Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1013977 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kovacevic, J. Kovacevic,Jovana OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Integration of FSMA produce safety outreach and education into extension initiatives in Oregon
1013980 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gibson, K. Gibson,Kristen UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Environmental Assessments to Customize Food Safety Training for Very Small to Small Strawberry Producers in the Southeastern United States
1013981 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Burrows, M. Burrows,Mary MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Montana State University's Extension Implementation Plan for Integrated Pest Management
1013984 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Caldwell, J. M. Caldwell,James Marcus UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Supporting Early Career Veterinarians in Rural Practice in Tennessee
1013986 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zink-Sharp, A. Zink-Sharp,Audrey VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Increasing Awareness and Opportunities for Women and Minority Students in Sustainable Biomaterials Education
1013988 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chilcote, A. Chilcote,Amy Green NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Empowering Youth and Families
1013989 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cunningham, K. K. Cunningham,Kutcher Kyle ARKANSAS COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE AR A robust instructional effort to guide Extension professionals in the latest technology-enabled forest management tools and silvicultural sciences enhancing impact for multiple objectives
1013990 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fadamiro, H. Y. Held,David AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Statewide Extension IPM Coordination Program for Auburn University and Alabama Cooperative Extension System 2017-2020
1013998 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dahlquist-Willard, R. Dahlquist-Willard,Ruth UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Hands-On Food Safety Training for Small Farms in Fresno County
1013999 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kobe, R. Huff,Emily MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Understanding Forest Carbon Management: An E-Learning Program
1014000 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Grant, J. Calixto,Alejandro CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY An Integrated Pest Management Program for New York State, 2017-2020
1014003 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kinchla, A. J. Kinchla,Amanda J UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Food Safety Management Training for Small and Emerging Food Businesses: Integrating a Food Safety Culture from Concept to Commercialization
1014005 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Varenhorst, A. J. Varenhorst,Adam SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD SDSU Integrated Pest Management: Agronomic Crops, Specialty Crops, Pollinator Health, Pesticide Applicators, Public Health and Diagnostic Clinics
1014008 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sharkey, J. R. Sharkey,Joseph R TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY SYSTEM,THE TX Empowering Rural Communities And Families : Preventing Chronic Disease Through Experiential Nutrition Education
1014011 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ilic, S. Ilic,Sanja OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Food Safety Education and Outreach Programming for Plain Growers
1014013 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Calfo, C. Calfo,Cathy CALIFORNIA CERTIFIED ORGANIC FARMERS INC. CA Fulfilling FSMA Requirements: PSA Training Courses & Technical Assistance for Small and Organic Growers
1014018 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Delaplane, K. S. Delaplane,Keith UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Removing Obstacles To Genetic Host Resistance In The U.S. Beekeeping Industry
1014022 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Akers, C. R. Akers,Christopher Ryan MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS National Youth Preparedness Initiative: Preparing Teens; Preparing Comunities - Phase 2
1014023 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Slown, C. Slown,Corin CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, MONTEREY BAY CA Planning to Scaffold Secondary and Post Secondary Agriculture Science Education
1014034 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS SILVA, E. M. SILVA,ERIN M UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Food Safety Bites: A Weekly Food Safety Podcast
1014039 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Newton, J. L. Kratsch,Heidi UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION NV Nevada Extension Implementation Program 2017
1014040 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rasby, R. J. Rasby,Richard UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Nebraska Extension Implementation Program
1014049 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Seipel, T. Seipel,Timothy MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Integrating little hammers: using crop variety, crop diversification, cover crops, and targeted grazing to chip away at multiple herbicide resistant weeds
1014051 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lamp, W. Lamp,William UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Proximal and remote sensing of alfalfa canopies for early detection of insect stress and rapid integrated pest management decision making
1014053 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zimmerman, T. W. ZIMMERMAN,THOMAS W UNIV OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS VI Engaging Prebaccalaureate Students in Educational Agricultural Research
1014054 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Weiss, S. A. Hensley,David UNIV OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS VI University of the Virgin Islands, Agricultural Experiment Station Rainwater Harvesting, Storage, and Micro-Irrigation for Water Self-Sufficiency
1014055 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Durgan, B. Durgan,Beverly UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Accelerating IPM Implementation via UMN Extension
1014056 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gupta, A. Gupta,Angela UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Empowering citizens to engage resource managers to minimize the impact of invasive species on forests and across ecosystems
1014060 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ramos, M. Ramos,Mariangie University of Puerto Rico - Utuado PR Improving Distance Education at UPR-Utuado
1014063 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gaskalla, L. Gaskalla,Lisa NATIONAL AGRICULTURE IN THE CLASSROOM ORGANIZATION (NAITC) INC. FL This grant provides support to strengthen state Agriculture in the Classroom programs nationwide to increase agricultural literacy among K-12 students.