Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1017330 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Heyborne, W. Vickers,Elaine SOUTHERN UTAH UNIVERSITY UT Southern Utah University Pre-Freshman Engineering Program (PREP), a program designed to help build STEM proficiency, among underrepresented populations and will address applied math proficiency.
1017341 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bailey, S. J. Grocke,Michelle Ursula MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Educating and Empowering Aging Populations in Rural Montana about Opioid Misuse and Abuse
1017344 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Karsi, A. Karsi,Attila MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Prevention of motile aeromonas septicemia in catfish by novel live attenuated vaccines
1017346 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Richter, J. Anderson,Lesli SALISH KOOTENAI COLLEGE MT Tech4Good@SKC: Center for Collective Impact
1017351 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Padilla-Zakour, O. I. Padilla-Zakour,Olga I. N Y AGRICULTURAL EXPT STATION NY Food Safety for Qualified Exempt Food Producers to Build Economic Viability Under the Food Safety Modernization Act
1017363 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cowan, C. Cowan,Caren CATTLEGROWERS' FOUNDATION INC NM Increase size and scope of "Raising Ranchers" program to bring together aging agriculturists with young ranchers and farmers
1017365 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Knox, M. Dunn,Joe Sitting Bull College ND Sitting Bull College Horsemanship Club
1017368 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Vickroy, T. W. Maunsell,Fiona P UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank (FARAD) Program: University of Florida Component
1017377 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Szczepaniec, A. Eubanks,Micky TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Development and validation of a dynamic action threshold for sugarcane aphids in sorghum
1017395 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bordeaux, S. Bordeaux,Shawn Sinte Gleska University SD SGU Food Sovereignty Extension Program
1017396 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Spoth, R. L. Spoth,Richard Lee IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA PROSPERing Step-by-step, State-by-state (P2S) - Demonstrating an Extension-based Opioid Prevention Training and Capacity Building System
1017410 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rea, M. S. Rea,Mark S RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE NY Applied Research & Rapid Extension of Discoveries in Photobiology and Lighting Technologies for Suppression of Powdery Mildew in Strawberry
1017426 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nelson, L. Nelson,Lori FORT BERTHOLD COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND From Seed to Garden to Plate ? Re-Engaging the MHA Community in the Food Cycle
1017427 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sciulli, R. Gose,Remedios B HEALTH, HAWAII DEPARTMENT OF HI NAHLN Level 3 Designation Agreement
1017441 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pinero Ramirez, J. P. Pinero Ramirez,Jaime P. UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Developing a multi life-stage management strategy for apple maggot, a persistent tree fruit pest in the Northeast, through the integration of attract-and-kill and biological control.
1017446 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Peres, N. A. Peres,Natalia A R UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Thermotherapy For Non-Chemical Management Of Cryptic Infections Of Strawberry Transplants And Emerging Fungicide Resistant Populations
1017447 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Crocker, E. V. Crocker,Ellen Veronica UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY HealthyWoods: a new mobile app tool to guide landowners in forest health assessment and invasive species management
1017464 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sulzer, S. H. Prevedel,Suzanne UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Opioid Harm Reduction: A Culturally Responsive Curriculum for Rural Utah
1017474 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Martin, K. Martin,Kenneth E. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Preventing Opioid Misuse and Abuse in Rural Ohio through Enhanced Family and Community Education and Training
1017480 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Doughty, S. Doughty,Stella FOODCORPS, INC. OR FoodCorps’ Food and Agriculture Service Implementation Project
1017484 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Perez, A. C. Perez,Angelique FOOD LITERACY PROJECT AT OXMOOR FARM KY Nourishing Food Literacy, Community Health and Sense of Place in Louisville, KY
1017499 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Evans, C. W. Evans,Christopher W. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Integrating Established and Novel Strategies for Forest Health and Invasive Species Education and Extension Programming in the Eastern U.S.
1017508 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Coatsworth, J. D. Riggs,Nathaniel COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Empowering Youth and Families in Rural Colorado: Implementing SFP 10-14 to Prevent Opioid Misuse
1017512 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wilner, S. Wilner,Seth UNH Cooperative Extension NH Benchmarks for Northeast High-Value Agricultural Sectors
1017513 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kozich, A. T. Kozich,Andrew T. KEWEENAW BAY OJIBWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE MI Assessing the extent, movement, and concentration of groundwater arsenic contamination in the L`Anse Indian Reservation
1017514 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kozich, A. T. Kozich,Andrew T. KEWEENAW BAY OJIBWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE MI Expanding a Surface Water Monitoring Program in the L`Anse Indian Reservation and Ceded Territory
1017528 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Isaacs, R. Isaacs,Rufus MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Development and demonstration of short and long term strategies for management of the resurgent blueberry stem gall wasp
1017556 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Smith, A. Smith,Amy UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Growing North Minneapolis: Building Community-Based Food Systems Through Experiential Agricultural Education
1017558 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Willis, J. L. Grebner,Donald L. FOREST AND WILDLIFE RES CENTER MS Bringing Small Private Landowners of the Mid-Gulf Region Back into the Mix
1017572 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Yanni, S. Yanni,Steve BAY MILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE MI Michigan Indian Country Extension Initiative