Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0226028 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brink, D. Brink,Dennis UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Comprehensive Beef Education Strategic Planning Conference
1010676 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brimlow, J. N. Brimlow,Jacob N. California State University, Chico CA Integrating Agricultural Education and Outreach to Increase Profitability Through Local Food Marketing Channels
1001097 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brimlow, J. Brimlow,Jacob California State University, Chico CA Marketing Food Safety: Expanding Capacity to Support Local Food System Development in Rural Northern California
1004178 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Briley, C. A. Briley,Chiquita A. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Eat, Play and Rest: a Child Care Providers Training on Childhood Obesity
1010565 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brightwell, R. Brightwell,Rebecca Lynn UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Aiding Veterans In Agriculture To Understand Food Safety - With An Emphasis On Veterans With Disabilities
0226975 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bright, K. R. Bright,Kelly R. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ The role of biofilms as a reservoir for foodborne pathogens in irrigation systems
0211474 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bright, A. Bright, A. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Public Values and Attitudes toward Agricultural Water Use in the West
0214084 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Briggeman, B. C. Briggeman, B. C. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Developing an Internet Agricultural Bank Simulation Game
1008888 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Briers, G. Briers,Gary TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Developing Global-Ready Agriculturist through Experiential Learning Modules (ELMs): Solving Problems of Food Insecurity and Human Suffering
0219382 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brick, M. A. Brick, M. A. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Planning Grant to Document the Health-Promoting Properties of Dry Beans and to Increase Consumption in the US
1004351 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brewer, M. J. Brewer,Michael John TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX An IPM Response to the Invasive Sugarcane Aphid on Sorghum: Developing and Integrating Thresholds, Plant Resistance, and Biocontrol Tactics
0196846 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brewer, M. Brown-Rytlewski, D. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Research Evaluations of and Outreach for Methyl Bromide Alternatives in Conifer Seedlings and Herbaceous Perennials
1013774 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brewer, M. Brewer,Matthew IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Parasitology residency to support rural areas that are underserved in veterinary medicine
0212724 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brewer, J. S. Brewer, J. S. UNIV OF MISSISSIPPI MS Graduate Training in Multi-Scale Approaches to Forest Restoration and Management Science
0226746 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brewer, J. S. Brewer,John Stephen UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI MS Graduate Training in the Science of Forest Ecosystem Restoration and Management
1014187 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brewer, G. Brewer,Gary UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE A Multi-Tactic Push-Pull Strategy for Controlling Stable Flies on Pasture Cattle in Nebraska and Florida
1006641 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brewer, CA, E.. Brewer,Catherine NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY NM Sustainable Use of Biomass Resources in a Semi-Arid Landscape: Connecting Chemical Engineering, Soil Science, and Extension
0215047 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Breslin, V. T. Breslin, Vincent SOUTHERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY CT Recovering the Economic Biability of the Connecticut Oyster Fishery: A Research and Education Collaboration
0203615 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Breshears, D. D. Breshears, D. D. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Multidisciplinary Training in Ecohydrology for Addressing National Watershed Needs
0225983 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brennan, M. A. Rajotte,Edwin G PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Preparing our Graduate Students to Feed the Future: A New Dual-title Degree Program in International Agriculture and Development (INTAD)
0215418 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bremer, D. J. Bremer, D. J. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Modifying Homeowner?s Lawn-Irrigation Behavior to Conserve Water and Improve Water Quality in Urbanizing Watersheds
1027289 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brayden, C. Brayden,Christian MAINE AQUACULTURE ASSOCIATION ME Maine aquaculture business training: strengthening a sector of beginning farmers
1007098 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bray, A. M. Bray,Alison TEXAS LUTHERAN UNIVERSITY TX Developing Students as Scientists: Redesigning the Undergraduate Experience through Early and Continued Research Experiences
0214334 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Braverman, M. Braverman, M. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Development of an Undergraduate Experiential Instructional Program in Extension: LinC Extend
0227281 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Braunstein, N. S. Brace,Andrea TOWSON UNIVERSITY MD Cherry Hill People`s Garden
1017631 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brauner, R. Brauner,Rachel TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Substance Abuse Program at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas
1027299 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brauer, A. Brauer,Alan TIDES CENTER, THE CA Indigenous Farm Hub: Beginning Farmers & Ranchers Curriculum Development Project
1028745 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brauer, A. Brauer,Alan TIDES CENTER, THE CA One Generation: New Mexico Indigenous Food Systems Planning Project
1013079 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brasier, K. J. Brasier,Kathryn Jo PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Connecting Diverse Women Farmers Across the Rural-Urban Divide
0231178 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brashears, M. T. Brashears,Michel Todd TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Building Laboratory and Intellectual Capacity in Order to Effectively Detect and Reduce Salmonella in Food Supply