athens Land Trust GA Athens Land Trust Beginning Farmer Development Program
1015455 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jones, Y. K. Jones,Yolanda Kay ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS ASU Center for Sustainability
0198333 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Spraker, T. R. Spraker, T. R. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Association of Micronutrients and Genetics with the Prevalence of CWD in Captive and Free-ranging Rocky Mountain Elk
0226414 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Eya, J. C. Eya,Jonathan C WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Assoc. of gene expression profiles of oxidative phosphorylation and nutrient eff., growth and dev. in different life stages of rainbow trout
0208104 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Culpepper, A. S. Culpepper, A. S. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Assisting Vegetable Growers in the Adoption of Methyl Bromide Alternatives for Weeds, Diseases, and Nematodes
0219101 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Simon, M. Marion Simon KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Assisting Soc. Disadv. Farmers Who Grow Vegetables to Improve their Prod., business and Marketing Practices to Insure a Safer Food Supply
1023491 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mitchell, W. McCarthy,Billy NATIONAL FARMERS UNION FOUNDATION DC Assisting Small- and Medium-Sized Farmers through Cross-State Collaboration
1014993 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fouladkhah, A. Fouladkhah,Aliyar Cyrus TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Assisting Producers and Processors Meeting the Water and Food Safety Requirements in the Current Regulatory Climate
1000738 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Emerson, J. S. Emerson,Janice S. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Assisting Parents to Purchase (APP) for Children`s Health
0226410 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brito, A. F. Brito,Andre UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH Assisting Organic Dairy Producers to Meet the Demands of New and Emerging Milk Markets