Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1026618 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McCluskey, C. McCluskey,Cathleen ORGANIC SEED ALLIANCE WA Building a Lasting Seed Development Network Through an Online Organic Seed Growers Conference
1016338 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sandolo, C. Angerame,Eleanor GREEN VILLAGE INITIATIVE, INC. CT Building A Just and Viable Local Food System in Bridgeport, CT
1006874 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McDonald, J. A. McDonald,Janet A ROCHESTER ROOTS INC NY Building a Healthy Urban Food System through an "Urban Sustainability Laboratory"
1020641 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schott, A. Ortiz,Virginia GOFARM CO Building a Healthy Neighborhood Local Food Environment in SE Arvada, CO
1000307 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Record, L. Record,Lindsay ILLINOIS STEWARDSHIP ALLIANCE IL Building a Healthy Community and Improving Economic Self-Sufficiency: Planning for Urban Agriculture in Springfield, Illinois
1000369 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Richards, M. Richards,Martin COMMUNITY FARM ALLIANCE KY Building a Grassroots-driven Food Collaborative in Kentucky
0229566 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Press, D. Press,Daniel UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SANTA CRUZ CA Building A Foundation For New Farmers: Training, Resources, And Networks
1004375 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Marshall, S. E. Marshall,Susan Edinger HUMBOLDT STATE UNIV CA Building a Better Capstone
1016345 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Roy, M. Roy,Maitreyi BARTRAM, JOHN ASSOCIATION THE PA Building 21st-Century Agricultural Capacity for Southwest Philadelphia at America`s First Garden
1012212 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tsolova, V. Tsolova,Violeta FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Building Wine Analytical Capacity for Southern Grapes at FAMU to Train Technological Ready Professionals and Enhance Growers Profit.
1013305 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Picard, D. Picard,Diane MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE PROJECT, INC NY Buffalo Community Food Hub Project will engage low-income community members, creating a neighborhood food hub, supporting market gardens, a Mobile market, job training and greater healthy food access
0212314 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hartnett, D. Hartnett, D. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Bud bank demography: a new approach to assessment of rangeland health and response to environmental change.
1011716 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bonning, B. C. Bonning,Bryony C IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Bt toxin-based strategies for management of Diaphorina citri and citrus greening
1018171 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Young, D. Young,De`Etra TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Broadening Minority Participation for the Agriculture Workforce: Measuring, Fostering,and Transforming Undergraduate Research Experiences
1004364 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tucker, T. Tucker,Terry CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Broadening High School Agriculture Education and STEM Career Opportunities through Veterinary Science
1007121 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jayachandran, K. Jayachandran,Krishnaswamy FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY FL Broadening Agriculture Science Education (BASE) for Hispanic Students through Florida-Texas-New Mexico Consortium
1005124 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Guinn, M. J. Guinn,Mandy J UNITED TRIBES TECHNICAL COLLEGE ND Broadening Achievements Together in STEM II (BATS II)
0230086 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cabrales, L. Cabrales,Luis CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY CA Broadening Access to Modern STEAM Education in the High Needs Southern San Joaquin Valley
0222992 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ballard de Ruiz, A. S. Ballard de Ruiz,Aleta Sue TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Bringing Sustainable Environmental Consumer Practices to the Community and the Classroom through Development and Implementation of Learning
1017558 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Willis, J. L. Grebner,Donald L. FOREST AND WILDLIFE RES CENTER MS Bringing Small Private Landowners of the Mid-Gulf Region Back into the Mix
0223525 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Morris, M. K. Hadley, K. NATIONAL CENTER FOR APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY MT Bringing New Farmers to the Table: A Comprehensive Support Program to Meet North Carolina`s Ten Percent Local Food Challenge
0189559 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dubcovsky, J. Dubcovsky, J. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA CA Bringing Genomics to the Wheat Fields
0230022 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sirois, E. Sirois,Emma Health Care Without Harm VA Bringing Farmers` Markets and Organic Food Gardens to Senior Living Communities
0187619 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hanson, J. C. Hanson, J. C. UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Bridging the Urban Rural Divide: Marketing Local Food in the Mid-Atlantic
1011154 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Baker, M. A. Robinson,Jeremy Shane OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Bridging the Mandate Gap: Equipping Agricultural Educators to Support All Students in Exploring FANH Careers
1010638 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Critzer, F. J. Wszelaki,Annette UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN Bridging the Gap: Effective Risk Mitigation Through Adoption of Agricultural Water Treatment Systems
1009682 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hein, G. Hein,Gary UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Bridging the Gap: Educating Multidisciplinary Professionals to Steward Pest Management Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture
0226957 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS INGHAM, B. H. INGHAM,BARBARA H UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Bridging the Gap: Integrated Research and Extension in Support of Small Food Processors of Acidified Canned Foods
1010648 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blumberg, R. Blumberg,Renata MONTCLAIR STATE COLL NJ Bridging the Gap Between New Jersey Farmers and Consumers Through Research, Education and Outreach