Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1014492 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS DuPont, S. DuPont,S. Tianna WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA IPM Methods to Control Replant Disease of Tree Fruit
1014628 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Searcy, M. J. Searcy,Mary Jennison K UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL National Extension Sustainability Summit
1014660 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Azbell, L. Tyner,Mekko COLLEGE OF THE MUSCOGEE NATION OK Traditional Harvest and Nutrition Experience
1014804 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wang, N. Wang,Nian UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Development of non-transgenic HLB resistant citrus varieties using CRISPR-Cas9
1014935 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Burns, R. Burns,Robert WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Developing a Regional Education Program in Sustainable Land Reclamation Management in Central Appalachia
1014957 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Emal, C. D. Emal,Cory D EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIV MI Strengthening student readiness for internships and the workforce via Fermentation Science curriculum development and implementation
1014960 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bowers, J. Bowers,Jan RESEARCH FOUNDATION FOR THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK, THE NY National Partnerships to Recruit, Prepare, and Support Human Sciences/Family and Consumer Sciences Educators
1014961 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Frankenberger, J. Frankenberger,Jane PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Filling the Pipeline: Transforming Agricultural Drainage Education to Meet 21st Century Water Management Needs
1014967 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lasker, G. Lasker,Grace UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Developing Community-Engaged Service Learning and Research Opportunities for Students in FANH Sciences
1014968 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fouladkhah, A. Fouladkhah,Aliyar TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN A Planning Activity Project for Development of a Master of Public Health Tracked in Food Safety and Foodborne Disease Epidemiology
1014971 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Forbes, C. Forbes,Cory UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Innovating Teaching and Learning in the Nexus: Capacity-Building for Undergraduate Food, Energy, & Water Education - National Conference
1014978 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS VENTURA, S. J. VENTURA,STEPHEN J UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Farming the City: Building a Competent and Diverse Workforce for Urban Agriculture
1014983 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Small, V. Small,Voulynne BEST BROTHERS EXELLING WITH SE NC Mobile Produce and Practicing Food Safety Project
1014988 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Eivazi, F. Eivazi,Frieda LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Spatial Variability of Soil Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Soil Microbial Diversity and Function in Conventional and Alternate Land Use Systems in Floodplain Soils
1014990 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Moore, T. Moore,Timothy SUNY COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE & TECHNOLOGY NY Cobleskill and Cornell - Applied Plant Science Education Collaborative
1014991 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Si, H. Si,Hongwei TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Professional Development in MicroRNA and Nutrition Research Using Human Subjects
1014993 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fouladkhah, A. Fouladkhah,Aliyar Cyrus TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Assisting Producers and Processors Meeting the Water and Food Safety Requirements in the Current Regulatory Climate
1014998 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blair, M. W. Blair,Matthew W. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Professional Development in Transcriptomics and Proteomics to Enhance Teaching in Biotechnology
1015005 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tesfaye, S. Tesfaye,Samson LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Disseminating Geospatial Information Science and Technology Knowledge to K-12 Educators and Youth
1015007 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS de Koff, J. de Koff,Jason TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Building Extension Capacity by Developing Relevant Opportunities for Novel Experiences (DRONEs) in Agriculture
1015008 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Patras, A. Patras,Ankit TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN An Integrated Approach to Control Foodborne Bacterial, Viral, and Mycotoxins in High Risk Foods using Ultraviolet Technologies
1015009 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Khanal, A. R. Khanal,Aditya Raj TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Enhancing economic benefits and sustainability of small farm businesses in Tennessee through enterprise diversification and agritourism
1015011 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Crocker, E. V. Crocker,Ellen Veronica UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Development of an Urban and Community Forestry Undergraduate Certificate
1015018 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ahmed, S. Ahmed,Selena MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Advancing an Inclusive Food Systems Curriculum based on a Signature Pedagogy
1015019 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhou, S. Zhou,Suping TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Transgenerational adaptation of plants to acidic pH and toxic metals in soil
1015025 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Siddiqui, R. A. Siddiqui,Rafat A. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Green papaya as a potential source for antidiabetic and diabetic-wound healing therapy.
1015033 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rutto, L. K. Rutto,Laban K. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Professional Development Application to Build Capacity in Hops Disease Management and Alternative Production Practices
1015034 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ren, S. Ren,Shuxin VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Strengthening VSU`s Interdisciplinary Research Capacity to Address Heavy Metal Contaminations in Virginia Urban Soils
1015035 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS White, J. M. White,Jacquelyn M PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Building capacity within Extension to enhance nutrition and physical activity program delivery among underserved population/community
1015036 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kommalapati, R. Kommalapati,Raghava Rao PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Energy and Nutrient Recovery from Goat Manure by Anaerobic Co-Digestion with Cotton Gin Trash and Food Waste