Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1013673 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Besnilian, A. Besnilian,Annette A California State University, Northridge CA Pathways to Success for Hispanic Students as Registered Dietitians ("Pathways")
1013679 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Carr, C. Carr,Charlene INSTITUTE OF AMERICAN INDIAN ARTS NM IAIA Student Agricultural Research Project Phase II
1013681 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Carnahan, P. Carnahan,Peggy OUR LADY OF THE LAKE UNIVERSITY OF SAN ANTONIO TX Conservation Awareness in Resources Education (C.A.R.E.)
1013682 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McCuistion, K. C. Mast,Natasha L. TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY- KINGSVILLE TX Advancing LEADERS 2 the Doctorate (LEADERS: Learning, Enhancing, and Developing Experiential Research Skills)
1013686 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Teets, N. M. Teets,Nicholas M UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Impact of Genotype and Environmental Variables on Transgene Effectiveness for Conditional Lethality Systems in Insects
1013702 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Whatley, B. Rugg,Savannah AUSTIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE TX Opportunities in Agriculture (OiA)
1013714 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Craven, R. H. Craven,Robert UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Expanding the Diversity of Farm Financial Benchmarking
1013715 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Krupke, C. Krupke,Christian PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Neonicotinoid seed treatments in Bt maize: balancing contributions to insect resistance management with impacts on soil health
1013721 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lindquist, J. Lindquist,John UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE A Risk-Assessment Model and Population Genomics Tools for Monitoring Herbicide-Resistance Evolution in Weedy Sorghum
1013722 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Van Eenennaam, A. Van Eenennaam,Alison UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Comparative evaluation of the phenotype, genome and animal products derived from offspring of a genome edited, hornless bull and controls.
1013727 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Martin, C. Doyle,John T. LITTLE BIG HORN COLLEGE MT Strengthening Little Big Horn College Research Capacity through Improving Rural Families` Access to Safe Drinking Water, Crow Reservation, Montana
1013735 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rajotte, E. G. Rajotte,Edwin George PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Pennsylvania Extension Integrated Pest Management
1013737 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hubbard, W. G. Boby-Sabatinelli,Leslie A. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Increasing Southeastern Public Wildfire Preparedness through the Master Gardener Volunteer Education Program
1013738 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Norberg, S. Norberg,Steven WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Determining Genetic Factors that Influence Forage Quality in Alfalfa
1013743 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Strauss, S. H. Strauss,Steven H OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR CRISPR/Cas9 mutagenesis for genetic containment of forest trees
1013746 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Miller, G. L. Miller,Gerald UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI EXTENSION MO Strengthening IPM for Agriculture and Communities in Missouri
1013749 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Montgomery-Rodgers, L. Montgomery-Rodgers,Lincoln AGRARIAN VETERINARY SERVICES, LLC VA Practice Enhancement to Improve Livestock Health, Farm Profitability, and Food Safety in VA-124
1013752 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lin, Z. Lin,Zhoumeng KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Food Animal Resideu Avoidance Databank (FARAD)
1013758 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Walker, T. R. Walker,Tracy Renee ALLEGHENY EQUINE VETERINARY SERVICE WV WV152: Expansion Of Veterinary Services in Preston & Tucker Counties, West Virginia
1013770 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Landis, J. Lizotte,Erin MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Increasing IPM Adoption through Science-Based Resources Addressing the Changing and Emerging Needs of Michigan Growers
1013774 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brewer, M. Brewer,Matthew IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Parasitology residency to support rural areas that are underserved in veterinary medicine
1013777 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ellis, D. Concklin,Mary UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT Connecticut Extension Implementation Program
1013781 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Colquhoun, J. B. COLQUHOUN,JED B UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Providing an Outreach Foundation for Progressive IPM Adoption in Wisconsin Agronomic and Specialty Crops
1013783 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ellsworth, P. Ellsworth,Peter C. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ The Arizona Pest Management Center: Addressing Statewide IPM Priorities With High-Impact Extension Programs
1013785 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brummer, E. Brummer,Edward UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Developing regionally-adapted, resilient alfalfa germplasm pools
1013791 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Andress, E. Andress,Ethan WEST RIVER VETERINARIAN CLINIC INC ND West River Veterinary Clinic Rural Practice Enhancement Mobile Livestock Working Unit for ND 174
1013793 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Miles, A. F. Miles,Albie UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII SYSTEMS HI Hoohiapo—Renewing Ancestral Education Pathways in Agroecology
1013802 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hazelrigg, A. Hazelrigg,Ann L. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Vermont IPM Extension Implementation Program: 2017-2020
1013803 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schwarzlaender, M. Schwarzlaender,Mark UNIV OF IDAHO ID Extension Implementation Plan for IPM in Idaho 2017-2020
1013804 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cain, S. Beaulieu,Lionel (Bo) J. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN EDEN Homeland Security Initiative IX: EDEN`s Role in Homeland Security, Food and Ag Defense and All Hazard Education