Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1015971 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Berney, S. Moore,Alysa WHOLESOME WAVE GEORGIA INCORPORATED GA Georgia Fresh for Less Nutrition Incentive Program
1015975 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Griffin, S. Upham,Thea FARM FRESH RHODE ISLAND RI Optimizing Local Food Outlets: marketplace and customer analysis across New England.
1015976 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Simeziane, S. Evers,Jacquelyn LAND CONNECTION FOUNDATION, THE IL Boosting Farmers` Market SNAP Purchases of Fruits and Vegetables Using Strategic Incentives
1015978 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mason, A. Larsen,Kelly Chicago Horticultural Society IL Windy City Harvest: Connecting Urban Farmers and Healthcare Providers to Improve Community Health
1016001 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Stluka, S. Dvorak,Samantha SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Double Up Dakota Bucks! Working to Increase Fruit & Vegetable Purchases in Tribal Communities in North and South Dakota
1016053 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Woodard, H. Woodard,Hollis UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA National Native Bee Health Monitoring Program Scientific Workshop
1016076 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mandadi, K. Mandadi,Kranthi TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX A scalable bioassay for culturing CLas and high-throughput screening of novel antimicrobials for HLB management
1016094 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hymon-Parker, S. Ahmedna,Mohamed NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Enhancement of Teaching, Research and Extension Facilities at North Carolina A&T State University
1016150 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wyman, C. Cai,Charles The Regents of University of California CA Integrated Biorefinery to Produce Ethanol, High Value Polymers, and Chemicals from Lignocellulosic Biomass
1016235 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tomandl, J. Tomandl,Joseph DAIRY GRAZING APPRENTICESHIP, INC. WI Creating a Dairy Farming Career Track for Military Veterans
1016271 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS LaGrange, G. Bunting,Tod SERVICEMEMBER AGRICULTURAL VOCATION EDUCATION CORP KS Servicemember Agricultural Vocation Education (SAVE) - Farming for the Future
1016277 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hoover, K. Hoover,Kelli PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Rapid cycle radio frequency technology for wood packaging materials used in international trade to replace methyl bromide for QPS purposes
1016285 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mathers, B. Mathers,Brian HO-CHUNK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION NE HoChunk Harvest Community Foods Implementation Project
1016287 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Skidmore, M. Skidmore,Mark MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI North Central Regional Center for Rural Development
1016293 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Smith, A. Smith,Andra SEQUIM FOOD BANK WA Adding Value to Farm to Food Bank
1016294 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Michel, F. C. Michel,Frederick C. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH BARRAL-Bioenergy, Advanced Biofuel, and Rubber Research Agricultural Linkages
1016295 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Betz, R. Betz,Ryan DELTA HEALTH ALLIANCE, INC. MS Delta EATS Community Foods Planning Project
1016298 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Byun, M. Tso,Elaine ASIAN SERVICES IN ACTION, INC. OH Akron Food Works! Local Food Enterprise Center
1016304 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS David, C. David,Cassalyn Mariposa Community Health Center AZ Cosechando Bienestar (Harvesting Wellbeing)
1016308 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jordan, J. L. Jordan,Jeffrey L UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program 2018
1016312 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Barrett, J. E. Barrett,John E VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Life-Cycle Assessment of Biochar in Agricultural and Forest Ecosystems: Effects on Production, Soil Fertility, and Economic Impact
1016313 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Idhow, A. Idhow,Abass ORGANIZATION FOR REFUGEE AND IMMIGRANT SUCCESS NH Food Sovereignty for New Americans in New Hampshire
1016325 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS KROLL, K. Borrelli,Kristy UNIV OF MARYLAND MD National Reporting, Coordination and Communications Office
1016329 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Phillips, T. W. Phillips,Thomas W KANSAS STATE UNIV KS IPM for the Ham Mite Using Alternatives to Methyl Bromide
1016335 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Grubinger, V. P. Grubinger,Vernon Phillip UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Northeast SARE Regional Center
1016336 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Caswell, L. Caswell,Leigh PRESBYTERIAN HEALTHCARE SERVICES NM Connecting Harvest to Health/Conectando Cosechas con la Salud
1016337 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kerr, D. Kerr,David SANSUM DIABETES RESEARCH INSTITUTE CA Farming for Life: An innovative community based program that will change the face of food insecurity and access, while concurrently improving local health, and opening new outlets for local produce.
1016338 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sandolo, C. Angerame,Eleanor GREEN VILLAGE INITIATIVE, INC. CT Building A Just and Viable Local Food System in Bridgeport, CT
1016341 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Phillips, K. Crane,Kelly FARMER FOODSHARE, INC. NC Community Food Share: Building healthy communities from both ends of the table