Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1016981 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Albrecht, D. E. Albrecht,Don Earl UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Western Rural Development Center 2019
1016983 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kowalkowski, B. Kowalkowski,Brian COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI Summer Agriculture Career Institute
1016987 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lofton, J. Lofton,Josh OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Evaluating production practices and input management for optimizing winter canola production in the southern Great Plains
1016990 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gourneau, T. Gourneau,Terrance FORT PECK COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Fostering a happy, optimum, pleasant, environment (HOPE) on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation
1016991 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Anderson, K. Brunner,Lisa WHITE EARTH TRIBAL AND COMMUNITY COLLEGE MN Growing the Circle: Strengthening Community Food Security through Collaboration,Education, and Healthy Food Access
1016992 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Luck, B. Luck,Brian D UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Quantifying, predicting, and modeling the effects of machinery traffic on alfalfa yield and forage quality
1016997 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Simion, K. Ehmes,Delihna COLLEGE OF MICRONESIA FM Strengthening Distance Education in the STEaM Studies in the Four States of Micronesia: Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei, and Kosrae.
1017002 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cassida, K. Cassida,Kimberly MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Precision Agriculture Tools for Optimizing Alfalfa Production and Marketing
1017017 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jenks, B. Del Rio Mendoza,Luis NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIV ND Agronomic and Pest Management Strategies to Optimize Canola Production in the North Central U.S.
1017020 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dunlap, K. Dunlap,Kriya UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Back to the River: The Science behind Alaska`s Traditional Subsistence Lifestyle
1017022 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Woodard, J. L. Conway,Brenda LITTLE PRIEST TRIBAL COLLEGE NE Little Priest Tribal College Extension: Strengthening Communities through Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources Education, 2018-2022
1017029 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pick, L. Pick,Leslie UNIV OF MARYLAND MD A mechanism-based strategy to assess risks of RNA interference in agricultural systems.
1017031 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Maga, E. A. Maga,Elizabeth A. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Reduction of androgens by gene editing for the genetic containment of livestock
1017038 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Powell, W. Powell,William STATE UNIV OF NEW YORK NY Environmental Impacts of GE and Conventionally Produced American Chestnut
1017040 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dye, D. Dye,Dennis Gene SOUTHWESTERN INDIAN POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE NM Sustainable Agriculture on Native Lands
1017044 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brunet, J. Simon,Philipp AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Extending a model of gene flow by insect pollinators to discontinuous landscapes
1017051 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ziegenmeyer, H. Fish,Jessica CANKDESKA CIKANA COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND Cankdeska Cikana Local Food and Education Initiative
1017055 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Akers, C. R. Akers,Christopher Ryan MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS National Youth Preparedness Initiative: Preparing Teens: Preparing Communities - Phase 3 Expansion
1017058 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hillaire, P. Boome,Lora NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Return of the Salmon People: Indigenous Identity and Food Sovereignty
1017059 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kinley, S. Oreiro,Dave NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Revitalizing and Strengthening Indigenous Education through Community Engagement
1017061 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kocher, S. D. Kocher,Susan Denise UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Disasters happen: Preparing UC ANR to respond to disasters in California communities
1017062 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Areta, A. Areta,Aufai AMERICAN SAMOA COMM COLLEGE AS Developing Distance Education at the American Samoa Community College
1017064 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kravchenko, A. Kravchenko,Alexandra MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Transition to organic in row-crop systems: enhancing sustainability in topographically diverse Midwest landscapes
1017066 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Drinkwater, L. Drinkwater,Laurie CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Harnessing variation in vetch and rhizobia populations to optimize nitrogen fixation
1017069 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Roberts, A. Roberts,Andrew ILSI Research Foundation DC Conference/Workshop Grant: Criteria for use of modeling to inform regulatory assessment of gene drive applications
1017071 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Welker, T. L. Welker,Thomas L AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE CA Underlying Mechanisms For Selected Disease Resistance And Enhanced Non-Specific Resistance In Rainbow Trout
1017073 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kim, Y. Auty,David NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY AZ Training The Next Generation of Native American Leaders for Managing Resilient Agroecosystems
1017075 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hu, S. Hu,Shuijin NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Does organic farming promote soil microbial communities with high nitrogen use efficiency in acidic Southeastern US soils?
1017076 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cartmill, A. Cartmill,Andrew UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - PLATTEVILLE WI UW-Platteville: Sustainable Intensification of Agro-ecosystems