Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1010548 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Vincent, S. Vincent,Stacy UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Developing Entrepreneurial Youth in Resource-Depleted Communities
1011233 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fettrow-Whitney, E. A. Fettrow-Whitney,Elizabeth Ann UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Health Education: Curriculum and Professional Development For K-8 DoDEA Teachers
1011872 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gustafson, A. A. Gustafson,Alison UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY The Obesity Food Insecurity Paradox: Educating and empowering a diverse undergraduate student population through innovative curriculum and experiential learning opportunities
1011972 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hains, B. Hains,Bryan UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Building Capacity and Diffusing Innovation in Community Development Education
1013686 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Teets, N. M. Teets,Nicholas M UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Impact of Genotype and Environmental Variables on Transgene Effectiveness for Conditional Lethality Systems in Insects
1013820 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Davis, A. Davis,Alison F UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Community Decision Making and Financial Planning for Natural and Man-made Disasters
1013908 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Arnold, L. M. Arnold,Laura Michelle UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Case-Based Distance Learning for Food Animal Veterinarians
1013946 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brislen, L. Brislen,Lilian UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Cultivate Kentucky Parternship Expansion
1014099 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Haramoto, E. Haramoto,Erin UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Integrated Management Techniques to Combat Potential Shifts in Horseweed Emergence
1015011 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Crocker, E. V. Crocker,Ellen Veronica UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Development of an Urban and Community Forestry Undergraduate Certificate
1016930 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Higdon, A. L. Higdon,Andrea Lynn UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY LADDER: Local Approach to Discussion-Based Disaster Exercises and Readiness
1017447 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Crocker, E. V. Crocker,Ellen Veronica UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY HealthyWoods: a new mobile app tool to guide landowners in forest health assessment and invasive species management
1023569 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jacobsen, K. L. Jacobsen,Krista L. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Reclaiming High Tunnel Soil Health for Sustained Specialty Crop Production
1024526 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nagy, P. D. Nagy,Peter D UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Establishing the Center for Agricultural Fluorescence-microscopy Experiments and Biological Imaging (CAFE-BI)
0226644 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Darling-Novak, S. Darling-Novak,Stacey University of La Verne CA Bridging the Gap between HSI Community Colleges, University of La Verne, and Agricultural Science Graduate Schools
1000787 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wang, Y. Wang,Yi-Hong UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA AT LAFAYETTE LA Building capacity for research, outreach and teaching in food, agriculture and natural resources at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette
0190167 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS White, G. K. White, G. K. UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Strengthening Rural Food Retailers by Enhancing Linkages with Local Producers
0190168 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Smith, S. N. Smith, S. N. UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Re-Integrating Crop and Livestock Enterprises in Three Northern States
0193818 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Annis, S. L. Annis, S. L. UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Risk Assessment of Using Fungal Insecticides: Impact on Indigenous, Conspecific Fungal Populations
0197462 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wilson, L. R. Wilson, L. R. UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME The Northern New England Lake Education and Action Project
0198214 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Drummond, F. Dave Yarborough UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Development and Implementation of Organic Pest Management Strategies for Lowbush Blueberries
0205089 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Reberg-Horton, S. C. Chris Reberg-Horton UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Reducing Off-Farm Grain Inputs on Northeast Organic Dairy Farms
0208834 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wu, V. Wu,Vivian Chi-Hua UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME An Interdisciplinary Approach to Reducing Patulin in Food Through Novel Sensor Development, Fungal Identification and New Processing Methods
0210222 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tavantzis, S. M. Tavantzis, S. M. UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME A Systems Approach to Optimize Organic Crop Production: Enhancing Soil Functionality and Plant Health to Suppress Plant Diseases and Pests
0215369 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Leahy, J. Leahy,Jessica UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME The Role of Social Capital, Trust and Learning in Solving Groundwater Quality and Quantity Issues in the Northeast with Citizen Science
0218804 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mallory, E. B. Mallory,Ellen Beth UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Enhancing farmers` capacity to produce high quality organic bread wheat
0219750 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Yarborough, D. E. Yarborough,David E UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Systems Approach to Improving the Sustainability of Wild Blueberry Production
1000535 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS PENDSE, H. PENDSE,HEMANT UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME SELF: Sustainable Energy Leaders of the Future - Connecting Rural Women to STEM Careers
1004056 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mallory, E. B. Mallory,Ellen Beth UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Building Research Knowledge and Community Through an International Organic Agriculture Conference
1004117 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Yerxa, K. Yerxa,Kathryn UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Rural Health and Safety Education: Expanding The Eat Well Volunteer Program to Enhance Self-Sufficiency Skills of Rural Mainers