Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0225783 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Carpenter-Boggs, L. Carpenter-Boggs,Lynne WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION WA Conference for Dryland Organic Agriculture in the Pacific Northwest: Addressing Constraints to Production, Economics & Sustainability
0220077 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Carpenter, T. E. Carpenter, T. E. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA (VET-MED) CA Global Movement and Reassortment of Avian influenza Virus Gene Segments
0190285 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Carpenter, S. L. Carpenter, S. L. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Graduate Training in Computational Biology for Animal Agriculture
1013681 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Carnahan, P. Carnahan,Peggy OUR LADY OF THE LAKE UNIVERSITY OF SAN ANTONIO TX Conservation Awareness in Resources Education (C.A.R.E.)
0224379 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Carmichael, K. P. CARMICHAEL,KAREN P UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Promoting Cultural Diversity in the Veterinary Workforce
0197328 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Carlson, K. H. Carlson, K. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Minimizing the Environmental Impact of Agricultural Pharmaceutical Use at a Watershed Level
1004801 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Carley, D. S. Seth Carley,Danesha G. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Extension IPM Implementation Program for NC: Evaluation and Needs Assessment, Pest Monitoring, Information Delivery, and Outreach
1007171 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Carleo, J. S. Carleo,Jenny S. RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ Ultra-Niche Crops for the Progressive, New Farmer
0190078 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Carey, T. Carey, E. T. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS High Tunnels for the Central Great Plains: Profitable, Season-extending, Horticultural Production Systems
0210178 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Carey, T. Carey, T. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Effects of Organic Fertility Management on Crop Health and Phytochemical Content of Vegetables under Open Field and High Tunnel Production
0212193 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Carew, B. L. Carew, B. L. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Rural Health and Safety Education/Smart Aging, Healthy Futures
1003624 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cardona, F. Cardona,Felix RESEARCH FOUNDATION OF THE CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK NY Hostos Community College Food Science A.S. Degree Program
0193053 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cardona, C. J. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA (VET-MED) CA The Role of Immunosuppression in On-Farm Food Safety
0207346 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cardina, J. Cardina, J. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Transition Strategies that Control Perennial Weeds and Build Soil
0196723 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Carbone, E. Carbone, E. UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Food Safety Training and Certification for Under-Educated, Limited English Proficient School Food Service Personnel
0188652 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Caprio, M. A. Caprio, M. A. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Population genetics and molecular mechanisms of resistance western corn rootworm
1013277 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Capers, T. Capers,Tracey BEDFORD-STUYVESANT RESTORATION CORPORATION NY Strengthening Central Brooklyn Food Systems through the Partnership for a Healthier Brooklyn
0215532 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Capareda, S. C. Capareda, S. C. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Preparing Underrepresented Scholars for Challenges in Agriculture Bioenergy and Sustainability-A Research and Leadership PhD Program
0227760 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Capalbo, S. Capalbo,Susan OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Graduate Education in the Economics of Mitigating and Adapting to Climate Change: Evaluating Tradeoffs, Resiliency and Uncertainty in Natur
1008820 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cao, H. Cao,Huantian UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE Textile and apparel curriculum development for a sustainable future
0226621 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Canales, J. Canales,JoAnn TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY-CORPUS CHRISTI TX Connecting Underrepresented Latinos To Integrate Values and Academic Resources (Cultivar) Project
1007736 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Canales, J. Canales,JoAnn TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY-CORPUS CHRISTI TX CULTIVAR iPlus [Connecting Underrepresented Latinos To Integrate Values and Academic Resources incorporating social media technologies]
0224128 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Campbell, W. W. Campbell,Wayne PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Interdepartmental Nutrition Program at Purdue Fellowship Application in the Discipline of Human Nutrition and the Area of Obesity and Diet
0230496 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Campbell, S. J. Hatch,Marco B. NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Effects Of Nutrient, Sediment And Bacterial Pollution On Salish Sea Waters, And Potential Implications Of Climate Change
0222264 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cammack, K. M. Cammack,Kristi Marie UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING WY Opportunities for Education and Research Enhancements Through Partnerships with New Zealand
1023142 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Camhi, A. L. Camhi,Ashley L ARIZONA SUSTAINABILITY ALLIANCE AZ K-12 Vertical Farm to Market Program
0193805 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Calvin, D. D. Calvin, D. D. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA A Site-Specific Field Corn IPM Program that Incorporates Transgenic Technology
0226563 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Calvert, M. C. Calvert,Matthew C UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - EXTENSION WI Wisconsin Bad River Reservation FRTEP Project
0218834 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Calsoyas, K. Calsoyas, K. DEVELOPING INNOVATIONS IN NAVAJO EDUCATION, INC. AZ Western Navajo Nation Agricultural Restoration Project