Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1017083 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Qi, Y. Qi,Yiping UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Genome-wide analysis of off-target effects of base editing systems in crops
1017086 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sundin, G. Sundin,George MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Optimization of bacteriophage for management of fire blight disease
1017101 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Anderson, K. Brown,Kim WHITE EARTH TRIBAL AND COMMUNITY COLLEGE MN Strengthening Anishinaabe Youth and Family Food Literacy by Building Resilience through Culture, Food, and Arts.
1017102 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schauer, J. SCHAUER,JAMES J UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI National Atmospheric Deposition Program
1017103 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Douches, D. Douches,David MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Genome wide evaluation of off-targets from gene editing reagents in seed vs. vegetatively propagated crop species
1017104 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Phillips, G. C. Xu,Jianfeng ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY AR Isolated Microspore Culture of Soybean: A Pathway to Doubled Haploids
1017105 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sanchez-Vega, M. Sanchez-Vega,Margie SISTEMA UNIVERSITARIO ANA G. MENDEZ, INC. PR Turabo Food Safety (TuFS) Education and Outreach Initiative
1017114 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhang, Z. Zhang,Zhiwu WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Genomics Enabled Purging Selection to Develop 200 Alfalfa Inbred Lines Toward High Yield Hybrid Production
1017118 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nair, S. Nair,Shyam SAM HOUSTON STATE UNIVERSITY TX An Integrated Project to Enhance Sustainable Agriculture Education Through Research-based Pedagogical Practices
1017119 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gekara, O. Gekara,Ondieki CALIFORNIA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIV CA Enhancing Research Skills of Underrepresented Students: Summer Research Experience
1017120 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chumbley, S. B. Chumbley,Steven Boot TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY- KINGSVILLE TX Enhancing Agriculture Mechanics Education & Curriculum in Higher Education (Ag MECH Ed)
1017121 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Biswas, D. Biswas,Debabrata UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Ecology, transmission and control of Salmonella and shigatoxin producing E. coli in integrated crop-livestock farm
1017122 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Turner, E. Turner,Elaine UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL National Food and Agricultural Sciences Teaching, Extension and Research Awards Program
1017125 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Snyder, A. Yousef,Ahmed Elmeleigy OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Document Development and Management Training for Small-Scale Processors of Fermented, Acid, and Acidified Foods
1017128 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gunn, A. Rucks,Lucas GRAYS HARBOR COLLEGE WA Grays Harbor College Fish Lab Capacity Building
1017129 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bhargava, K. Bhargava,Kanika UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL OKLAHOMA OK Enhancing Food Science Capacity through Transformative Learning Experiences in Education and Research
1017131 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Smanski, M. Smanski,Michael UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Engineering ‘Species-like’ Barriers to Sexual Reproduction to Prevent Gene Flow in Plants
1017132 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Morales, M. Friskics,Scott Aaniiih Nakoda College MT Aaniiih Nakoda College Extension Program Capacity Grant
1017133 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Giri, A. Goodwin,S Mark UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL MISSOURI MO Certified to Teach Ag.: Graduate Certification for Agriculture Dual Credit Teachers
1017137 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dixon, R. P. Dixon,Robert P. SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY IL Fueling Growth: An Integrated, Capacity-Building Grant for Experiential Learning, Extension, and Economic Development in Rural America
1017138 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Goerndt, M. Goerndt,Michael MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY MO Establishing Agroforestry Silvopasture Systems in the Missouri Ozark Region
1017141 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Litson, B. Litson,Benita NAVAJO NATION TRIBAL GOVERNMENT, THE AZ Ecological Restoration of native plant communities in forests and woodlands on the Navajo Nation.
1017143 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Feiereisel, K. Feiereisel,Kali COMMUNITY ALLIANCE WITH FAMILY FARMERS FOUNDATION CA Continuing Food Safety Outreach and Education for Local Food Systems in California
1017145 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pitesky, M. Pitesky,Maurice UNIV OF CALIFORNIA (VET-MED) CA Developing In-Person and On-line Resources for Gardeners and Backyard Poultry Keepers in California Following Wildfires
1017146 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Muenich, R. Muenich,Rebecca ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY AZ The Nexus Of Agricultural And Urban Trade-Offs: Enhancing Interdisciplinary Education And Research To Create Emerging Opportunities In Urban Agriculture
1017147 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Malekian, F. Malekian,Fatemeh SOUTHERN UNIV LA Enhancing Produce Safety for Under-served Farmers in Louisiana
1017148 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Litson, B. Litson,Benita NAVAJO NATION TRIBAL GOVERNMENT, THE AZ Strengthening sustainable agriculture on the Navajo Nation through extension education.
1017150 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lauth, X. Lauth,Xavier CENTER FOR AQUACULTURE TECHNOLOGIES, INC. CA Sterile Monosex Populations For Genetic Containment Of Genetically Engineered Fish.
1017153 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Watkins, C. Watkins,Christopher CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Dynamic controlled atmosphere storage for non-chemical maintenance of apple quality
1017154 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rao, Q. Rao,Qinchun FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY FL Assay Development for the Detection of the Major Fish Allergen in Foods