Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0222653 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Vedia, R. Vedia,Roxanne LAREDO COMMUNITY COLLEGE TX SABOR Culinary Arts Program: Better Nutrition Education and Jobs
0222675 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Quinn, W. J. Quinn,William J ST. EDWARDS UNIVERSITY TX Education, Experience and Employment for Underrepresented Students in Natural Resources
0223007 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McWhinney, V. J. McWhinney,Velva PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Acquiring Laboratory Instrumentation for Food Education (A LIFE)
0223081 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Allen, C. T. Allen,Charles T. TEXAS COOPERATIVE EXTENSION TX Internships to Develop IPM Professionals
0223083 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Amarasekara, A. S. Amarasekara,Ananda Sarath PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Artificial cellulase Type Catalysts for Cellulosic-Ethanol Process
0223171 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wang, Y. Wang,Yonghui PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Establishment of an Agricultural Robotics Lab at Prairie View A&M University
0223174 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Urbanczyk, K. M. Urbanczyk,Kevin SUL ROSS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Sustainable Agricultural Freshwater Conservation - Texas
0223307 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Li, S. Y. Li, S. Y. STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE UNIVERSITY TX Identification of Selective Cytotoxic Eryngiosides from Eryngium L.
0223560 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Williams, R. L. Williams, R. L. Texas A&M University-Commerce TX Breaking Barriers for Beginning Hispanic Farmers and Ranchers
0223710 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Villanueva, R. T. Villanueva,Raul T. TEXAS COOPERATIVE EXTENSION TX Integrating community college students & organic farmers throughout feasibility studies in pest mgmt, & horticulture production in So. TX.
0223834 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Marianno, C. M. Marianno, C. M. TEXAS A&M RESEARCH FOUNDATION TX Effective Contamination Detection for Livestock following a Radiological Event
0223913 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lopez, R. R. Lopez, R. R. TEXAS COOPERATIVE EXTENSION TX Adapting to Climate Change through Longleaf Restoration in Texas-Louisiana
0224116 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Beckham, T. R. Beckham,Tammy TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Pathways to Prepare Underrepresented Fellows to Meet the Needs of Global Agricultural Biosecurity: A Graduate-Level Career Development Program
0225716 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Irlbeck, E. Irlbeck,Erica Lynn TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Beyond the Farm Gate: Equipping Beginning Farmers and Ranchers with Online Tools for Agribusiness Marketing
0226346 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bullard, S. H. Bullard,Steven STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE UNIVERSITY TX 50th Anniversary Video Production - A "Driving Force" in Developing the Nation`s Forest: The McIntire-Stennis Cooperative Forestry Research
0226388 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Durnovo, M. Durnovo,Maya Houston Community College TX Agriculture Out of Bounds
0226428 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McWhinney, S. McWhinney,Sharon PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Enhancing Experiential Experiences in Nutrition and Health
0226500 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McWhorter, R. L. McWhorter,Richard L PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Enhancing the Education of Marriage and Family Graduates in the Electronic Age
0226590 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Taboada Jimenez, H. Taboada,Heidi A THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO TX BGREEN - BuildinG a Regional Energy and Educational Network A Partnership to Integrate Efforts and Collaboration to Shape Tomorrow`s Hispani
0226621 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Canales, J. Canales,JoAnn TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY-CORPUS CHRISTI TX Connecting Underrepresented Latinos To Integrate Values and Academic Resources (Cultivar) Project
0226639 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Morrish, D. Morrish,Douglas G TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Food Safety and Agroterrorism Training: Educating Our Future Workforce
0226676 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Summy, K. R. Summy,Kenneth Rodney UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS - PAN AMERICAN TX Experiential Learning for Hispanic Students of South Texas: Biological Control of Giant Reed, an Invasive, Water-Consuming Weed.
0226681 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nelson, S. D. Nelson,Shad David TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY- KINGSVILLE TX STEP UP to USDA Career Success: Science, Technology and Environmental Programs for Undergraduate Preparation to USDA Career Success
0226850 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ahmed, I. Ahmed,Iftekhar PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Hydrologic Influences on Soil Organic Carbon Loss Monitoring Using Stable Isotopes
0226989 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Loneragan, G. Loneragan,Guy TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Solutions for the Food Safety Threat Posed by Salmonella in the Lymph Nodes of Cattle Presented for Harvest
0227129 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Renchie, D. L. Renchie,Don LaRosa TEXAS AGRILIFE EXTENSION SERVICE TX Texas Pesticide Safety Education Program
0229275 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bennack, G. H. Bennack,George UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS - PAN AMERICAN TX Direct Marketing Initiative for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers in South Texas
0229355 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nightingale, K. Nightingale,Kendra TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Integrating teaching, research and outreach efforts to facilitate industry application of molecular subtyping for foodborne pathogens
0229690 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wisneski, D. Brauner,Rachel Ann TEXAS COOPERATIVE EXTENSION TX Military Life Skills Education at Fort Hood, Texas