Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1014040 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rasby, R. J. Rasby,Richard UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Nebraska Extension Implementation Program
1014049 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Seipel, T. Seipel,Timothy MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Integrating little hammers: using crop variety, crop diversification, cover crops, and targeted grazing to chip away at multiple herbicide resistant weeds
1014051 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lamp, W. Lamp,William UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Proximal and remote sensing of alfalfa canopies for early detection of insect stress and rapid integrated pest management decision making
1014053 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zimmerman, T. W. ZIMMERMAN,THOMAS W UNIV OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS VI Engaging Prebaccalaureate Students in Educational Agricultural Research
1014054 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Weiss, S. A. Hensley,David UNIV OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS VI University of the Virgin Islands, Agricultural Experiment Station Rainwater Harvesting, Storage, and Micro-Irrigation for Water Self-Sufficiency
1014055 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Durgan, B. Durgan,Beverly UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Accelerating IPM Implementation via UMN Extension
1014056 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gupta, A. Gupta,Angela UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Empowering citizens to engage resource managers to minimize the impact of invasive species on forests and across ecosystems
1014060 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ramos, M. Ramos,Mariangie University of Puerto Rico - Utuado PR Improving Distance Education at UPR-Utuado
1014063 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gaskalla, L. Gaskalla,Lisa NATIONAL AGRICULTURE IN THE CLASSROOM ORGANIZATION (NAITC) INC. FL This grant provides support to strengthen state Agriculture in the Classroom programs nationwide to increase agricultural literacy among K-12 students.
1014065 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Siemens, M. Siemens,Mark UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Use of Precision Applied Steam to Control Soilborne Pathogens and Weeds in Lettuce
1014066 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McFall, P. M. McFall,Pauline AMERICAN SAMOA COMM COLLEGE AS Developing Resident Instruction in Food & Agriculture Related Sciences at the American Samoa Community College
1014067 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Marutani, M. Marutani,Mari UNIVERSITY OF GUAM UOG STATION GU Improvement of tissue culture, stereomicroscopy and biochemical analysis laboratory in agriculture science education at University of Guam
1014069 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hunter, W. Hunter,William NORTHERN MARIANAS COLLEGE MP Increase capacity at the Northern Marianas College in the field of food and agriculture science by providing resident instruction, curriculum, and teaching programs through distance learning education
1014074 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schell, S. Schell,Scott UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING WY University of Wyoming's Extension Team USDA-NIFA-CPPM EIP Projects
1014075 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Grimberg, B. I. Grimberg,Bruna Irene MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Empowering Women in Agriculture
1014076 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhu, K. Zhu,Kun Yan KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Developing and implementing a diversified integrated pest management program to prevent stored product insect infestation
1014080 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Yelland, E. L. Yelland,Erin KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Kansas Master Health Volunteers
1014087 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Woodard, J. Woodard,Janyce Lynn LITTLE PRIEST TRIBAL COLLEGE NE Exploring Cultural and Natural Heritage
1014088 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Areta, A. A. Areta,Aufai AMERICAN SAMOA COMM COLLEGE AS Developing Distance Education in Food & Agricultural Related Sciences at the American Samoa Community College
1014092 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lofton, J. Lofton,Josh OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Systems-based approach to winter canola management in the southern Great Plains
1014095 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dandurand, L. Dandurand,Louise-Marie UNIV OF IDAHO ID Pyramiding biofumigants and trap crops for eradication of Globodera pallida
1014099 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Haramoto, E. Haramoto,Erin UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Integrated Management Techniques to Combat Potential Shifts in Horseweed Emergence
1014101 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Goetz, S. J. Goetz,Stephan J PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA The Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development - 2017
1014106 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McConnell, J. McConnell,James UNIVERSITY OF GUAM UOG STATION GU Developing Interactive Distance Education Curricula for Delivery with or without the Internet
1014107 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ortiz, M. C. Ortiz,Maria C. SISTEMA UNIVERSITARIO ANA G. MENDEZ, INC. PR Increasing Hispanic Students Success in Agriculture-related Education in Puerto Rico
1014108 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Keshwani, J. Keshwani,Jennifer UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Cultivating ACCESS: Agriculture Career Communities to Empower Students in STEM
1014109 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chandran, R. S. Chandran,Rakesh S WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY EXTENSION SERVICE WV WV Extension Implementation Program
1014110 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wang, H. Wang,Hehe CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Development and Comparison of Pathogen Viability Tests for Seed Certification and Improved Management of Bacterial Spot of Tomato
1014111 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Vines, K. A. Vines,Karen A. VIRGINIA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION, VA POLYTECH INST. VA Preventing Opioid Abuse in Rural Virginia
1014120 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Peairs, F. Szczepaniec,Adrianna COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Colorado Extension Implementation Program