Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0219841 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Inglis, D. A. Inglis, D. A. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Biodegradable Mulches for Specialty Crops Produced Under Protective Covers
0219861 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Whiting, M. D. Whiting,Matthew David WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA A Total Systems Approach to Developing a Sustainable Stem-Free Sweet Cherry Production, Processing, and Marketing System
0219900 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhang, Q. Zhang, Q. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Placing Fruit Canopy Management Automation Technology in the Field
0219955 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ostrom, M. Ostrom, M. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Cultivating new generation and immigrant farmers in Washington state
0220157 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Main, D. Main,Doreen S. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Tree Fruit GDR: Translating Genomics into Advances in Horticulture
0220360 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hoheisel, G. Hoheisel, G. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Development of a Smart Targeted Spray Application Technology Roadmap for Specialty Crops
0220370 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ullman, J. L. Ullman,Jeffrey Layton WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Protecting Water Resources by Engaging Stakeholders in Targeted Implementation of Filter Strips
0220468 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Neibergs, J. S. Neibergs,J. Shannon WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION WA Western Center For Risk Management Education
0221442 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS BoyEs, P. E. BoyEs, P. E. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION WA The Extension System - Military Collaboration Communications & Outreach
0221626 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Broughton, S. Brougthon,Shirley WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION WA Diabetes Detection, Prevention
0221814 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lewis, N. G. Lewis, N. G. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Product Diversification Strategies for a New Generation of Biofuels/Bioproducts
0221884 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schillinger, W. F. Schillinger, W. F. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA PM10 Particulate Emission Prediction and Control from Agricultural Lands in the Pacific Northwest
0222281 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Davis, M. A. Davis,Margaret Alison WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Minimizing antibiotic resistance transmission: the dairy farm as a model system
0222730 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cavalieri, R. P. Peters, E. K. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA 2010 Workshop On Planning And Managing Systems-Based, Transdisciplanary Projects For NIFA Programs
0222735 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Krohn, E. Krohn, E. NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Indigenous Community Food Sustainability Planning Project
0222811 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rudell, D. R. Rudell,David R. USDA, ARS, Tree Fruit Research Laboratory WA A diagnostic toolbox for integrated management of apple postharvest necrotic disorders
0222949 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Given-Seymour, S. Given-Seymour,Susan NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Unify, Integrate, and Expand Diverse Programs That Promote Self-sufficiency and Wellness Among Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest
0222963 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Segrest,V,A Segrest,Valerie A. NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Development and Implementation of a Culturally Based Tribal Food Sovereignty Model
0223146 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Guillory, S. Given-Seymour, S. NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Enhancing Family Resiliency and Wellness by Increasing Financial Management Skills
0223176 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McKeown, P. L. McKeown, P. L. Bellingham Technical College WA Development and Implementation of a Curriculum to Train Operators for Rural Area Anaerobic Digesters
0223224 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Matthias, D. Parker,Megan E. PATH WA Demonstrating The Operational Feasibility And Biological Impact Of Rice Fortification In Africa
0223304 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Carpenter-Boggs, L. Carpenter-Boggs,Lynne WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Carbon Sequestration, Nutrient Bioavailability, and Environmental Services from Organic Agriculture
0223318 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Moore, P. P. Moore,Patrick WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA A New Way of Manag. Soil Borne Dis. of Raspberry in Western States: Develop. Making Tools and Sustainable Manage. Systems
0223646 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Young, G. Young,Graham UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Western Regional Aquaculture Center - 24th Annual Work Plan (FY10) RENEW
0223702 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fey, K. D. Fey,Karey D. FareStart WA Serving Farm Fresh to City Schools
0223775 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Broughton,S Broughton,Shirley WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION WA Telephone Coaching to Improve Diabetes Self-Management for Rural Residents
0225686 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Granatstein, D. Granatstein,David WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION WA International Organic Fruit Symposium
0225717 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Daniels, C. H. Daniels,Catherine H. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION WA Roadmap Development for U.S. Raspberry Producers:Forging Links Between New Tools For Breeding Programs and Crop Markets.
0225722 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dwyer, A. Dwyer,Andrea Seattle Tilth Association WA Supporting Refugees and Immigrants to Farm Successfully in the Puget Sound
0225783 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Carpenter-Boggs, L. Carpenter-Boggs,Lynne WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION WA Conference for Dryland Organic Agriculture in the Pacific Northwest: Addressing Constraints to Production, Economics & Sustainability