Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0219794 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Davis, J. D. Davis, J. D. ARKANSAS LAND AND FARM DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION AR Local Foods to Neighborhood Retailers: Creating Wholesale Linkage in the Delta
0219712 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Elliott, K. R. Elliott, K. R. ARKANSAS SUSTAINABILITY NETWORK AR Felder School Farm Integrative Learning Project
0219449 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Norsworthy, J. K. Norsworthy, J. K. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Methyl Bromide Alternatives for Yellow and Purple Nutsedge and Other Weeds in Tomato and Bell Pepper Plasticulture: An Integrated Approach
0219365 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS King,sr., C. R. Calvin R. King, C. K. ARKANSAS LAND AND FARM DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION AR Outreach and Assistance to Disadvantaged Farmers in Arkansas
0218966 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS English, H. English, H. W. UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Using USDA Programs & Extension Practices to Help Socially Disadvantaged Producers Maintain their Farms
0218211 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lyles, I. W. Lyles, I. W. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Initiation and Implementation of the Managing in Tough Times National Extension Initiative
0216127 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bacon, R. K. Bacon, R. K. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Development of Winter Canola Production in the Southeast
0215995 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tootle, D. M. Tootle, D. M. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Disaster Resilient Communities
0215615 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lochmann, S. E. Lochmann,Steve UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Enhancing Ichthyology Training, Teaching, and Museum Collections
0215409 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS lihono, M. Lihono, M. UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Increasing the Number of Minority Food Inspectors through Mentoring and Career-Oriented Experiential Learning at the University of Arkansas
0214789 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Adamu, U. Adamu, U. UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Identification, Assessment, and Delivery of Food Safety Education and Training for Food Service Institutions in the Mississippi Delta
0214520 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS KING, SR., C. R. King, S. R. ARKANSAS LAND & FARM DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION AR Assistance to Disadvantaged Arkansas Farmers: Year 2
0214291 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS English, H. English,Henry UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Training and Technical Assistance for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers in Central and Southwest Arkansas
0214233 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS RICKE, S. C. Ricke,Steven UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR An Integrated Systems Approach to Reduce Salmonella in Organic and All Natural Poultry
0214041 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Evans, M. R. Evans, M. R. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Resource Sharing for the Enhancement of Curricula in Core and Emerging Issues in the Agricultural Plant Sciences
0213893 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rom, C. Rom,Curt UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Best management practices for organic orchard nutrition
0211616 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Buckner, E. R. Buckner,Edmund Randolph UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Using Distance Learning Technology to Implement a Graduate Agricultural Regulatory Affairs Program
0211615 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS ENGLE, C. R. ENGLE, C. R. UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Developing a Ph.D. Degree Program in Aquaculture/Fisheries
0209529 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Norsworthy, J. K. Norsworthy, J. K. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Use of Natural and Synthetic Isothiocyanates as Alternatives to Methyl Bromide for Pest Suppression in Vegetables
0208197 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Srivastava, V. Srivastava, V. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Recombinase-Mediated Targeted Gene Integration and Excision for Marker-Free Transgenic Crops
0207971 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Garner, J. O. Garner,James Otis UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR In Vitro Propagation of Elite Pecan (Carya Illinoinensis (Wangenh.)K. Koch) Cultivars
0207891 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jalaluddin, M. Jalaluddin,Mohammad UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Enhancing Laboratory Instrumentation and Plant Science Curriculum for Recruitment in Plant Sciences and Agricultural Biotechnology
0207726 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Coon, C. N. Coon, C. N. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR 2006 Poultry Science Association Ancillary Scientists Symposium - Functional Genomics: Building the Bridge Between the Genome and Phenome"
0207492 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hood, E. E. Hood,Elizabeth E. ASU RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE AR Preparation of a Business Plan for the Specialty Crops Regulatory Initiative
0205379 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Burke, J. M. Burke, J. M. USDA, ARS, SPA, Dale Bumpers Small Farms Research Center AR Development of Sustainable Gastrointestinal Nematode Control in Organic Small Ruminant Production
0205098 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Popp, J. S. Chaubey, I. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Effectiveness and Optimization of BMPs in Improving Water Quality from an Agricultural Watershed
0204812 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Muthusamy, M. Manoharan Muthusamy UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Metabolic Engineering of Isoflavone in Rice
0203023 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Troxel, T. R. Troxel, T. R. ARKANSAS AGRIC EXTENSION SERVICE AR Arkansas Beef Improvement Program
0201432 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Owens, C. M. Owens-Hanning, C. M. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Slow-Growing Broilers in Organic Poultry Production: An Alternative to Supplemental Methionine and a Marketing Opportunity