Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0227129 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Renchie, D. L. Renchie,Don LaRosa TEXAS AGRILIFE EXTENSION SERVICE TX Texas Pesticide Safety Education Program
0230788 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Renchie, D. L. Renchie,Don L. TEXAS COOPERATIVE EXTENSION TX Texas Pesticide Safety Education Program
1008820 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cao, H. Cao,Huantian UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE Textile and apparel curriculum development for a sustainable future
0212792 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Failla, M. Failla, M. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH The "4Rs" Multicultural Scholars Program for Enhancing Diversity and Post-Baccalaureate Success of Under-Represented Students at Ohio State
0226973 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS French, J. M. French,Jason Michael NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY NM The 2011 Pesticide Safety Education Program - New Mexico
0204826 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Goetsch, A. Sahlu, T. LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK The Ability of Goats to Withstand Harsh Nutritional Environments
0201268 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Epstein, L. Epstein, L. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA CA The Activity and Suppression of Soil-Borne Pathogens and Pests in Organic vs. Conventional Plots with Conversation vs. Conventional Tillage
0212512 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gallo, M. Gallo, M. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL The Agricultural Genomics, Education and Metabolomics (GEM) Graduate Fellows Program
1007096 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS O`Leary, F. A. O`Leary,Fidelma A. ST. EDWARDS UNIVERSITY TX The Agricultural-STEM Pipeline: Progressive Experiential Learning Linking Three HSI Academic Tiers (Ag-STEM)
1020874 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hageman, K. J. Hageman,Kimberly Jill UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT The Alfalfa Insecticide Management (AIM) Toolkit: Linking insecticide fate modelling with alfalfa pest and beneficial insect toxicity endpoints
0197920 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pettus, W. C. Shippen, S. M. CHEYNEY UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PA The Aquaculture Research Education Center of Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
1013783 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ellsworth, P. Ellsworth,Peter C. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ The Arizona Pest Management Center: Addressing Statewide IPM Priorities With High-Impact Extension Programs
1004122 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ellsworth, P. C. Ellsworth,Peter C UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ The Arizona Pest Management Center: Developing, Disseminating & Delivering High-Impact IPM Programs
0223546 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Barni, M. T. Barni, M. T. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION OH The BEAN Project (Beginning Entrepreneurs in Agricultural Networks)
0190600 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cogger, C. G. Cogger, C. G. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA The Benefits and Costs of Using Organic Waste Streams in Small Scale Agriculture
1006139 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS James, A. M. Wright,Ashton Potter BLUE GRASS COMMUNITY FOUNDATION KY The Bluegrass Double Dollars Pilot Program
1016351 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rodriguez-Sanes, A. Rodriguez-Sanes,Aleyna MARY MITCHELL FAMILY & YOUTH CENTER NY The Bronx Canasta project aims to increase fresh food access and economic opportunities for Bronx based community gardeners and urban farmers.
1001264 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Barton, S. S. Fratello,Melissa M. GRASSROOTS GARDENS OF BUFFALO,INC. NY The Buffalo Neighborhood Food Project
0223537 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dewees,S Dewees,Sarah FIRST NATIONS DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE CO The Business of Indian Agriculture: A Tribal College Partnership
0213380 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hardesty, S. Hardesty,Shermain UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, OAKLAND CA The California Small Farm Program 2501 Project
1001523 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Borden, L. Borden,Lynne UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN The Center for Research and Outreach: Military REACH
1007148 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Morano, L. Morano,Lisa University of Houston-Downtown TX The Center for Urban Agriculture and Sustainability: New Experiential Learning and Curriculum at UHD
1007838 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hays, A. Hays,Kenneth Brian TEXAS A&M AGRILIFE EXTENSION SERVICE TX The Changing Face of Engagement: Reaching the 21st Century Forest and Rangeland Manager.
0208049 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gold, M. S. Gold, M. S. UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI The Children's Garden Network - Campaign 2010
1017169 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Govindan, M. Govindan,Megan WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV The CHIP Project: Developing and implementing food safety education and outreach for Commercial-Kitchens, Home-Kitchens, Incubator-Kitchens and Food Producers in West Virginia
0201317 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Olson, E. Olson, E. LAC COURTE OREILLES OJIBWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE WI The Chippewa Flowage Invasive Species Education Initiative
1004930 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Donahue, G. Donahue,Georgie COMMUNITY ACTION AGENCY OF ST. LOUIS COUNTY, INC MO The Community Farm: Increasing Produce Access, Sustainable Through Market Sales
1010584 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Meyers, C. A. Meyers,Courtney Alyssa TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX The Consumer Experience: Using Innovative Research Tools to Develop and Test Messages about Food and Agricultural Sciences
0227234 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Smith, M. Smith,Malcolm UNH Cooperative Extension NH The Courage to Care: Implementation and Evaluation of a Rural Health Initiative to Reduce Health Risks of Bullying in Rural Middle Schools
1017202 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hipp, J. S. Parker,Erin S. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR The Courage to Lead: Native BFR in Indian Country will Provide Us the Future We Seek (EET)