Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0190921 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tao, B. Tao, B. Y. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Technology Development, Transfer, and Marketing of Industrial Products for Rural Communities
1000860 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Warren, T. C. Warren,Tamara C ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Technology Enhancing Exercise and Nutrition (TEEN) Program
0225332 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mukherjee, M. Mukherjee,Mitrajit EXELUS INC. NJ Technology to Enable Production of Biofuels from Energy Crops (R&D Project)
0203154 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Elliott, R. L. Elliott, R. L. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Technology Transfer Project
0207907 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Elliott, R. L. Elliott, R. L. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Technology Transfer Project
1024054 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McKinley, S. Mull,Casey PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Teen Adventure Camp
1020770 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Karriker, L. A. Karriker,Locke Anderson IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Telehealth For Swine Medicine: Tools To Support Shortage Situations, Expand Surge Capacity, And Teach Students With Less Biosecurity Risk
1021809 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lubbers, B. Lubbers,Brian KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Telemedicine Vignettes as a Platform to Enhance the Quantity and Diversity of Clinical Case Exposure for Veterinary Students
0223775 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Broughton,S Broughton,Shirley WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION WA Telephone Coaching to Improve Diabetes Self-Management for Rural Residents
1000706 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Compton, B. Compton,Brian NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Telling the story of the land: revitalizing traditional plant knowledge and harvest with a view toward sustainability
0215352 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rector, N. Rector, N. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Ten Upper Midwest States Extension Staff Teaming up for Water Quality for Small and Medium Livestock Farms
1013099 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Prather, T. G. Dugger,Patrick UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN Tennessee Beginning Farmers Outreach Project
0225929 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Burden, R. W. Burden,Ray W. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN Tennessee Flood Recovery Project
0227091 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hensley, D. D. Hensley,Darrell D. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN Tennessee Pesticide Safety and Education Program PSEP
0223055 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Muthusamy, M. Muthusamy,Manoharan UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Terminator-less Transgene Constructs for Efficient Gene Silencing in Crop Plants
1010547 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Parr, B. Parr,Brian MURRAY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Test Drive a Racer: Enhancing Student Experiential Learning Opportunities through Agricultural Industry Collaborations
0231218 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schmitt-McQuity, L. Schmitt-McQuity,Lynn UNIV. OF CALIFORNIA CA Testing the validity and reliability of a common measures tool to assess youth engagement and attitudes in Science, Technology, Engineering,
0210403 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Urbanczyk, K. Leslie Hopper SUL ROSS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Tex PREP Consortium-Sul Ross State University, UTSA, Dallas County Community College District, Victoria College
1023789 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lopez, J. Lopez,Jose Texas A&M University-Commerce TX Texas Farm Business Management and Benchmarking Education and Outreach Alliance
1027112 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Engledow, T. W. Engledow,Trenton Wayne AGRICULTURE, TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF TX Texas Farmer Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Program
0200321 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fuchs, T. W. Fuchs, T. W. TEXAS A&M UNIV TX Texas IPM Internship Program
1017207 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Griffin, D. D. Posey,Richard TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Texas Panhandle and Plains Rural Veterinary Practice Revitalization
0227129 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Renchie, D. L. Renchie,Don LaRosa TEXAS AGRILIFE EXTENSION SERVICE TX Texas Pesticide Safety Education Program
0230788 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Renchie, D. L. Renchie,Don L. TEXAS COOPERATIVE EXTENSION TX Texas Pesticide Safety Education Program
1008820 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cao, H. Cao,Huantian UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE Textile and apparel curriculum development for a sustainable future
0212792 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Failla, M. Failla, M. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH The "4Rs" Multicultural Scholars Program for Enhancing Diversity and Post-Baccalaureate Success of Under-Represented Students at Ohio State
0226973 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS French, J. M. French,Jason Michael NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY NM The 2011 Pesticide Safety Education Program - New Mexico
0204826 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Goetsch, A. Sahlu, T. LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK The Ability of Goats to Withstand Harsh Nutritional Environments
0201268 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Epstein, L. Epstein, L. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA CA The Activity and Suppression of Soil-Borne Pathogens and Pests in Organic vs. Conventional Plots with Conversation vs. Conventional Tillage
0212512 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gallo, M. Gallo, M. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL The Agricultural Genomics, Education and Metabolomics (GEM) Graduate Fellows Program