Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1014125 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kisekka, I. Kisekka,Isaya UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA A Decision Support Tool for Predicting Alfalfa Yield and Quality to Enhance Resource Use Efficiency
1014126 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Royer, T. Royer,Tom A. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Request for Support of Oklahoma`s Extension IPM Programs
1014143 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Reay-Jones, F. Reay-Jones,Francis CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Developing Host Plant Resistance for Thrips in Cotton to Address Emerging Insecticide Resistance
1014147 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Woodcox, S. Woodcox,Stephanie PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN A Multi-State Effort Of Opioid Abuse Prevention Using SFP 10-14
1014151 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Englehart, K. Englehart,Kathryn KENNEBEC VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE ME Farm to Coast: Growing Maine`s Agricultural Career Pathways
1014152 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jenkins, N. E. Jenkins,Nina Ellen PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Development of Eaves Tubes as a New Pest Management Tactic for IPM of Mushroom Flies
1014167 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wright, M. G. Wright,Mark UNIV OF HAWAII HI IPM extension and implementation, Hawaii
1014170 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Langston, D. B. Langston,David B VIRGINIA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION, VA POLYTECH INST. VA Virginia IPM Program: Ensuring Food Security, Public Health, and Pollinator Protection
1014172 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Freeman, C. E. Freeman,Charles Edward MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Integration of Food Grade Coatings into Ham Nets as a Means to Control Ham Mite Infestations
1014176 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Perez, F. Perez,Fernando J UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Understanding and Demonstrating Indoor Agriculture Technology in Puerto Rico
1014179 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Perez, F. Perez,Fernando J UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Engineering Teams Optimizing Agricultural Technology
1014180 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Verle Rodrigues, J. C. Verle Rodrigues,Jose Carlos UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR A Science Hub Facility for Agriculture and Plant Protection
1014181 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fennimore, S. A. Fennimore,Steven A. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Integration of allyl-isothiocyanate, steam and exothermic compounds for soil disinfestation in strawberry nurseries
1014187 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brewer, G. Brewer,Gary UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE A Multi-Tactic Push-Pull Strategy for Controlling Stable Flies on Pasture Cattle in Nebraska and Florida
1014191 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Skidmore, M. Skidmore,Mark MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI North Central Regional Center for Rural Development
1014194 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chen, Z. Chen,Zhangjing VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Evaluation of vacuum and steam heat as a methyl bromide alternative for phytosanitary treatment of hardwood and softwood logs
1014203 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kelly, H. M. Kelly,Heather Marie UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN IPM Implementation for Agronomic Crops, Housing, Schools, and Pesticide Applicators
1014206 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Huseth, A. S. Huseth,Anders NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Cross-commodity Bt resistance in dynamic row crop agroecosystems: linking the deployment of GE technology at the landscape-scale to resistance in cotton bollworm
1014209 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Paret, M. Paret,Mathews UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Development Of An Ipm Program For Rose Rosette Disease Using Systemic Acquired Resistance Inducer And Biocontrol Agents
1014213 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Falk, J. Falk,Jeremy UNIV OF IDAHO ID Connecting Land-Grant University Research Centers to Secondary Agricultural Education Students in Idaho, Kansas, and Oklahoma
1014217 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cram, D. Cram,Douglas NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY NM Proactive Capacity Building to Prepare Citizens and Communities for Post Fire Challenges
1014221 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Walsh, D. Walsh,Doug WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Washington State IPM Extension Implementation Program 2017-2020
1014224 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Xiong, X. Xiong,Xi UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Developing Innovative IPM Tactics for Billbug Control in Urban Environments through Early Detection and Non-Chemical Approaches
1014235 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Buys, D. R. Buys,David Russell MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Preventing Opioid Misuse in the SouthEast: the PROMISE Initiative
1014238 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schainker, L. M. Schainker,Lisa M IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Expanding the Evidence-Based PROSPER Delivery System to Address the Opioid Epidemic
1014255 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Coleman, L. Coleman,Latoya UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Florida Cooperative Extension Advancing Rural HEALTH Education and Community Action
1014297 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Carroll, J. Carroll,Juliet CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Building a responsive network of integrated pest management applications that supports grower access and communication
1014299 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Casagrande, R. A. Tewksbury,Elizabeth A UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI Extension Implementation Program for Rhode Island: Novel Pests, Innovative Approaches
1014305 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fadamiro, H. Y. Fadamiro,Henry Y. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Development and Implementation of Ecologically-Based Tactics for Managing Key Insect Pests in Cucurbit Production in the Southeast
1014315 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Graves, A. Graves,Andrea OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Food Safety Training and Assistance for the Cottage Law Home Baker