Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1008536 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Guay, K. Guay,Kimberly TARLETON STATE UNIVERSITY - TIAER TX Retention and development program to increase successful graduates of women and minorities in the Animal and Food Science Industry
1008621 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Meyers, C. A. Meyers,Courtney Alyssa TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Making a Case for Agriculture: Developing a Framework for Teaching Issues Communication in Agricultural Sciences
1008627 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Irlbeck, E. L. Irlbeck,Erica Lynn TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry: A New Pathway for Agricultural Communication Curriculum
1008699 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cawthon, D. McKeehan,Paula TARLETON STATE UNIVERSITY - TIAER TX Green Thumbs, Green Plates, and Green Attitudes for a well-fed fut: Address.Food Sustain through Campus Multi-discipl. Educ. Res.& Outreach
1008721 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Klein, C. H. Klein,Charles H TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Xeric Landscape Design Studio; Initial Inception and Implementation Plan
1008888 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Briers, G. Briers,Gary TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Developing Global-Ready Agriculturist through Experiential Learning Modules (ELMs): Solving Problems of Food Insecurity and Human Suffering
1009788 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nelson, S. D. Nelson,Shad David TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY- KINGSVILLE TX START NOW: Student Training in Agricultural Research Techniques by Novel Occupational Workshops
1009862 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Asiabanpour, B. Asiabanpour,Bahram TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX EverGreen: A Cross-Disciplinary Research-Based Education Program for Hispanic Students at the Food-Water-Energy Intersection
1009881 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fox, J. Fox,Joe TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY-CORPUS CHRISTI TX Experiential Training In Use Of Unmanned Aerial Systems (Uas) Technology For Agriculture Applications
1010025 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Peterson, R. Peterson,Rick TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Battle ground to Breaking Ground
1010069 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Burow, M. Burow,Mark TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Guar Improvement and Utilization in the U.S. Southwest: A Research and Extension Planning Proposal
1010355 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rajan, N. Rajan,Nithya TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Pathway to Organic: A Research, Extension, and Education Project in the Southeast US on Transitioning Cropping Systems
1010442 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Egan, S. P. Egan,Scott P. RICE UNIVERSITY TX Monitoring The Dispersal Of Genetically Engineered Organisms And Their Byproducts Using Light Transmission Spectroscopy II
1010531 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Marshall, S. Marshall,Susie TEXAS ORGANIC FARMERS AND GARDENERS ASSOCIATION TX Customized Food Safety Intervention Strategies for Hard to Reach Producers
1010560 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brashears, M. M. Boren-Alpizar,Amy TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Developing a Generation of Agricultural Change Agents in the Battle for Food Security through Capacity Building
1010584 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Meyers, C. A. Meyers,Courtney Alyssa TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX The Consumer Experience: Using Innovative Research Tools to Develop and Test Messages about Food and Agricultural Sciences
1010773 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Keniry, M. E. Keniry,Megan E UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-PAN AMERICAN TX Experiential Learning Program at Two Hispanic Serving Institutions on Water for Agriculture, Food Safety and Childhood Obesity & Prevention
1010776 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Akey, B. Akey,Bruce TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX NAHLN: National Animal Health Laboratory for the Food and Agriculture Defense Initiative
1011025 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wheeler, T. Wheeler,Terry TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Bacterial blight of cotton: has it reemerged as a problem because of changes in the bacterial population?
1011762 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mendoza, P. Mendoza,Paul GALVESTON COLLEGE TX Food Science Pathways: A SPECA Planning Conference
1011979 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Leggette, H. R. Leggette-Archer,Holli R. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Strengthening Communication Skills of Agricultural Students: Using Real-World Examples to Meet Industry Employment Needs
1012184 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ampim, P. Ampim,Peter PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Building Capacity to support small acreage farmers in Texas to produce high value Specialty Crops
1012186 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gyamerah, M. Gyamerah,Michael PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Research on Biofuels and High Performance Fuel Additives from Agro-based Feedstocks
1012198 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Awal, R. Awal,Ripendra PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Real-Time Site Specific Irrigation Scheduling Tools for Agricultural Crops and Urban Landscape in Texas Using a Mobile Web App
1012233 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Boyd, B. Boyd,Barry TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Developing a Behaviorally-Anchored Critical Thinking Assessment (BACTA) for faculty utilization in the classroom
1012238 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Johnson, P. Johnson,Paul PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Establishing a Novel Livestock Diagnostic Information Delivery System Phase II
1012847 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Racelis, A. E. Racelis,Alexis Eclevia UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-PAN AMERICAN TX An Integrated Approach to Graduate Research, Education, and Engagement (IAGREE) in Sustainable Food and Agricultural Systems at the Hispanic-Serving Institution University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
1012920 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gill, C. Gill,Clare TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX IRTA for Integrative Graduate Fellowships in Animal and Plant Breeding,Genetics and Genomics
1013036 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Byrne, D. Byrne,David TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Development and Validation of Genetic Analytical Tools for Polyploid Crop Plants