Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1027387 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cohenour, M. Cohenour,Meriruth AGRICULTURE FOOD AND FORESTRY, OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF OK Oklahoma Farmers and Ranchers Mental Health Initiative
0225949 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cohen, S. D. Cohen,Seth Daniel APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY NC Developing Fermentation: Enhancing Agriculture through Value Addition
0226951 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cohen, N. L. Cohen,Nancy L UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Food Safety from Farm and Garden to Preschool
0193105 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cohen, N. Cromack, P. UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Online Education for Secondary Science Teachers: An Integrated Approach to Food Safety Training
0219614 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cohen, A. M. Cohen, A. M. WORLD HUNGER YEAR, INC. NY Food Security Learning Center
0227233 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cohen, A. M. Cohen,Alison Meares WORLD HUNGER YEAR, INC. NY Food Security Learning Center
0230954 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cohen, A. M. Cohen,Alison Meares WORLD HUNGER YEAR, INC. NY Food Security Learning Center
0208107 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cohen, A. Cohen,Ann UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Novel Science-Technology Based Consumer Food Safety Education on Safe Food Handling Practices
1006208 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Coggins, C. Coggins,Christa SANTA FE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION NM MoGro Healthy SNAP: Expanding Food Access and Nutrition Services to New Mexico`s Food Insecure Communities
0190600 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cogger, C. G. Cogger, C. G. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA The Benefits and Costs of Using Organic Waste Streams in Small Scale Agriculture
0213730 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cogger, C. G. Cogger, C. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Designing production strategies for stewardship and profits on fresh market organic farms
0186518 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cogburn, L. A. Cogburn, L. A. UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE A Consortium for Functional Mapping of Growth-Regulating Genes in Broiler Chickens
0228335 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Coffee, A. Coffee,Aubrey CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Technical College Scholars for Food Science Careers
0193570 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cocker, E. Cocker, E. NORTHERN MARIANAS COLLEGE MP Culturally Appropriate Food Safety Education and Training for Indigenous Youth With Limited Resources, Food Handlers, and Processors
1017508 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Coatsworth, J. D. Riggs,Nathaniel COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Empowering Youth and Families in Rural Colorado: Implementing SFP 10-14 to Prevent Opioid Misuse
0197769 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Coats, J. R. Good, C. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Development of Analytical Techniques for Environmental Detection and Quantification of the Bt Toxin from Transgenic Corn
0218002 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cline, D. J. Cline,David AUBURN UNIV., ALABAMA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SYSTEM AL Developing Online Aquaculture Curricula
0226304 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Clifford-Rathert, C. A. Clifford-Rathert,Charlotte Ann LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Evaluating the Performance and Grazing Behavior of Meat Goats in the Development of a Field Station in Missouri Woodlands
1024459 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Clevenger, C. Ramsey,Lisa TRUMBULL NEIGHBORHOOD PARTNERSHIP OH Trumbull County Grower Training and Development Program
0226568 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Clendaniel, J. W. McIntosh,Dennis DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Establishment of a Mobile Meat Processing Lab (MMPL) at Delaware State University
0216253 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Clay, S. Clay, S. A. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Fire, Atmospheric N Depositions, and Water Availability Impacts on Rangeland Health, Forage Availability, and Invasive Species Control
1004469 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Clay, D. Clay,David SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Precision farming workforce development: standards, working groups, and experimental learning curricula.
0219635 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Clatterbuck, W. K. Clatterbuck, W. K. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Absentee Forest Landowner Education Workshops in Metropolitan Areas
0208441 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Clatterbuck, W. Clatterbuck, W. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN The National Learning Center for Private Forest and Range Landowners 2006
0206531 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Clary, J. M. Clary, J. M. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Communities Caring for Families: A Focus on MS Katrina Victims
1012116 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Clarke, M. Marsh,Lurline E University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD Melding Undergraduate Research Internships, Mentorships and Tutorships to Increase Student Progression to Graduation in Agriculture
1013303 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Clarke, J. Brenneman,Thomas PROJECT GROWS, INC. VA Growing a Healthy Food System in the Central Shenandoah Valley
1020854 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Clark, S. Lee,Tobin MACON, COUNTY OF NC MountainWise: "A People Worth Preserving" The Double Up Food Bucks Program
0197720 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Clark, M. W. D. Mitchell Flinchum UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Wetland Enhancement Decision-Making Tools and Training for Landowners and Technical Service Providers