Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0227237 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Parker, L. Parker,LaVerne STONE CHILD COLLEGE MT Stone Child College Rural Health Initiative
0218192 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Crebs, D. L. Crebs,Douglas STONE CHILD COLLEGE MT Stone Child College Soil Research Project
1009908 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Crebs, D. Crebs,Douglas STONE CHILD COLLEGE MT Stone Child College Tribal Colleges Capacity-Building Research Project
1009871 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS St. Pierre, M. R. St. Pierre,Mary Ruth STONE CHILD COLLEGE MT Stone Child College Tribal Colleges Extension Program Special Emphasis Teepee Fever Project (TPFP)
0231084 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Parker, L. Parker,LaVerne STONE CHILD COLLEGE MT Stone Child College's (SCC) Rural Health Leadership Development Education Pilot Program
0212999 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS St. Pierre, M. St. Pierre,Mary Ruth STONE CHILD COLLEGE MT Stone Child College- Tribal Colleges Extension services Program
0223153 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS NIMMAKAYALA, P. Nimmakayala,Padma WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Stories of crop evolution, biodiversity and domestication and methods of genomic assisted Crop Improvement for curricula development
0211263 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Flahive DiNardo, M. Flahive DiNardo, M. RUTGERS UNIVERSITY NJ Stormwater Management in Your Backyard: An Extension Education Initiative for New Jersey, New York and Virginia
1005503 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rangarajan, A. Rangarajan,Anusuya CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Strategic Investments to Ensure Long-Term Success of Veteran-Owned and Advanced Beginning Farms
1004321 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Peres, N. A. Peres,Natalia A R UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Strategic Management of Multiple Diseases in Strawberry Nurseries and Production Fields in the Eastern U.S.
0200874 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wolpert, J. A. Wolpert, J. A. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA CA Strategic Planning Workshop for Research and Extension in Viticulture
0225876 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Simon, J. E. Simon,James E. RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ Strategies for improving the United States responses to Fusarium, Downy Mildew and Chilling Injury to Production of Sweet Basil
0201368 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Muir, J. P. Muir, J. P. TEXAS A&M UNIV TX Strategies for Phosphorus Reduction from Land Receiving Dairy Manure on the North Bosque and Leon Rivers
0220749 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cabrera, V. E. Cabrera,Victor E UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Strategies of Pasture Supplementation on Organic and Conventional Grazing Dairies: Assessment of Economic, Production and Environ. Outcomes
1003576 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Aggrey, S. E. Aggrey,Samuel Egyir UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Strategies to enhance de novo biosynthesis of methionine for organic poultry
0226848 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cebert, E. Cebert,Ernst ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Strategies to Expand Canola Acreage in the Southern United States
0223106 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Udoh, B. O. Udoh,Bridget Oscar SOUTHERN UNIV LA Strategies to Improve Farm and Business Efficiency Through Integrated Communications
0230589 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Heins, B. J. Heins,Bradley J UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Strategies to Improve Profitability of Organic Dairy Herds in the Upper Midwest
1000966 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Luther, J. Luther,Justin UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - RIVER FALLS WI Strategies to Improve Reproductive Performance in the US Beef Cattle Industry
1010487 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fransen, S. Fransen,Steve WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Strategies to prevent and mitigate AP of GMO’s in organic and export alfalfa hay
1000873 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wildeus, S. A. Wildeus,Stephan A VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Strategies to Raise Hair Sheep Lambs for Specialty Markets on Pasture
0214966 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ajwa, H. A. Ajwa, H. A. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Strawberry and Ornamental Production without Methyl Bromide employing Grower-Directed Alternative Pest Management Research and Outreach
1006855 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Welton, W. Welton,William HASKELL INDIAN NATIONS UNIVERSITY KS Stream Bank Best Management Practices on Tribal Lands in Northeastern Kansas
0226525 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bigger, J. L. Knox,Margaret Ann Sitting Bull College ND Strenghening a Lakota/Dakota Culture
0218400 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS WANG, Y. Wang,Yong ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Strengthen Minority in Global Perspectives: Collaborative Partnerships with China in Agricultural Research and Education
1016826 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mathanker, S. K. Mathanker,Sunil K. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Strengthen Puerto Rico’s Agricultural Sciences Programs by Integrating Precision Agriculture Technologies
1015369 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Thomas, V. D. James,Neil FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Strengthening 9 - 12th Grade Partnerships with Area High Schools through a Bridge Program in Food and Agricultural Sciences
1004578 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bigger, J. L. Knox,Margaret Sitting Bull College ND Strengthening a Lakota/Dakota Culture through Bison, Food and Sustainable Living
0211603 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dzantor, E. K. Dzantor,Emmanuel Kudjo TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Strengthening Agricultural & Environmental Education at Tennessee State University: Student Experiential Training in Investigations . . .
1012103 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wei, X. Wei,Xiaofang Central State University OH Strengthening Agricultural Geospatial Education and Research at Central State University