Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0226297 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Godwin, S. L. Godwin,Sandria Leigh TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Identifying Food Safety Risk Factors and Educational Strategies for Consumers Purchasing Seafood and Meat Products Online
0226423 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nahashon, S. N. Nahashon,Samuel N. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Establishing a Professional Sci Master's Program to Develop Future Biotechnology Workforce with Business Skills for Sustainable Agriculture
0226958 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Richards, J. K. Richards,Jennifer K. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Building Better Food Safety Education Programs: How Optimizing Fidelity of Implementation Can Maximize Desired Outcomes
0226963 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wang, X. Wang,Xiaofei TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Integrated evaluation of genetic variations in broiler chickens
0227091 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hensley, D. D. Hensley,Darrell D. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN Tennessee Pesticide Safety and Education Program PSEP
0227217 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kilonzo-Nthenge, A. Kilonzo,Agnes TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN An Integrated Approach to control Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Clostridium difficile from Limited Resource Poultry
0230137 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhong, Q. Zhong,Qixin UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Alternative post-harvest washing solutions to enhance the microbial safety and quality of organic fresh produce
0230410 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lema, M. Lema,Makonnen W. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Improving and Strengthening Enrollment and Retention of Minority Students In Pre-veterinary Medicine at Tennessee State University
0230413 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kilonzo-Nthenge, A. Kilonzo-Nthenge,Agnes K TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Enhancing Food Safety Knowledge of Small to Medium-sized Produce Growers in Tennessee and Illinois
0230436 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhou, S. Zhou,Suping TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Identification and modulation of functional protein association networks for drought tolerance in switchgrass
0230462 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS de Koff, J. de Koff,Jason TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Building Extension Capacity Using a Mobile Biodiesel Production Platform
0230472 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Li, L. Illukpitiya,Prabodh TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN An Economic Analysis of Local Food Environment and Demand for Fruits and Vegetables in a Food Desert Cluster in Tennessee
0230520 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hensley, D. D. Hensley,Darrell D. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN Pesticide Safety Education Program FY 2012
0230524 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jean-Philippe, S. Jean-Philippe,Sharon UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN The Students Training In Agriculture And Related Sciences (Stars) Initiative: A Culturally Competent Approach For Understanding Food Securit
0231106 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Walker, F. R. Walker,Forbes R UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN Watershed Scale Project in Oostanaula Creek
0231222 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Belli, K. Belli,Keith UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Recognition of the Impacts of the McIntire-Stennis Cooperative Forestry Research Program
0231484 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Butler, D. M. Butler,David M. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Overcoming Obstacles to Adoption of Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation
1000152 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Causey, S. Causey,Sally RURAL RESOURCES INC TN Casseroles Building Community: Schools, teens, farmers, and community, to increase food security
1000716 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Smith, G. Smith,George Robert TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN A Parking Lot on Grandpa`s Farm
1000738 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Emerson, J. S. Emerson,Janice S. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Assisting Parents to Purchase (APP) for Children`s Health
1000776 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chen, F. Chen,Fur-Chi TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Development and Validation of Novel Nanoparticles for Detection of Campylobacter
1000777 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hui, D. Hui,Dafeng TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Effects of Global Warming and Precipitation on Switchgrass Biomass and Greenhouse Gas Emission
1000778 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Addesso, K. M. Addesso,Karla TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Behavioral-based control methods for ambrosia beetle management in ornamental nurseries
1000875 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Stewart, C. N. Stewart,C. Neal UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Switchgrass Bioconfinement: Delayed Flowering, Selective Male- And Seed-Sterility, And Conditional Total Bioconfinement
1001262 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rials, T. G. Rials,Timothy G. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Southeast Sun Grant Center
1001694 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Aziz, A. N. Aziz,Ahmad Naseer TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Biofuel Education and Training Program with Infusion of Foundation Concepts and Outreach
1002531 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mandel, J. R. Mandel,Jennifer UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS, THE TN Assessing the Risk of Transgene escape via pollen flow in carrot
1002593 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Griffy, J. L. Griffy,Joseph L. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN UT Military Services Project