Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1007543 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Reagan, T. E. Reagan,Thomas E LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Biology, Ecology, and Impact of Melanaphis sacchari in Sorghum and Sugarcane Production Systems
0223744 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hamilton, G. C. Hamilton, G. C. RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ Biology, Distribution and Pest Status of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug in Agronomic, Fruit and Vegetable Crops, and Urban Areas
0222385 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Walton, V. M. Walton,Vaughn M. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Biology and Management of Spotted Wing Drosophila on Small and Stone Fruits
0189702 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Klassen, W. Klassen, W. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Biologically-Based Sustainable Tomato Production Systems Without Use of Methyl Bromide.
0197104 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS BHARDWAJ, H. BHARDWAJ, H. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Biological Nitrogen Fixation and Seed Composition Traits of White Lupin
0207794 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS BHARDWAJ, H. BHARDWAJ, H. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Biological N Fixation and Seed Composition Traits of Tepary Bean
1011466 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schilder, A. Schilder,Annemiek MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Biological management of nematode-virus and nematode-fungal complexes in fruit crops
0226437 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kanga, L. H. Kanga,Lambert H. B. FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Biological Control of Honey Bee Pests in Florida: Enhancement of Market Competitiveness
0183008 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gelaye, S. Gelaye, S. FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Biological Control of Gastrointestinal Nematodes in Goats Using Nematode-trapping Fungi
0205018 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Van Eenennaam, A. L. Van Eenennaam, A. L. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA CA Biological Containment of Genetically Engineered Fish
0197139 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Stinner, D. Stinner,Deborah OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Biological Buffering and Pest Management in Organic Farming Systems: The Central Role of Organic Matter
0223137 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rasmussen, A. Rasmussen,Andrew FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Biological Assessment of Headwater Streams in Ravine Ecosystems of Northwest Florida
0197911 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Westgate, M. E. Good, C. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Biological and Physical Determinants of Outcrossing by Adventitious Corn Pollen
1000862 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Moss, E. M. Moss,Elica Monique ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Biological and Environmental Science (BES) Scholars @ AAMU: Demonstrating Excellence and Strengthening Training in Agricultural Sciences
1004958 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS De Jong, W. De Jong,Walter CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Biological and economic impacts of emerging potato tuber necrotic viruses and the development of comprehensive and sustainable management practices
0230258 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Leung, M. Leung,Ming-Ying THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO TX Bioinformatics Education for Agricultural Science
0222570 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jayachandran, K. ". Jayachandran,Krishnaswamy FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY FL Biofuel Science Education for Under-Represented Students at Florida International University
1001694 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Aziz, A. N. Aziz,Ahmad Naseer TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Biofuel Education and Training Program with Infusion of Foundation Concepts and Outreach
0203860 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Joens, L. A. Joens, L. A. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Biofilm Production and the Colonization of Broiler Chickens with Campylobacter Jejuni
1004489 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Huber, D. H. Huber,David H. WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Bioengineering the Carboxylate Platform in Thermoplylic Anaerobic Microbiomes
1001064 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brannon, T. Brannon,Tony MURRAY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Bioenergy Utilization, Demonstration, Research, and Education Center (BUDREC)
0226623 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Neal, S. M. Neal,Steven Michael Agricultural Technical Institute OH Bioenergy Education and Workforce Development: Creating a Sustainable Future
1007094 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Castillo Villar, K. Castillo Villar,Krystel UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO TX BioEnergy And Water for Agriculture Research and Education (BE AWARE) Network
0231118 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Li, Y. Zhao,Lingying OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Bioenergy and Biofuels Production from Lignocellulosic Biomass via Anaerobic Digestion and Fisher-Tropsch Reaction
1013916 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Arias, C. Hanson,Terry AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Bioeconomics of columnaris vaccines in channel catfish aquaculture
0218410 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Husband, T. P. Husband,Thomas Paul UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI Biodiversity Certification Models: A Partnership to Strengthen U.S. Competitiveness, Internationalize Curricula, and Sustain Biodiversity
0217317 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rehagen, D. Rehagen,Donnell NATIONAL BIODIESEL BOARD MO Biodiesel Fuel Education Program
1004539 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rehagen, D. Whitehead,Doug NATIONAL BIODIESEL BOARD MO Biodiesel Fuel Education Program
0216080 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Van Gerpen, J. H. Van Gerpen, J. H. UNIV OF IDAHO ID Biodiesel Education Program
0219841 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Inglis, D. A. Inglis, D. A. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Biodegradable Mulches for Specialty Crops Produced Under Protective Covers